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Discussion on: Quick API Debugging Tip

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Sam Ringleman Author

That is great! I am happy to hear that this makes others life easier.

I interacted with an individual on Twitter, he told me such a good idea. It might pertain to you. He is a test engineer, and he said he includes the cURL request in his bug reports. I am not sure if you are in testing or not. But for me, I would love to have this in a bug report.

What are your opinions on that?

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Benjamin Dowen

Where possible - include the response as well as the cURL Request.

And make sure to call out the steps you took to construct the request (if you captured from Chrome DevTools, remember to list the steps you took on the site before this request was made!). Also call out what you expected to happen, and what actually happened.

Go one step further, if you hit a "500" class error response (server errors), look for logs on the application/web server.

I appreciate not all testers can go this far in all cases - but if you can, you will get kudos from your Devs.