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ralph hello

Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!


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Hello, I am Ishini Avindya. I am a Graphic Designer, a Game Developer, and a writer. I write blog posts and articles specially about blogging, productivty.


Hello! Hope read some articles yours!


Hi Felipe! Thank you very much. If you have any comments, suggestions, and ideas please feel free to comment. Read more from here talk.hyvor.com/blog/


hi Felipe, where are you from?


Welcome Ishini! What is your favorite part about game development?


Hi Ishini. Which language do you use for gaming development?

I use Csharp language. What's yours?


Developing 3D games is my favourite part about game developement. And I love creating my own game assets too. How about yours?

hey, nothing like making your own world am I right?


Hi, Ishini! It's great to meet you and I really appreciate your post about blogging since it's something that I struggled a lot. Keep writing those useful articles 👍.


I am so glad to hear that you found them useful Mohammed! If you want to read more about blogging please continue reading my articles. You can read more articles written by me about blogging right through this link. talk.hyvor.com/blog/ I can help you with blogging problems. Thank you for your appreciation!🤗


Great posts on how to get started blogging. Keep it up!


Thank you very much Brett.


Hello! Are you a blogger?


Hello Inishi! I love games and I will put my efforts to follow your steps and become a Game Developer in a few years. I will be reading your articles. Have a great time writing!


Hello Ishini, nice to have you here!


Hello Nirav, How are you doing? Are you a blogger? Did you read my articles?

Yes, Ashini and I found some of them actually useful.
Thanks for sharing.

I am glad to hear that! We will be publishing more articles on our Hyvor Talk Blog. You can read more from there. talk.hyvor.com/blog/


nice to met you Ishini


You too PROVideoOnline. Would you like to read my articles?


Well, hello internet! 👋 My name's Mohammed Asker and I'm a software developer intern based in Hargeisa, Somaliland. Here are 3 fun facts about me:

  1. I'm an Economics graduate who couldn't find a job, so I pivoted to programming. Still love Economics though. 📈
  2. My passion is anime. I'm usually a quiet person, but when it comes to anime, I can talk for hours much to the annoyances of others. 😆
  3. I don't drink coffee. I don't like it because it messes up my sleeping schedule even if I drunk at 11 am. I'm a tea guy ☕

I discovered DEV after many developers recommend on Twitter and it's really awesome and the community here are very kind. Thank you Ben and the team, for building this amazing platform!


Hey Mohammed. I've only recently been turned into an anime fan. one of my favorites has to be Food Wars. Im curious if you'd have any recommendations? I personally am a coffee man myself. I just can't get used to the taste of tea.


Well, it depends on what type of genres you enjoy the most. If number of episodes is not an issue (you don't mind to watch over 100s of episodes ), then I'll recommend One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, and Hunter x Hunter (2011).

Otherwise, try Death Note, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (2012), Haikyuu! Attack on Titan, and Gurren Lagann.


Hi, I also love Anime very much. What genre of anime do you like? I like romance, mystery, comedy and so on.


I personally swap b/w tea and coffee. Glad you're here Mohammed!


My hero academia vs attack on titan vs black clover vs hunter x hunter ... which is better? Oh and check the Darwin Game if you haven’t seen it already! :-)


Why pick one? I love them all equally! Of course, I will check Darwin Game when got more free time.


Hey! I'm Emily, a product designer at You Need a Budget (YNAB). Excited to be here and learn from all of you!


Hi, Emily. Nice to meet you! You Need a Budget sounds like a fun name for the company. Is it a personal budget platform?


It is! You can learn more here: youneedabudget.com/ It's the best personal budget platform out there (in my totally unbiased opinion 😉).

The site is awesome.App is also great.


Oh my wife and I use YNAB! Love your product. 💖


Hi Emily, I’m a big fan of YNAB. Welcome!


That's so great to hear, thanks Josh! Happy to be here :)


Hi Emily,

Welcome to DEV! Actually, I love YNAB and in the browser tab to the left YNAB is opened! 😄 Nice to meet you!


Hi guys !

my name is Leonardo diaz, and i am a Junior to semi-senior Developer, love to code, and love to create


The fact that we create things is what makes me feel great about it, this is awasome!


Hello Leonardo!

keep it up!


Hey Leonardo, what is your main code editor?


Visual Studio Code team 4theWin!

But of course if needed, Eclipse and anything that needs to get the work done, but most of the time i work around with VSC

how about you !

Nice! I usually like to keep it simple with Atom and a handful of plugins. VS Code always seemed like too much for the simple things I'm usually doing.


Hello Leornardo, welcome to this good place :)


Yeah ! i already found out pretty neat things around, why did i took so long to find this place lol!


Hello Leonardo, I hope the best!


I am safa. I started to learn web dev for about 6 months now, I just finished learning ccss html and JavaScript (front end basis), I had fun building some silly games. I am now starting to learn node. I am looking forward building my own product once I get a good understanding of back end dev.
Thanks to all of you guys for the inspiration!!


Bright future ahead!


Hey there Safa. I'm excited myself to start building silly games to get a better understanding of javascript. What kind of things have you built? I wish you the best in your development.


Hello, I'm Chidi.
I currently work as a Frontend developer, but I consider myself a Full stack developer. Haha.

Nice to be here.
I just want a space to share some of the awesome things I learn while doing my job.


Hello!!! Once upon a time, I was a full-stack developer, then one day I realized I worked my way all the way to the backend. 😸


One way or another you'll wind up at one end.
But I still got personal projects to do so I'll always be FS.


Hi my name is Danny. I am a Cloud Consultant who automates infrastructures hosted in AWS. I joined this community to expand my ideas on tech related topics. I also share my thoughts and ideas using my blog: dannys.space


Hi Danny, I liked your blog post on preparing for the AWS Advanced Networking certification.
I saw that you've already passed the two professional certifications - any tips on preparing for the Solutions Architect Professional certification? I wish there was an official book for it as I found the books for the Associate SA and SysAdmin books very useful.


Hi Andrew! You could try to do the official test exam and see from the results which domains need more attention. Then I would suggest to find the related AWS services which belong to the domain and study those before you go for the real exam. Jumping in the console and trying out these services give a whole lot more understanding of what you're actually doing. So practical experience is a must.


Hi! My name is Schuyler (pronounced Skyler) and I am a software engineer working on putting notebooks into the cloud ☁️. I was brought here by @downey 😱 and stayed for all the premium content 👌!


Welcome aboard Schuyler!


Welcome aboard!


Welcome, Skyler! 🙌


Hello everyone, I am Everton. I am a Software Developer From Brazil. I love learning about software development in general.


Brazil in the house - welcome!


Thank you, Lawrence.


I am coming!
I'm come from China,i love the USA, i hope to work in this country someday. So I'm working hard to learn English and technology now, it's a pleasure to come to this community and meet everyone


Hello Shuo, I hope you gonna find your way to your dreams, keep coding ;)


Hi everyone! My name is Rolando. I currently work as an educator but hope to transition into software engineering in the coming year. I am passionate about education, photography, and reading. I hope to learn from all of you and hopefully, as my understanding and comfort grow, I can share my process/thoughts with y'all!


Here we are for helping you do that mate


Hi! Congratulations! I bet you already know more code than me. ;)


Hi Developer Friends! I am Vinayak, a veteran C++ developer. I used to code so much that the nerves on my hands got worn out and there was a time when I used to be known as the 'Carpal Tunnel Coder' LOL. I then played management roles for many years and still do however the developer in me continues to live on. Looking to make some friends and learn some new stuff along the way.


Hello everyone my name is Raul, I'm from Oaxaca, Mexico. In the southern part of the country and I hope to be of help in the community. Mostly development in node, react and do devops through aws and docker basics


Hi Raul! Thanks for joining us and welcome!


Hello everybody. I'm so glad something like this web site exist. Thank you all.


Hey, folks! I’m Guillermo Fisher—Brooklyn native, Virginia resident, CI/CD junkie and AWS Data Hero. I’m also a pretty big fan of sleep. I usually write about AWS-related stuff. You can learn more about me at bklyn.dev.


Hey, y'all! fellow hacker here. Excited to join the community :) I've popped in here and there and think it's time to start contributing! I just wrote a thing on my blog! Check it out if you wish! alexdaro.com/writing


Thanks, Lawrence! 😃


Hello I am Júlio Bomfim, I am a .net / csharp developer, I also work with front end and hybrid development with html5, css3, Angular2 + and Ionic. I am very happy to meet a social network with so many interesting topics, it excites me a lot to continue learning !!


Hello, I'm Jeseekia! I work as a Software Engineer mostly focusing now on IoT device connectivity. I love to teach and have grown my career and expertise by educating throughout my non-traditional journey. Now that teaching is no longer a part of my job (I used to teach for a coding bootcamp), I feel a gap in my knowledge and in my connection to the community. I'm hoping to get back to sharing more AND doing more digital sharing rather than strictly in-person. I also livestream on Twitch, not just games, but coding as well!

I'm here to share and learn and to meet others!

Feel free to find me on Twitch twitch.tv/metadevgirl!


I have highly considered teaching development on a live stream and had never seen it done before, so I will absolutely follow your casts!


I am a nurse with the heart of a SysAdmin who loves Security. I'm here to learn. I'm also open to sharing what is behind the curtain of the nursing world. If I don't know, I'll tell you that too. Though often that leads me to learn.


Hello everyone,
I am a full stack developer based in India. At my full-time job, I use MERN stack, AWS, Netlify, and GSAP. Apart from this I also own a YouTube channel for my Indian fellows(The content is in Hindi, mostly)! I make videos about development and interviews.
Recently I started with Flutter and made the first app that I'll be launching in a week.

And when I am not being a techie I travel and film. :) That's all for now. LOL

Thank you.


Hi, I'm Andrew - I've been gradually moving from application development and architecture to Cloud infrastructure and DevOps.
Most of my cloud work has been in AWS, but I'm keen to get more experience with Azure and GCP.
I plan to write some posts about Cloud technologies and the experience of preparing for the AWS Solutions Architect Professional certification.


Hie Good Dev Community, I am Derick, I am registered nurse, java fullstack developer, I build web, desktop and android healthcare related apps and would like to connect with interests in IOT for healthcare.


Welcome to the community!


Hi everyone I am Emmanuel ,I started learning programming early 2020 and am looking forward to improve on my programming skills and get to meet other programmers who will mentor me, coach me, and work on projects along side with me.its really nice to join a community like this


I just joined. I'm interested in using infrastructure as code for a diverse set of server and workstation platforms at the enterprise level. Today, I'm leveraging ansible on Linux and Windows for a company with over 1700 employees. I'd love to learn how to master these skills.


Hiya! I'm a 15+ year Linux veteran. Just started using vim a month or so ago and tonight started playing around with Pathogen vim plugin manager. My current distros are Funtoo and Calculate Linux. Both of them are variants of Gentoo.


Hello, I am George Drakos a Data Scientist with a BSc and MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering (National Technical University of Athens) as well as an MSc from Imperial College London, currently working as a Data Scientist for TUI in the travel industry. Strong quantitative analysis and Statistical Modeling skills and with a sound understanding of :

  • Python
  • Tableau/ SpotFire
  • AWS SageMaker,Glue
  • Snowflake
  • SQL
  • PySpark

Python libraries such as: NumPy, Pandas, Seaborn, Plotly, SciKit-Learn,TensorFlow, XGBoost, Dask, PuLP etc
Specialised in Computational Intelligence for Decision Support, Data Engineering, Sophisticated Analytics and Technological Innovation Management. Highly interested in Cloud-based technologies, Distributed Computing, Big Data and the business applications of Data Science & Machine Learning.


Hello, I am Wilfred. I write blog posts about products and services and give my reviews as well as the reviews of others. My interests are in building things that helps people (apps, games etc.). In the nearer future, I look forward to build an awesome team of developers / problem solvers so we can solve most of the world problems occurring today.


I am a passionate Audio Engineer, Songwriter, FrontEnd Web Developer, iOS Developer. An overall Creative Soul always expanding my knowledge in this ever changing world of web design and iOS development. I develop, I create, I produce.


Hi all, I'm Chris. I'm a front-end designer and developer. In 2019 I discovered the JAMstack and in 2020 I'm diving head-first into Joining the IndieWeb movement. I'm currently learning Typescript and plan to share my experience and suggestions on how I think it can be used to provide a better dev experience for share components (e.g. in a Design System / Component Library).


Hello! 👋

My name is John Foderaro, I am a software engineer located in New Jersey. I mainly specialize in the Node.js ecosystem and am really interested in computer science theory and concepts. I joined DEV.to as a way in which to connect with other developers and share some thoughts on subjects!