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amy poehler hello

Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!


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Hi everyone, I'm Katie the #welcome moderator.
My unofficial title: DEV cheerleader 😊

I want to welcome all of you to the DEV community and let you know that you'll find lots of help and support here for all your coding needs.

Don't hesitate to ask questions or contribute new ideas with your own post.
If you are interested in posting, be sure to read my post:


Hallo community!

I found about this community through a blogger. I am as, most of us here a ✌️ developer ✌️ but, I am what some people can relate to -- a long time lurker, first time poster. I have been doing some cool stufflately and been planning to blog about this for a while now. Hopefully, I can start it here.

I mostly work on backend/server development and lately I found a new interest in operations. From time to time, I contribute to OSS projects. Since some days, I have been working on adding docker support to Plausible, some of you might be aware of the blog post Why you should remove Google Analytics.

Apart from this, I am in the process of writing these blog posts, would someone be interested in these? let me know!

  • How to host your own mail-server, dns-server, analytics platform, password manager.. and more at less 15 bucks a month.

  • Setup your own secure, privacy friendly dns-server

  • How to write e2e tests on your K8s native application

I will tweet about availability of them in my blog post when it is up.

Hope to read some interesting posts here ..



Hello ! Welcome to Dev.to Community ! ✌️


Hello everyone!
I'm Hrishikesh
To be honest I didn't knew that anyone could come and post on Dev, I thought it was an exclusive site where only experts would write!
But, thanks to GitHub I came to Dev and explored this wonderful site!
And gota say it's a wonderful site!


Hey Hrishikesh!

I was in the same boat, pretty awesome place though.



Hello people! I am Adrià from Barcelona. I've been working as a frontend developer for the past 6 years and I also teach in college. I think dev.to is where I'll start blogging 🤞about javascript, css, html and whatever related to web dev. I also love gardening 🌱, so if you need help with your plants feel free to ask! You can find me on twitter as @adridoz
myself coding


Oh , does that mean treeshaking has always been your strong suit 😂😅 ?


Hello Adrià and welcome to Dev.to Community ! 👋🏼😉


Hello Amazing People, 🙌

I am Sayan from India, I've been a Front End Web Developer for a year, I'm learning about Full Stack currently. I work with 💻 JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS Pre-processor, Testing, C++ and Dart. I must say Dev.to is so helpful with such amazing content to broaden the scope of development! Really all thanks to the wonderful community.

In my free time I love sipping coffee ☕ and make YouTube tutorial videos when I'm not travelling. You can find me on twitter @s_ayanide and on YouTube


Hello Sayan and welcome to Dev.to Community ! 👋🏼😉


Hey Katie, I saw a lot of people using dev.to for write articles and I am currently working on a python package which I will be releasing with a article on how to use it.
Hope to conritube enough to make a beautiful dent in this community >_<


Looking forward to your post Jai.


Hi Katie, hello everyone!

I'm Michael from Wiesbaden, Germany and I've found this great community in the JSFiddle social media settings. It seems to be a wonderful alternative to sites like Stack Overflow, Quora, Reddit, and further.
Briefly about me: In 1983 I’ve started with IBM mainframe operating and struggled with punched cards, tapes, and hard drives as big as washing machines. Later I’ve worked as an administrator of Lotus Notes/Domino servers, the number two of the most-hated software. And now after further stations - also aside IT as a radio presenter & event DJ - I’m a self-employed Technical Editor currently focused on IT documentation and Knowledge Management since 2004.
But that’s not the end - many interesting topics from web and application development are waiting to be discovered. And when a DJ is needed again, then it’s still: “Work hard - party (much) hard(er)!”

Have a great day,


Wow, sounds like a great career path!


Hi everyone, I'm Rishal, a software dev from South Africa.

I don't have much exposure to sharing my knowledge and work online.
I am actually more excited to network with other amazing developers and learn from them even tho I have been coding for 6+ years now, hit me up on twitter @rishal92 .

Currently, I am working on a Numerology Mobile App as a personal project and professionally transitioning from front end developer to an integrations developer.

I am writing my first article for OfferZen(Tech Community) and will be sharing those on this platform too.

If you have any hints to building my online presence let me know :).


Hello everyone. I'm Thathsarani. Currently I'm a Data Science undergraduate student. I'm excited to be a part of this community, share new ideas and gain knowledge.


Hello everyone!

I'm Alex from Guatemala. I'm a software engineer and the posts here are very useful to our daily knowledge.


Hi Alex, great to have you here!


Hello everyone, so I have to say something about myself. Sometimes it is hard to introduce yourself because you know yourself so well that you do not know where to start with. Let me give a try to see what kind of image you have about me through my self-description. Here it goes. I am a person who is positive about every aspect of life. There are many things I like to do, to see, and to experience.I am Baishakhi Chakraborty. Presently I am pursuing my engineering in Electronics and communication engineering from Netaji Subhash Engineering College under MAKAUT. I am in my 4th semester right now. Being a budding engineer I dream of a great technical world. Frankly speaking I am a web designer/developer focused on crafting great web experiences. Designing and Coding have been my passion since the days I started working with computers but I found myself into web design/development in 2020. I enjoy creating beautifully designed, intuitive and functional websites. Earlier I was not so interested in this tech stuffs but when I started boosting my knowledge I got so much interested.


Wow! Great to see another MAKAUTian here :D . This is my final semester, I'll be graduating within a couple of months with a degree on ECE. But when it is gonna take place that's a big doubt now. :3


Nice to meet you! Great story, positivity is everything!


Hey everyone, I'm Arran, I'm a programmer for the past 5 years but I'm fairly new to the world of writing articles and blogging.

I'm starting my blog officially today, here and over at my newly finished website.

I'll be posting content on JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, NodeJS, AWS, NestJS, and anything else web related that I can share with everyone!


Hello everyone, I'm Jordan Castillo!

I live in the beautiful, green city of Seattle. My background is in Product Management and Scrum Master responsibilities for startups. I just finished an immersive Full Stack program where I expanded on my technical skills with React, Redux, Express, Node and SQL.

While I love working on server-side code, especially designing schemas and manipulating databases, I get fired up on all things client-side too. I believe my PM background and experience working with designers makes me very passionate about building intuitive, elegant user experiences and interfaces.

I hope to contribute in any way that I can bring value to the products I build and contribute to. I also consistently work on gaining exposure to tech/frameworks I may not have experience with, as I love learning and building with new concepts. As developers, I know we all live for that 'aha!' moment in our work. :)

Feel free to check out my site to learn a little more about me.



I checked out your website that you have linked there. It is truly amazing. Even that very first page that types the intro message out is perfectly timed and very well done.

I am graduating with a degree in Computer Science and focused more on the theoretical stuff so I am working on teaching myself how to do all of that kind of impressive web design stuff.


Hey Braden! Thanks so much for the kind words! I love the design element to front-end development.

My portfolio site was made completely with React and styled-components. Both are a good starting point I recommend taking a look at. There's a lot of great documentation on how to use styled-compnents incorporated in your apps and I find it very easy to manage and maintain compared to over-bloated css files.

Please feel free to reach out if you ever want to connect, chat or ask questions about it! I'm very passionate about it and always love chatting with fellow developers (:


Oh here we go... I'm no good at writing.

Hi everyone! I'm Cyris or otherwise known as @sudo_overflow on Twitter. I've been coding for 10 years and started out with basic HTML/CSS skills coding emails for a Digitial Marketing Company.

I'm 100% self-taught and through the years I taught myself JavaScript and NodeJS. Now I'm a lead full-stack developer. I enjoy helping CodeNewbies and will mostly be posting for that purpose, alongside any interesting things I find on my coding journey.

Even though I've been coding for 10 years, I'm still learning just like everyone else.
I hope my posts will inspire or help others.



Welcome Cyris I hope you are going to enjoy my vibe too 😊



My name is Thilina ("Thi-Li-Nuh") though most people call me T. I went to school for engineering though I didn't know if that was for me. I loved writing Node.js (back when it was the nu kid on the block) but now mostly spend my days building things using the language that fits (lately a lot of Python and Go). Career wise - After graduation I started off in Support before deciding that techy things ARE what I wanted to do, so I got back into engineering. In school projects I was the person that loved talking to users, doing presentations and writing docs - and it seems that's still me, which is why I usually call my self the most "non-engineering" engineer 😉 My interest is thinking about the people experience part of dev (whether that be the customer, user or dev experience). I'm here because it feels like there's always too many writing platforms to choose from and I figure it'd be easier to focus on writing about dev if I'm on a site built specifically for it!

Anyways, I'm still getting the lay of the land but I'm excited to read what ya'll share!


  • T

Greetings all, I am a newcomer to open source and have recently devoted much work to a functional (programming) promise library, rubico. I created this library because I think functional programming in JavaScript is harder than it should be.. so basically I just want to make everyone's life easier. If you work with Promises day to day or are interested in functional programming, I urge you to check it out.

As of late, I have been playing a lot with Deno. I look forward to meeting everyone! Thanks for reading.


Hello, World!
(Had to do it)

I'm Parth Doshi from Mumbai. I am a Computer Engineering Student with a Passion for Programming, a Knack for Problem-solving and an Aptitude for Learning. My motto is to become a Jack of All Trades and a Master of Some. I am a Technophile and would love to learn from and contribute to the community.


Hi everyone. My name is John. I'm from Bogota, Colombia. My interest is to be part of a great community of developers and people with strong interest in tech. I have a BD in Systems Engineering and I am learning now all the aspects related to software developing. I hope to learn about the experiences of every member of this community.



Hello guys (All the way from South Africa)! I have been learning HTML and CSS for the last 6 month and just over a month ago I started my first Full Stack Web development course and enjoy every minute of it! I'm currently a Production Plant Manager but looking to transition into Web Development. Any advise? tips? I look forward to learning new things and catching up with you all that share the same passion as me here on the DEV! :D


Thanks for taking time ro read this introductory post.

My name is Aina (also called Ben). I love technology. I am also an entrepeneur (recently launched an online Bootcamp). If you are interested in recruiting our graduates, feel free to contact me. That being said, I love reading. That's why I am here. I especially enjoy a well-thought article. But I will contribute also
to the community by sharing some knowledge that may pique your interest. So, that's all. Thanks for reading.


Hello everyone! I'm changing careers having worked in private education for years. I finish my full stack boot camp in about 3 weeks and still feel that I haven't scratched the surface of what I need to know in order to really be ready to work in this new field. I'm looking to you, the Dev community for help, inspiration, and knowledge.


Hi Katie - Thank you for the welcome. I stumbled in this morning on my way to check out a podcast -- dev.to/sedaily/kubecloud-tangible-.... I'm looking for a job as a manager in software development but, at the same time, trying to learn new technology and perhaps reinvent myself as a developer (which I was 20+ years ago). Looking forward to participating in the community!


Hello World!

I'm new to the DEV community but from what I've read and learned so far I really like how everyone here helps one another progress both personally and professionally.

I look forward to interacting with more fellow Dev's.



Hi everyone, I'm Mahmoud and I'm so glad to come here actually, I am still a student on my last year at the Faculty of Engineering in Computers & Automatic Control Department.

I made a decision that I should join a community with people who I can share with them many things in common at least my career and passion about technologies , web development and other stuff. While searching for new articles to read I came here and I have made the decision and I have told myself " Hey, What's stopping you from joining right now ? Go do it now " and finally I am here with you ❤

I am in love with web development as a Back-End Developer, I was learning Node.Js for Graduation Project we 're working on " Self Driving Car which can deliver people to their location like Uber but with a Self Driving Car " and nowadays I'm learning Socket.IO and Finally in the quarantine I was heading up with .NET CORE and C#

I think there's something fun about me and it's obviously that I love playing with child's checks so I love checks 😂❤


Hi y'all, I am Roshan Rishav, a 4th year CS major at the University of Waterloo. I just discovered this forum and it seems super cool so far!! Looking forward to learning from all of you all's experiences and sharing mine :D

I love making funny little useless projects, hmu if you wanna collaborate on any such projects :P


Hello!! to everyone in DEV. I am really excited to have in DEV. I am non IT professional but very interested to IT. Trying to learn by my own with the big world of Internet. Right now i am doing Dish-washing for living in Australia but want to get through a narrow space for me in IT universe.
My topic is #How to motivate NON - IT persons to get in IT as their interest.


Hi everybody 😊 My name is Claudia, I am a web developer currently learning how to design UI and UX. I joined dev.to to share my experience with you all.

If you have any questions or input for me, feel free to send me a message 🤓

Looking forward to meet interesting posts and people!


Hi everyone, I'm Demóstenes and working with developing solutions since 2002. But, with few pauses or changing the job company.
Well, more experience always is important, developing for many companies in Brazil also companies, not-profit organizations and startups. Front-end, back-end or full-stack? My experience is the part of my evolution while citizen activate, solving a question or sharing my project on the repository, additional with others experiencies with marketing, consulting, design and project coordination.


Hello I'm Anesu, a 17 year old developer who happens to be a writer as well. I'm exploring computer science and software engineering. And I don't really remember how I came across this site. All I know is I love it. I wrote a full introductory post, Hello World


Hey, everyone. I'm a CS student from Pakistan and I recently developed a platform for people to exchange skills. I've added a post on Dev, please check it out: dev.to/mohsinht/taskbarter-exchang...

Feel free to browse and test the app as it is still in Alpha. Thanks!


Hello Everyone, I am Sahil and just completing my bachelor's in computer science


Hello, I have recently learned Java and C# but am currently developing a Discord bot using Javascript. I want to persue a future in Computer Science.


Making bots are a great way to get into a new language :)


Hey everyone, I'm Kovid. I am a Data Engineer with almost a decade of experience. I work for a consulting firm in Melbourne. Looking forward to learning and sharing what I know on dev.to - You can also find me on Medium @KovidRathee.


Hello Everyone,
I'm Prify. I just joined DEV yesterday. I came here to post for the octograd2020. But, now I must admit that I was really missing an amazing community for years. I am just starting to learn from here. Hope we can be friends.
Thank you.


Hi Everyone, I'm Nilesh Arnaiya and I currently mentor at Udacity and Mentorcruise - mentorcruise.com/referrals/6CWzQ1M...
Looking forward to connecting with people here and finally write on blog posts which I've been procrastinating. Cheers!


Hi everyone! Hope you are all well in times of this crisis.

Been going through dev.to posts for a while now and finally decided to join the community. I have just finished up graduation and joined an AI startup as a front-end engineer. I hope to become a much better developer in the coming days and publish quality contents that saves other as much as the countless times other authors saved me :')



Hi everyone, I am Braden Rice. I am a computer science major at BYU-I, getting ready to graduate in July. I ended up here because I am getting signed up for the Githug Education < Graduation > Year Book [github.com/education/graduation]. I TA for discrete math I and II, algorithms, and computational theory (unofficially dubbed DM 1 - 4 respectively at my university). With my position as a TA, I have started to really enjoy programming in lispy languages (Common Lisp, eLisp, Clojure, etc.), my senior project was actually in eLisp, and I hope to be able to work on even bigger projects involving such lispy languages.