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My First Startup Company (E-commerce Website)

theraptor001 profile image Sulthan Nizarudin ・1 min read

I recently created a website - 'www.snapitout.studio' where users can buy customized Polaroid images. I started it as a hobby, coded whenever i had time and finally completed it. Thanks to github education plan i got microsoft azure database and a domain for free.

My Final Project Link


Link to Code

How I built it

The website is hosted on a free hosting server as i could afford to pay for it. The details of the users and images to be printed are stored on the database using php and verified using javascript. The payment is done through Razorpay as they were the ones with the least charge.

Additional Thoughts / Feelings / Stories

Not only was the website beneficial to me but was also able to present it as my college project.


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