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Discussion on: Python | Isogram Problem!

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Kim Hallberg

As I understand that code, sets only accept unique characters, and since he cleaned out the hyphens and spaces if the len of the set(cleaned) isn't the len of cleaned that means we have a duplicate character, hence it's not an isogram. 🤔

Please correct me if I'm wrong. 🙂

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Vidit Sarkar

Yes, you are right!

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Kim Hallberg • Edited on

Fun thing, the same code works in Javascript too with some small modifications.

function is_isogram (str) {
    const cleaned = str.replace('-', '').replace(' ', '').toLowerCase();
    return new Set(cleaned).size == cleaned.length;

console.log(is_isogram("lumberjacks")) // Returns true
console.log(is_isogram("background")) // Returns true
console.log(is_isogram("downstream")) // Returns true
console.log(is_isogram("six-year-old")) // Returns true
console.log(is_isogram("isograms")) // Returns false
console.log(is_isogram("\u0041\u0042\u0043"))  // Returns true
console.log(is_isogram("\u0041\u0061\u0042\u0043")) // Returns false