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Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!


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Hello dear dev.to community! I am Luciano. About 6 months ago I decided to learn some programming. I am currently in the #100daysofcode challenge and am in the 30 day. I made some progress in HTML and CSS so far and am currently learning Bootstrap 4 and JavaScript.
I can't say what my goal is yet. However, I am happy to learn a lot of new things every day.


Cool good luck with that. Stay consistent and don't give yourself any excuses to stop!


Welcome to Dev Community Luciano! Keep Going 👍


good learning full of passion bro


Hey Luciano, I'm also a newbie here. Great to hear you challenging yourself and good luck with #100daysofcode


Good luck! I hope you write about the best resources you're finding on your journey.


Welcome buddy. Do feel free to give us a holler should you have any question and big-ups to you for joining the dev family.


From where are you learning? 🤔


Learn it very well because you are on the right path my dear.


Hello, good luck with the learning. I'm open to helping out with HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap 3 or 4.


Hello. Good luck with #100daysofcode and with the things you're learning.


Learning new things is always a good idea! Wish you fast improvement and the possibility to use all your knowledge!


Hey friends,
I'm Ebenezer Ndukwe, a passionate Frontend Developer who loves to convert User Interface designs into reusable codes. I so much love CSS, my friends call me Lord of CSS. I have over 3 years coding Experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue.js.
Here is my Portfolio Website ebenezy.dev
Hoping to write some articles with my few years of coding to share my thoughts and ideas.


Man, your website looks amazing! I love that style. When you're designing something, do you start with something that looks great and then work out the practical stuff, or do you make something functional and then make it look cool?


Thank you, Henry,
When designing something, I start with something that looks great and then work out the practical stuff.
The reason is, when your website is not looking great, nobody will bother to check the functionalities.
The good looks come first.


Welcome to the community Ebenezer. What a great website you have! 🙌


Hi Ebenezer, your website looks sooo gooood!! welcome to DEV🎉


Hello! Welcome to the dev.to community! Your site look amazing! 🎉🙌


Thank you Luciano. I am glad to be here.


I love your site!

Have to say, despite coding and designing my own product prototypes, I've never been the type to advertise my efforts well. Hoping to gain some inspiration around these parts.


Thank you Dean. Am glad that my profile could inspire you.


Hope you've had a great experience so far! your website does look amazing. It would be a better read if your about section stays in 3rd person / 1st person, my 0.02$.


Hi Aarif, thanks for the observation, I will correct that.
Thank you.


Great Portfolio on your website. Congrats.


Hey Ebenezer,

You have such a simple and beautiful portfolio website. I am really amazed.
Good work!


Hi everyone,
I'm JD. I used to do mostly backend stuff, but I've started migrating toward frontend.

I'm a huge fan of Javascript and it's ability to go anywhere, although I mostly write in Typescript these days.

I think privacy is important and I think more support is needed for browsers without Javascript or cookies enabled. I'm currently utilising CSS to make it do things it wasn't meant for, but makes a great alternative to JS.

Also, I have a soft spot for real time communications, such as IRC and it's modern day equivalents.


Welcome JD! The JS community is the most vibrant one around here, hope you enjoy your time reading and maybe even sharing some of those CSS tricks with the rest of us



Awwww wish you all the best with the new journey


Hey JD! I also went from backend to frontend. Glad to hear of more Typescript fans!


Hello Dev.to community! my name is Mary,
Am pursuing a degree in computer Applications, in my final year, I hv learned many programming languages like c,c++,data structure, html & css with js, java and php, I hv a little knowledge of all these programming languages but am finding it difficult to choose which one is good for me. My goal is to become a software engineer. I need some advice on how to choose the best programming language.


Hey Mary, thanks for following me!

The best advice I can give is Web Dev. I am biased and here is why.

The web is So visible. non-tech savvy people can appreciate your work and its easy to get into and hard to master.

the stacks to build web are moving into other areas like VR and AR as well as Mobile dev with React Native, Ionic, webGL, ect...

No matter what you get into, you're not going to love or hate the languages, in my opinion, you are going to love or hate your commitment level to a skill. I recommend that you specialize in one thing and then diversify.


Welcome, Mary! I suppose you can choose a programming language by asking yourself "What I'll be building or working on for the next couple of years?" Take that tech stack and learn that programming language, see if you're comfortable and are able to make projects or code on your own. That might be your next favourite programming language! Else, find an alternative.

I hope that helped. 😀


Welcome on board, Mary.
I think you should focus on these firstly HTML & CSS and JavaScript, once you master these, then proceed to learn JavaScript Frameworks and you can fly from there because the trend is shifting towards that direction.
In the process, find your strength (Frontend or Backend or FullStack Developer)
This is what I also did and am excelling in these areas.


Hi all! I'm Chen, jack-of-all-trades engineer from Tel Aviv, Israel.
Currently heading engineering at a new startup.

Proud to join this excellent community and excited to learn as much as I can,
and to help others too!


Hi Chen. What kind of startup? Just out of curiosity. 🙃 I'm new here too!


Woah! What a friendly community.

Our startup: our team has been founding, growing, exiting and investing in companies for 20 years.

The problem we keep seeing: people are (generally) not effective communicators.
As companies grow, the issue becomes even more painful and
operations start to break down. leading to negative consequences for companies that CAN be prevented.

We're fixing it. Stay tuned :-)


Hi Chen

Me you both :)
Very excited to join the community and can't wait to learn from all the members.


Hi Chen, I'm Codin. May you find fortune in your future prospects.


Hi Everyone,
I am Ram, from the begging of my career started working in mobile development using Flutter. Slowly moving towards the web and started using Vue.js. Now heading towards React as it is very popular and personally started liking it.


Hello there! I'm using Flutter myself. What made you abandon it?


Hi Ram and welcome to DEV. You'll definitely get help and tips from others in React here!



I'm a life long code tinkerer. It has recently come to my attention that I'm better at programming than I thought. Now I just wanna get better. So the internet brought me here.

I use SAS at work, but I rather enjoy Python. I'm better at R though. I started my code tinkering with C and HTML. I think Julia is really cool but haven't had much time to tinker yet. I should probably learn Java? Or JavaScript?

Idk, I'm rambling. Looking forward to reading.

❤️, Lauren


Welcome Lauren, there are lots of Data Devs here who write about R and Python. Check out the #python tag for more folks to follow and let us know how you go :D


Hi Lauren, nice to meet you!


Bonjour, On m'appelle habituellement S3K. Je ne suis pas dev' mais recruteur. Si je viens sur Dev.to, c'est pour apprendre plein de choses, faire de la veille (à mon niveau évidemment), pour encore mieux suivre/comprendre l'évolution de la tech'et les dév eux-mêmes. Mon objectif ? m'améliorer en tant que sourceur/recruteur grâce à Dev.to Ma promesse ? faire mon job sans vous importuner/spammer. Merci d'avance pour ce que vous m'apporterez ; et j'espère pouvoir vous être utile avec mon expertise :)


Bonjour Sabine, Bienvenue chez Dev.to


Hi everyone!! I'm Nai, from Spain. I love to code, specially JS.
I am studying a course and starting to do my own projects, I hope one day to work as a developer in the UK or Ireland, it would be my dream.
Thanks !!


Nice Nai! JS is one of the most in-demand languages - you will find a job in UK or IRE I am sure :) Learn React if you can, it ranks highly for job offers.


Thank you very much for your response, I will study React as soon as I feel comfortable coding with JS, thanks for your advice !!


Hi, everyone!
Nice to meet you.
I am Devin from Canada.
I have 5+ years of experience in web development but I want to learn more from you.
My main skill is React and I prefer MERN stack.
I am always happy to discuss with you.


Glad to have you here bud. I'm confident that there's a lot of value to be gained by being an active member of this platform. All the best for 2020!


Hi all, I'm Rogier, co-founder of Embrosa, our startup to help local entrepreneurs with their marketing and to help Brands ship their story. I'm an enthusiastic Dart/Flutter, Ruby on Rails and Typescript developer (GCP Cloud functions). Happy to join!!


Welcome! It's great to have you here


Hi dev.to people! My name is Valerie and I currently work as a full-stack developer, mainly with JavaScript. I also teach technology + web development at Hyper Island, a creative business school in Sweden. Looking forward to sharing some knowledge and learning from you all.


Hello, I am Coly Gabriel Eric and am from Senegal. I started my journey in programming it's about 3 months and I presently have some knowledge about HTML and CSS. Since I am a self code learner, sometimes I fail to grasp some stuff. Hope this will be the right place to find answers to anything I donnut understand. Thanks!


Hello! I'm Becca. I began developing professionally in 2015, but somehow never made a dev.to account until now! I currently work as a web developer specializing on our React tasks, but outside of work I enjoy picking up various hobby projects with friends.


Hi Becca, I'm Katie, one of the basic moderators.
It's great to see more woman who code here on DEV.

I want to welcome you to the DEV community and let you know that you'll find lots of help and support here for all your coding needs.


Hello, people from Portugal.
I´m new in this type of dev social skills.
In the past, I was a Php developer for almost 3 years.
New year new golds, I decided to work only with javascript because of that i fund that is a good place for funding some good tips.

Thank you :)


Hi. Im Guy Romelle Magayano. A full-stack Wordpress and JAMstack developer from the beautiful city of Davao, Philippines. I started web development, in general, since I was in college way back in 2010. Never regretted my decision to work as a web developer since. 😍😍 Loves to compose interesting dev topics here and in Medium.


Hello dev community

I'm a UX Designer learning javascript to try and build web apps. I've got a bit of experience in Greensock and quite a big of CSS experience, so want to cut my teeth at vanilla JS. Also want to learn some Three.js and React/Vue.

I found this awesome website after an amazing post on here about recursive functions helped me finish a unit of Free Code Camp. Peace


Hello there!
I am Srinivasan, programmer by heart working as an architect. I want to learn about clean code and design principles.

Currently I am preparing for AWS Associate Developer certification.

My hobbies are playing Table Tennis, fitness training and financial planning.
My goal is to retire early :-)


Hey friends,
I'm Tanmoy Mandal,Today i join this community.I'm a MERN developer. Before MERN i use PHP as a beckend devlopment and from few months i use Flutter as a app devlopment.
Here is my portfolio website tantanmoy.me
Hoping to share my ideas and my articles


Welcome to dev.to! The full stack immersive software engineer curriculum is tough. I hope that you'll enjoy the journey, make new friends and become a software engineer soon :)


Hello everyone. My name is Raz, I work in DevOps Engineering and I am passionate about solving problems and coding of every kind, building things, Python, JavaScript, Node, AWS. I am here to share what I know and learn a ton.



I am Heather and I am about to finish General Assembly's remote software engineering coding bootcamp. I have learned so much and now I am starting my job search.


Welcome Heather! Congratulations on getting to the end of your Bootcamp, that's a huge achievement. Good luck with the job search, looking forward to reading more about your journey


Hey folks! I'm:

  • Co-founder of Blynk IoT platform
  • Core developer of Wasm3 - the fastest WebAssembly interpreter
  • Core developer of TinyGSM - modem library for Arduino

Trying to combine my technical skills and product development, constantly exploring new possibilities and experimenting with technologies like Distributed Computing, Web Bluetooth, LoRaWAN, Embedded/IoT and of course WebAssembly.

I'll be sharing my adventures and experiments here ;)


Thx for having me @dev.to.

My name is christoph aka uter and I am one of the leading directors of lean-coders (a small but fine webdev company | lean-coders.at). Can not wait to read and participate in this community.

Cheers ;)


Hello dev.to community. I've been here for over a year but pretty inactive as work and college took most of my time. Now I'm expanding my horizons learning mobile development, better frontend practices and ML plus plenty of soft skills. How's your day?


Hi everyone! :) About a year ago I decided to leave my day job as a data engineer at a start up and become a company on my own. Yes, that's right. I am now a non-scalable, self-improving product you can rent per hour that will do all sorts of data science stuff for you! Especially deep learning and machine learning are favourite things to do and also 🔥topics in general and it is going to stay this way in this decade so you better buckle up and hop on! uuuuh weee! (I am a huge Rick and Morty fan btw) If you want to find out more about what I do and did go to my website MLisjuststatisticsindisguise.com, uuuh libiseller.work I mean. :))

(This post is an experiment. I usually act professionally in meetings. ☺️)


Hello Developers,

I am Adya.Joined this community a day ago and about 2 weeks old in the journey of Angular. Have experience in HTML, CSS and Javascript. Hope to learn load of new stuff and gear up fast.


I'm glad to be a part of the community. I accidentally crash landed on the community's profile on twitter and saw the need to check it only to find myself in this awesome platform. This clearly a discovery of the year for me in 2020 and I'm super chuffed to be a the newest member.


Hello I am Manav!
I am freelance Developer & Trainer. I mostly work with Python but recently Nim-lang has caught my attention.

I am trying to work out a "work from anywhere" type life for me :)

I like Reading, Anime, Poetry & Theatre. I feel strongly about privacy and tech-ethics (not tethics).


Welcome, make sure you check our the articles in the #python tag for more friends to follow


Thanks Helen. Will sure do. 👍