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Mohamed Khaled Yousef
Mohamed Khaled Yousef

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Graduated From Front End Nanodegree

This week I finished the Front End Nanodegree from Udacity and Google

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Here you can read two things, First the story behind how I started to learn web development and second what I get from Udacity Nanodegree?

Yeah! Finally I've graduated! I did it after 9 months of intense learning and dedicated work. I remember every lesson, problem and project I faced. In fact, I remember everything that happened more than 6 months ago.

What! For more accurate since more than 9 months...

Since the announcement of the scholarship then I began applying and then when I got accepted to start the nanodegree. Really I was so honored to get selected among 10,000 students to a 3-month challenge offered by Udacity and Google and then become one of the 10% awarded a full-scholarship to receive a 6-month Google Developer Nanodegree.
I remember these moments when I checked my email, WOW :)
There Udacity asked us to write an inspirational stories before the beginning of the Nanodegree. I tried to write a simple one:
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Alt Stack
Alt Stack

Here the bright spots that I learned

I learned about Accessibility, OOP JS techniques, closures, the "this" keyword, Testing tools and the new ES6 specification. I learned also how to use APIs to fetch data for the applications, How to use the Git version control system and how to build offline capable websites. Finally I learned about the power of the React UI library.

Here you can find all Nanodegree's projects

Last thing I want to say is looking back, Things weren’t easy for me a year before .

Before starting the Nanodegree I had a lot of feelings and fears, I feel scared because I always felt that I needed more learning so I thought that the market needs more skills than me. I thought there x - technology, concept and trend that I should not only know but it must be mastered.
I know this may be a negative point in my personality and this makes me afraid to apply to a job because I think I am not qualified to.
Anyway I try to get rid of the fear that I suffered from and now I think I have some confidence in my skills and what I can do well.

Finally from here, Really thanks to all community, mentors and reviewers and special thanks to Google and Udacity on this amazing journey to get this certificate

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When would the next opening of this program?

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Mohamed Khaled Yousef Author

Really I don't know when, But you can check here to get notified when it will open:

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Congratulations Mohamed! :-)

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Rafael Acioly


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Congratulations Mohamed
Can you help me to solute it?