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Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. πŸ‘‹

Great to have you in the community!


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Hey everyone! My name is Diana, I'm a self-employed digital marketing manager and tech blogger with a 5-year experience. Here I have a blog where I cover technical issues, trends, blockchain, and other topics.


Welcome Diana. Great to have you here!


Glad to see you're here. Welcome!


Hello Diana, I'm new too - and I'm a marketer! I'm looking forward to reading your blog :)


Hi everyone!

I’m Sergey, a technical expert with 11+ years of experience in Java enterprise and mobile app development. I'm a certified Corda and Java engineer and Scrum Master with 5+ years of executive and entrepreneurial background. I have been the CTO at software development company since 2012.

I’m interested in blockchain, Big Data, AI, robotics, IoT, and enterprise applications. Feel free to contact me if you are looking for assistance in building software, have a project idea, or want to discuss tech issues.

I will be glad if you check out my blog and say what topics you enjoy and what would like to see in the future.

Hope, I will be welcomed here)


Hi Sergey! Nice interests you have! Welcome to the community.


Hi Sergey
Great to learn ur expertise
I m interested in AI robotics, IoT, big Data, and enterprise solutions.
I have experience of 10 years + in edutech industry in India
I have project idea of education on subscription basis with lowest fees on node.js software solution
On team reward basis (more students -lesser fees) giving Costco +Disneyland experience of fun motivating learning experience.
Wanna discuss tech how it can be implemented


Hello Rakesh! Sounds great. Please, write to info@smartym.pro or go to this page and contact the required specialist smartym.pro/contacts/. My team will analyze your request and get back to you. Thank you and have a nice day!)


Welcome Sergey, Nice to see your wide range of interests. Share your blog address will check that too.


Hi everyone,
I have started several companies in internet mapping, location content and personal data with a focus on privacy and security. I am currently working on ethical access to personal data at digi.me. Look forward to exchanging ideas with and learning from this community.


Welcome Tarik! I hope you share awesome ideas. Privacy and security of personal data are very important topics in the current society.


Thanks - it was just over the horizon 10 years ago when I started looking at it, but it's here in full force now and I see very few devs that pay enough attention to the space. Security is often an afterthought...

I'm glad that third-party security auditions are getting more common though. At least In my projects in Finland. Security should be part of the development process from the beginning.

There is a lot of democratization of development with how accessible
boot camps and coding classes are, which is generally a good thing, but few of them even mention security and privacy considerations as there is a lot to learn and it's hard to squeeze in while learning everything else. This results in a lot of apps that just don't consider it.

I am glad to hear the stuff you've been working on considers it as part of the process from the beginning as security is not something you can just bolt on at the end.


Welcome Tarik, Looking forward to learn from your expertise.


Hello Everyone,

I am a Student in NZ with 5 years of programming experience. I've spent the years learning many different languages including c, c++, c#, java and haxe for the main part. I am a third year comer at the NZ cyber security challenge and enjoy cracking reverse engineering challenges


Nice to have you here.
You seem to enjoy learning new programming languages. May I suggest you to study some Clojure. You might be surprised how powerful it is. It does have a somewhat steep learning curve tought. But, it has a very helpful community backing it up.


Welcome. I would be interested to read an article about ethical reverse engineering.


Hi people. This is a big step. Calling myself an amateur developer.


Welcome Ram.
Being a developer is a lifelong journey. Personally, I have always suffered from an impostor syndrome. Even now, when I am an architect in a complex project. Don't be afraid of being wrong, but do learn from your mistakes. Also, always welcome different opinions and learn to debate respecfully.
Most of the hard work is done with negotiating with the customer/your manager and with your team. The programming is the easy part.


Welcome Ram, Same here(an amateur developer).


Hi! I've been a lurker for a long time, but I've recently decided to become more proactive and engage with the development community, as well as get my stuff out in the world: share my projects, random thoughts, things I've learned, etc.

I recently re-built my website and I'm pretty satisfied with the result: daniguardiola.me

I also wrote a post about it if you wanna learn more:

Let me know what you thing! Anyway, glad to be here and nice to meet y'all :)


Hi Dani, I like how you put consideration into the history and build of your site. See you around :]


Hi Dani, I've checked you site, it looks great!


Welcome Dani, cool website and Nice projects in your repository :)


Hi Everyone,

My Name is Mahesh, I'm working as a Software Engineer in MNC having 6 years of experience.

Skills I have mostly worked on Java, Python, AWS etc mostly on back end side.

I am looking forward to exchanging the ideas & Learning from this community.


Hi Mahesh. Hope you have a great time here!


Hello Everyone,

I am a Student in Nz with 5 years of programming experience. I have learned various languages through those years including c, c++, c#, java and haxe for the main part. I have taken part at the NZ Cyber Security Challenge 3 times and in my spare time I have enjoyed cracking reverse engineering

Note: If you see this twice it's because I couldn't see the other one I posted on here


A fellow Arch user 😊

Btw, I use Arch


Nice to have you here.
You seem to enjoy learning new programming languages. May I suggest you to study some Clojure. You might be surprised how powerful it is. It does have a somewhat steep learning curve tought. But, it has a very helpful community backing it up.


Welcome. Even I don't see my first comment even after posting it twice :P


Hello, I am Hussein Ouda
Information technology - multimedia - designer and developer
I live in Palestine - Gaza
I have a diploma in multimedia from the University of Palestine.
Web developer

My projects and hacks

  • Register for the Programming Academy.
  • Industry game in the JavaScript language. ... ... ... I am happy to join you I like to learn, learn and benefit from each other

Welcome Hussein! I hope you share your thoughts here when you learn something new.




Ψͺحيا وΨͺΨ―ΩˆΩ… يا طيب


Hello dev.to! πŸ‘‹

I'm a junior software engineer currently working primarily on Android and backend. I love all things Kotlin, Python and JavaScript. I wanted to try out tech blogging and this community seemed like the perfect place to start! I plan to write about how to write top-notch code and build better software, and share other tips and tricks I learnt over my (so far, short) career.

Looking forward to engaging with everyone here! 😊


Hello! Welcome) I'm Sergey, a software engineer with over 11 years of experience. I have been CTO at a web and mobile app development company since 2016. Here I cover various tech topics in my blog. Good luck with your career!)


Thank you Sergey! And thanks for the follow as well.


Welcome Bikramjeet!
Don't be afraid to post if your idea does not feel "glamorous". So called boring stuff is equally important.
Short posts are also nice. I hope to see your musings.


Thanks for the words of encouragement Toni! My first post is actually in the works right now. It's still a draft but I'm working on it.


I am python developer and currently learning neural networks and writing articles on python and machine learning.


Welcome! Have you tried to get a beta access to GPT-3 yet? :)


"Hello, strangers! This post marks my return to the social internet. After a necessary fast and cleanse, I'm treating the information I consume with similar scrutiny to the food I ingest. I'm here for features that help learn, connect, grow, and contribute. All else is gutted!"

This is what I shared on Twitter and LinkedIn the other day, and it's applicable here too. That said, I am most excited to be joining the DEV community after having read the TOS, Code of Conduct, and Privacy Policy. On first glance, it appears to fit my info-dietary needs better than other networks.

I've been doing what I do for a long time, but have never really been in regular contact with other devs. Initially, I will mostly be sharing progress on my #100DaysOfCode challenge which I just recently started (today is day 2).


Wow, that's interesting, I'm on a similar process and I totally support you
On what kind of coding are you working currently?
You'll complete your challenge and then go for more, I hope to see your progress soon.


I'm mostly doing stuff with node lately. My biggest project right now is Preaction CMS, which runs my vanity site.

This weekend I made a Twitter bot to retweet posts using the #100DaysOfCode hashtag only when links to source code are included. This results in a higher-quality feed for those interested in other people doing the challenge.

Wow! Quite impressive
Can I ask how did you learn web dev?

I blame a lot on GeoCities πŸ€“....
I also just kind of learned as I took on new projects for work


Hey folks!

I'm Michael, I'm a hobbyist web designer, but occasionally I design websites for people. I'm interested in HTML, JS, CSS, Linux, Windows, and many other things.

I've been lurking for a month or two now, but have only just created an account.
I hope I'm welcome here :)

You can find me everywhere at michaelmartin.xyz.

(Cross posted on my Profile dev.to/izmichael/hello-world-13fh)


Hi Michael, you are welcome!
What are the specific parts of HTML/JS/CSS you are interested on? Do you have a favourite framework or something you are struggling with. That would be good blog post material.


Hello! Glad to have you here. I'm Sergey, a software engineer with more than 11 years of experience. Having been the CTO at Smartym Pro software design and development company, I cover multiple tech topics in my blog on DEV.


Hi everyone!

I'm a professional software developer, currently living and working in the Netherlands. I'm thinking of building a video game for programmers, a sandbox that is motivating and a good environment to practice more advanced programming concepts.

I'm here for the community, and for inspiration, support, and some accountability. It's great to get to know all of you! πŸ‘‹


I think that's an excellent idea! Lots of people got started with CSS that way. Welcome!


Hi Everyone! My name is Amarjeet, I'm a web developer at arethos with 5 year experience. I love learn and program. I have sound knowledge about Java, Rest Api, Spring MVC, Mysql, SqlServer, Asp.net MVC c#, Sql server, Angular basics, Jquery.


Welcome Amarjeet! Glad to have you part of the community.


Hi Everyone! I just registered for Codeland and they suggested I sign up for DEV! I hadn't heard of it so decided to join :)

I have a somewhat atypical path to my role as a program manager at Microsoft - starting with a PhD in computer science, starting a company to teach kids to code, contracting at GitHub, and then being an engineering manager at GitHub. I'm excited to learn new things and to perhaps share some of my knowledge!


Hi Sarah! Teaching kids to code sounds very interesting, have you ever wrote about your experience as a teacher, or maybe you're planning to? It'd be great to read about it.


I co-wrote this book! amazon.com/Helping-Coding-Dummies-... :)

In more blog-form, I haven't done a lot of writing yet, but could try to find some time for this :)


Hi everyone!

My name is Leonel. I am a software engineer and mountain biker. I have been coding for 15 years (since 16 years old). A few months ago I cofounded BindBox with my good friend Carlos.

To those who are curious...BindBox (bindbox.io) is an online platform to build quality backends in a matters of minutes using no-code and serverless.

I look forward to all the future discussions and articles in this amazing community <3.

All my best to you,


Hi Leo, welcome! BindBox is sure interesting. I'm not sure if, as a developer, I would like to create backends like that, but I could try.
How does BindBox compare to e.g. Darklang darklang.com/ or Outsystems outsystems.com/ ?


Hi Toni. I have not tried outsystems.com, but I did tried Darklang a few months ago. The main difference between Darklang and BindBox is the editor. In Darklang you have to code. In BindBox you don't code, instead you have powerful nodes that covers a wide range of functionality from basic (transform a value) to more advance ones (fetch data from external APIs for instance).

This leads to a major change in the way backends are built. Developers can create a backend in a matters of minutes using drag-and-drop.
What about maintenance? it is easy too. In BindBox the backend implementation and documentation are one/the same... so it is easy to see what it's happening or what some part of a particular "endpoint" (aka. workflow) actually does.
With this, developers have a huge advantage when taking projects that have been unmodified for a long period of time or were implemented by someone else.

Would you like to try it?. We would love receiving your feedback.


Hello world! I have joined here, partially because of the Code Land conference that is today, but also because I have recently completed a coding boot camp and now I'm off into the great wide world as a programmer!


Hi Chase, welcome to DEV and all the best in your new career!


Hello world,

I'm Jen, a science and tech writer for Triplebyte. My background is actually in neuroscience, but I'm very interested in machine learning and data science. I'm slowly but surely learning Python, and also have some experience with Matlab and R. Overall, just happy to be here and learn from this great community!


Hey Jen!

Welcome here. I've listed all free resources related to AI, Data Science, and ML in a repo. You can see it here: git.io/ai-resources.


Hello everybody I am a new developer, Just getting started so excited but dont know where to begin too many interesting things to get around!!!


Nice to have you here Joseph.
If you ask me, I would recommend to learn some Clojure ;)
But, it is good to start with a thing that you are the most interested in and improve your skillset from there.


Hey everyone!

I am Ajinkya, BE Graduate in Computer Engineering From India, Pune.
I am interested more in Web Dev and have practical knowledge of HTML5 & CSS3.

Currently, I am learning JavaScript and Reactjs.

I want a suggestion from you to improve in this domain & looking for work to increase my practical experience. :-)

any help will be appreciated!


Hi Ajinkya. To answer your call for suggestions, I ask: have you looked for needs within your current line of business? Seeing a need and filling it is often what pushes me. Don't fall for the false notion that you need to learn before gaining experience, as the two concepts are quite symbiotic.


Thank you So much for your reply, @Dough Elkin I will surely find and look the need into this business line.


Hello everyone! I am Stephen from India. I'm learning full-stack web development and programming and computer science along the way. I have a intuition that achieving any kind of expertise in the above is a very long term goal but I am determined to see it through. Hope, the internet will suffice for this quest!!!


Hi, I'm a full-stack Django developer. I started a blog after I discovered I was answering the same questions over and over on forums, and decided to also create an account here to crosspost my articles. Looking forward to interacting with everyone here! :)


Hello everyone!
My name is Gerardo, I'm a full stack developer located in Puebla, MΓ©xico. I'm currently working on a local enterprise called Quo Digital, we're just starting. I'm 4 years of experience in this world :D.

Throughout my working years, I've found help here, and, now I think it's time to start getting involve into the community and some day help somebody as someone helped me here.

If you're interested, I've been working with:

  • Git
  • Angular / Ionic
  • React / Next
  • Vue
  • Node / Express / Nest
  • Laravel
  • Python / Django / Flask
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Firebase
  • Docker
  • CSS / Bootstrap / Bulma

Maybe, I'm not a master in all the previously mentioned tech, but, surely I can help someone to find a solution.


Hey Gerardo! Welcome to this amazing community.) I'm Sergey, a technical expert with 11+ years of experience. I've been the CTO at Smartym Pro, a software house in the UK and Belarus, since 2012. Here I cover various tech topics in my blog, sharing tips and knowledge.


Hello, I'm Joshua. as of writing this, i'm one week out from graduating from Flatiron School. I'm also a Lindy Hopper.

I'm interested in Ruby, Rails, Javascript, React, and Java. Mostly I'm here to expand my horizons and connect with technologies I'm learning and those I have yet to experience.


Hello guys! My name is Luciano, I am currently graduating from the Information Systems course at Tiradentesa University. I came with the intention of seeking continuous, perfected and updated learning, a job opportunity and to participate in study groups and project development.


Looking into deep for better understanding..Just luv😍Coding. Always eager to learn something newπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 13 Languages covered.


Technology is the other name os success😎😎


Welcome mate!
It's nice to learn new programming languages. When you learn deeply few basic/popular languages, like c++, java, javascript, python, or even clojure, you have a toolbox of different paradigms.
Imagine a hammer. You learn to use one kind of hammer first. You master the use of it.
Then you are given a Rock climbing hammer. You understand the basic idea of it and you need only little adjustment to fully grasp the usage of the given hammer.

It is better to learn few languagues of different paradigms in depth than many languages superficially. That way, you are building a toolbox that lasts a lifetime.


I am currently in finish of my studies by the end of this year...After this i will go to germany for landing my first job...
Can anyone help me with the experience of how to work and what to work as an front end web developer...


Hi, I'm Diego Jefferson!
UX/UI and Digital Designer.
My goal is to continue working in the areas of UX Design and UI Design. However, I am studying to act with more property in the area of ​​Front-end and Back-end.