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Discussion on: Why React is winning over Angular?

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M. Akbar Nugroho

In a small scale project i agree that React has a smaller learning curve than Angular. When you build a website for personnal use, React gives a simple way to build it. But, today i think many people overused React itself. They use CRA for every project without thinking React has a lot of pitfall.

When you use CRA for enterprise website and it used by thousand of people you need to care a lot of things for example size. Of course a project built on React has a size relatively large if you don't aware how you manage your component. You need to use technique like dynamic import or use someone package (which actually also increases the size of your app and bloated your brain), choose common package like http client, state management, etc.

Because in enterprise website we focus on how to solve the problem and serve it to user as soon as possiple and should void spend to much time for thing like i mentioned above. And that's why Angular comes for. To tackle those trap.

I'am a big fan of React and used it over two years in my personnal and office project. I did a lot of experiments which let me know how to use React more effectively and of course i can't write it here because it's too long 😂.

For the short summary React is a library that focus ONLY handle your UI not the ENTIRE app. React don't care how you authenticate user and how you do http request to your server. It's common, but React ignore it and Angular saves your work with its modules.

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