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Discussion on: Windows vs linux?

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Paul Susicky

From my point of view is Windows mature enough for quality development environment.

I have come through a lot of different setups beginning by Windows itself, Windows subsystem for Linux (WSL) and Linux itself. I'll start with the WSL version.

WSL is very nice tooling, it brings you the emulation of almost all famous distributions of Linux inside Windows. However, its main disadvantage is in I/O operations which are extremely slow (installing dependencies using npm or yarn takes forever) and I couldn't get over it, so I abandoned the WSL.

Linux itself is perfect for development, I didn't have any terrible issues with it and it's incredibly fast. Possibly it seems like a utopia, but later I've realized that I need a lot of applications and stuff for school based on Windows, so once again I needed to switch to Windows because I couldn't get them working using Wine for Linux.

So finally I stick with Windows and here are reasons why:

  • I have a high-end desktop computer so there is no need to worry about performance.
  • Windows Terminal is an awesome terminal, where you can have many tabs in a single instance of the terminal and the main advantage is you can have the WSL shells integrated inside of it, so I can quickly switch between my PowerShell and f. e. Ubuntu shell.
  • I found a way of styling my Powershell so it looks like a Zsh (oh-my-posh and posh-git)
  • Found Scoop which is a very handy tool for installing Windows-based software using the command line.


If you have a desktop computer and a laptop, I would install Windows on the desktop and some Linux distribution of your choice on the laptop (laptops are less performant in general, so Linux is a great choice).

In general, ask these questions:

  • Do you need to save performance? (because of low-end computer etc.)
  • Are you more productive with Linux tooling such as shell?
  • Do you need your computer for other software that is exclusively Windows/Linux based (you can still go for dual boot 😉)?
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Ben Sinclair

Oh, scoop looks more interesting than chocolatey!

Not trying to install everything as admin is a definite plus.