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re: amazing simple and unique I love it, but as a UI designer, I feel like you could've worked on a few things more.

That is part of the reason I am putting this out there Charith. I love to learn so if you have any constructive feedback please let me know so I can work on it 👍


You have made the site super fast, that's great. It's loading faster than my SDD.

In terms of content, I think you have to give more prominent to big headlines and provide more clarity to the user to engage with your content more. Also, I think instead of focusing on a more detailed copy, you can shorten it to get higher conversions.

// visually, it has less contrast, a little bit of white space which makes content heavier and increases the cognitive load of the screen.

// rest of it has to do with the simple design principles, contrast, balance, visual hierarchy, typography, and clear space.

This is what I thought and your website is super fast and cool. Congratulations.

These are some great suggestions. I need to sit down when I have some time and think about them but I appreciate the feedback.

I can surely help you, hit me up with a zoom link, we'll chat. we can do a value exchange if you like.

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