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re: Changing your name is a hard unsolved problem in Computer Science VIEW POST

re: The name on card is usually the entity's legal name (because business cards don't even have a human's name on it, but the company name). It's perf...

@ExpDev if people try to use my first name, they will almost always pronounce something that has no resemblance at all to how it should sound. So I always go by James, the english equivalent. And my name's not even that difficult...

The "name on the card" problem is likely less in the UK and Europe where everything's contactless or we tend to use out phoens to pay. The phone screen could just be our wallpaper, it doesn't need to show the payment app or anything.

For me, I live in the USA and we just aren’t that advanced.

I'd say we should send you some sort of foreign aid but unfortunately we're completely screwed over here at the moment.

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