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Discussion on: Introducing: Tie Tracker. A simple, open source and free time tracking app ⏱️

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I friggin love this design. I focus a lot more on code myself than how pretty it looks, but DANG you did a good job with this app. Smooth transitions, easy UX, minimal cognitive workload. Props 👏👏 can I endorse you on LinkedIn or something? Lol

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David Dal Busco Author

Wow such an unexpected feedback! I always feel like I would love to do much better in terms of design, thx so much!

In terms of UX it was really important to me that the app and a task could be started with a natural position of the arm, and finger, and as fast (in two clicks) as possible.

You could for sure tag/follow me on Twitter 😃

Again thank you for your super positive feedback 🙏