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welcome nanny

Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

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Great to have you in the community!


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Hi Everyone,
I am a Computer Science major at Florida State University, and I am here to share, review, and learn new skills in Mobile Development, Machine learning, and general Software Development paradigms. Definitely looking forward to meeting new or like-minded learners and developers!


What's good James~? ✌🏿
Are you staying on campus at FSU? I'm nearby UCF in Orlando (applied maths and biz)
I look forward to work you'll accomplish in ML and app-development; as unofficial mathematician, I love how matrix calculus' making a comeback in programming; but as a Clojurist, frustrated Python dominates the scene with good semantic frameworks to jump into ML.

Do you have a language of choice for your projects or ~do you laugh at us over-opinionated developers~?


Hi Jffry,
Thanks for the message! I actually take my degree online through FSU's Distance Learning program, so while I am not on campus directly I still see the same degree material.

I definitely agree with you, Matrix algebra is an important concept to learn about when studying Machine Learning,

For a Software Engineering practice course I helped design a Car Detector for cyclists to use on the road, and before I was able to code it with Python I had to learn and do a bit of review of Linear Algebra (its been a while since I did Calculus 3 lol). Doing that really helped me better understand and conceptualize tensors, which is mainly what ML frameworks are built upon. I used PyTorch, which has a tutorial also on how to build an image classifier.

If you are interested in Machine Learning I definitely recommend using Python 3, and also learning Numpy if you would like to try using PyTorch.

I think even being at my senior year, there is still much for me to learn in terms of different programming languages and technologies. I learned OOP, and Data Structures with C++, and started my programming journey using ANSI C.

When studying CS, I always remind my friends that part of the effort comes with the interest of exposing yourself to new languages and concepts. The more you learn, the more you will improve and succeed! The best advice comes from devs in the field.


Hi Jffry,

Nice to meet you.


Hi James. I am also here to learn all I can and share.


Hi Dan, I am glad to hear it! I am happy that I will be able to contribute back to this great website and community.


Nice having you here.


Hi Tapesh, likewise! Greetings!


I like your no non-sense approach to introductions.


Hi Nidal, nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you too, Bro


Welcome to the community James.
i am also a CS Student. from the university of Bahri in Sudan


hello! I'm happy to be joining dev.to along side you and others!


Hello to all that are new to DEV.
I'm Katie, one of the basic moderators. My unofficial title: DEV cheerleader 😊

I want to welcome all of you to the DEV community and let you know that you'll find lots of help and support here for all your coding needs.

Don't hesitate to ask questions or contribute new ideas with your own post.

Be sure to read my post about navigating around this site.


Hi Katie. I'm so encouraged by your unofficial title: DEV cheerleader :)


Thanks Khami! Along with helping out with coding, I cheer for everyone here!


Well you are extremely cheerful.


What does the cute pink unicorn at the bottom do; I’m curious but can’t seem to get it to love me back when I poke at it.


Hello everyone. I've been reading posts from DEV.to from my news feed for a while now and decided to sign up to be able to follow people. I'm learning programming at the moment, but I've been in I.T. since 2007. Stopped my career to focus on having a family a couple of years ago and I'm aching to get back in the field. However, that most likely won't happen for another 2-3 years. (-_-) It may not happen at all if I decide to homeschool the kiddos. I'm taking everything one day at a time and hoping that I can actually get to where I want to be in my career.
Anywho, I'm excited for the future.
P.S. I'm a bit confused as to what the difference between Welcome Thread- v56 or v57 is. I would have thought there was only 1 welcome page everyone posted on. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Eh.



Developing your career while having young kids to take care of is a challenge, but I've found it in my case to be a huge win over time as it forced me to get more organized and really think more about priorities.

Taking it a day at of time is exactly the right way to go, and always keep in mind that progress compounds no matter how small you slice it up. 15-30 mins here and there a few times a week is still 1000x better than nothing.

If you could get to where you want to be in your career, what would that look like?


Yeah, I'm definitely unable to rush getting back into the swing of things because I have to focus on the kids. I've actually always wanted to own my own business and since security was my major and where I worked years ago, I guess that's where I feel a good goal is. I have a learning curriculum I would like to complete. Ultimately it leads to my original goal of security (pentesting) Right now I have 2 app projects I'd like to start. Or see in the future. So, long story short I'd like to have my own business or work on my own terms in anything IT security. I'm so~~~~ done interviewing for companies. I never want to interview ever again. Lol.

A big part of why I run my own business is to have the flexibility to decide how I want to balance things between work, personal interests, family responsibilities, etc and so I am a huge proponent of that approach for anyone who can do it!

Take tiny steps each week, and little by little you will get closer to your goals.

What works for me given that I am still pretty much on a part time schedule is to think on long time scales and compare where I am now to a couple years ago at any point in time, and that makes it easier to get through the days and weeks where all the rest of life seem to get in the way of anything work related.

Good luck, and happy business building!


Oh man, I want to encourage you get back in the field but I also really loved being homeschooled as a kid. I don't think I would have gotten into tech otherwise.

Congrats on your growing family, either way I hope the future stays exciting 🎉


With so many new members every day, the Welcome Thread gets very long. Could be over 1000 in just a week depending on traffic. Every couple of weeks a new one is created to make scrolling through it manageable.

Either way, welcome to DEV where you will find lots of friendly coders to help you with any questions you might have.

We are excited to have you here!


Hey, Katmonpiv. I wish you good luck in everything you do! Homeschooling might be hard but it's probably a huge service to your kids. Schools are largely a waste of time & money nowadays when they use outdated methods ; but if they have the right priorities & values they can always benefit a lot either way - most important thing to learn is how to learn.
If there's one good takeaway from public education environments its communication and teamwork, that might be a challenge elsewhere. And in case you'd like your kids to get into tech or s/w like you, it's a good idea to introduce them early, huh. Programming teaches one how to think. I wish my school included it lol.

I'm also confused about the Welcome threads btw, but I'm guessing it's to keep it from growing into one massively long thread with very old comments. People probably don't want replies to their comments from years ago lol.


Homeschooling is such a hard choice! We're in the same boat with our new one. There's just so many things I wish I'd worked on when I was a child that I have the ability to give my kid.


I know quite a few families who have decided to homeschool and I'm overwhelmed at all the options there are on how to start it. I've tried to do a class like approach at home a few times, but the kids simply aren't interested. Since I'm trying to learn programming and have the kids at home all day It's not easy. Most days I just want to put them in daycare and go work, but then I hear about the abuse, deaths, and such happening (just read about one in my area) that just makes me want to quit my career goals for good and protect my kids. :( I try to stay current reading articles / posts about tech, but i do miss going to work. Having a family and making that a priority is a sacrifice for those of us who had an awesome career. I worked while i was really big and pregnant. Working overtime sometimes because I loved my job. ...sigh Are you homeschooling or planning on it? Are you able to work from home or have flexibility/ family to care for your child when you can't work from home? Even though I'm 1 hr away from my fam. (i was 16 hrs away) they can't always help. So that's why i'm thinking about homeschooling and taking my career future one day at a time.

Yeah, I'm WFH and my partner is full-time on child care currently. We're undecided on schooling but leaning homeschool.


I imagine one thread would overwhelm the Infinite Scroll Of Doom. People aren't really going to look back on them in weeks to come, so why not reboot the thread every once in a while?


Homeschooling for the win. Especially if you have likeminded people in your vicinity.


I am a 28 year old man from The Netherlands.
I started my dev-path at development basic programming for Windows 3.1 as a 6 year ild kid. Moved to web development with PHP and vanilla JS 15 years ago as a teenager. And while I was studying for a Bachelor in Sports & Movement I transferred to Python to do complex tasks (Statistical Movement Analysis for top athletes for example).
Later on I started working for a data-minded and tech-driven online advertising company which allowed me to expand my Python skills and extend my frontend skills towards ReactJS and SASS.
Nowadays I am a Product Owner with a focus on User Experience, Brand building and Team Dynamics. There is not much room for coding in my day to day job but I love to code a bit from time to time. Especially if that helps the software engineers in the team.

I hope to enjoy some discussions here. I am more of a reader than a online debater, but you may see a comment with my name on it from time to time.



That is quite a path! I was lucky like you to have a computer as a child. I liked BASIC and Visual Basic. I would love to password protect a silly program and have people try to “hack” it. 😄

What kinds of things did you build as a kid?


Thanks for your reply!

As a kid I started with a simple calculator for windows 3.1. I have always had a passion for the combination of backend operations combined with an easy-to-use frontend. Even as a kid, although I did not knew what it meant.

Later on I made small text-based games. When I switched to web development I made a platform for athletes to find their match results automatically (in The Netherlands there is/was no true centralized platform that offered all your personal results across multiple games). That attracted about 5k monthly active users. After which my lack of knowledge (as a teenager) of infrastructure and devops came to light. So I killed the platform and began to focus on small automations for me personally.


Hi here 🙌

I'm Leo, I come from a frontend background, worked in cool startups such as Aircall in Paris!

Ten I quickly moved toward having my own business, currently running hyperping.io and quickmetrics.io, which are bootstrapped (and profitable) companies. Lots of technical challenges, mostly devops, which I'm having fun doing (more than frontend 😁)

Love doing optimization in response time, making thing blazing fast fascinates me 🤓

Keen to share what I've learned in the past years!

Thanks @daolf for pushing me in joining dev.to, finally took the leap!


Welcome Léo! It's great to have you here!


That sounds amazing! How have you changed from working as a developer to your own company?


Hi Pablo!

I've always wanted to go on my own. As soon as I landed my first job I tried to learn as much as I could and apply every single bit of new knowledge into a side project that will eventually become my full time gig since April of last year!

Now grinding it 💪

Are you also working on your own or considering it?


Hey Leo, Great to e-meet you. I have gone through a similar process and I think there are a lot of learnings that we can share with each other on the journey. Keep in touch


Hi all! I'm Ania and I've been in IT for almost a decade as a QA. Recently I left my job to focus on learning Web Development more in depth and transition to a DEV job in the near future. Double challenge: I'm used to working remotely and would like to continue being a digital nomad when I go into development. Fingers crossed!


Hi Ania, I'm Katie, one of the basic moderators.
It's great to see more woman who code here on DEV.

I want to welcome you to the DEV community and let you know that you'll find lots of help and support here for all your coding needs.
Look around, make comments and ask questions. You will find that everyone is really helpful here.

Good luck with your future as a digital nomad, sounds great!


We need more women in our industry! I hope everything goes well for you!


Thank you!


Hi Ania.
Did you always want to be a developer, or did you get the bug from meeting people in your QA roles?


I always wanted to code, learned a bit at uni, but didn't think I would enjoy a dev job. QA kept me happy for a long time though, but then I thought that I can work on my dev skills, start working as a dev and then decide if I want to stay or go back to QA:)


You’ll do great!! QA makes you think about problems from all angles.


Hi Everyone
My name is Patience Okoro currently undergoing training on Web development, and I am here to share, review, and learn new skills in web development, Machine learning, and general Software Development paradigms. Definitely looking forward to meeting new or like-minded learners and developers!


Hello Patience! I think we're on the same page here :)


Hi everyone! I'm MJ, I just graduated from Middlebury College where I studied computer science & psychology. I now live in Los Angeles where I work as a mobile engineer at Disney. I'm currently learning android/kotlin and enjoy reading about the intersection between tech and ethics. I'm hoping to blog more in the new year, especially with technical topics.


Congrats on Disney+ launch. The iOS app is really nice. 🙌


Thanks! It's so cool seeing so many people use it. :)


Hello, I'm Andrew. I'm in Brooklyn, NY. I'm learning to code and I think I can really do it this time!


I found the best way to learn was to get the basics out of the way then try to build something you don't know how to build yet, and make the subject something you're passionate about. You'll struggle to NOT code and learn if it's the right project!

If you need help brainstorming, let me know.


Welcome Andrew!
And I am cheering for you !
I am sure you can do it !


You can definitely do it!!


I think you can do it, too.


Hi Everyone..............
My name is Bimo Prasetyo Afif. I am from Surabaya, Indonesia. Just a normal IT Student, and wanted to learn a lot about IT.
I am very interesting about Python, django, flask, etc.
Member of Python Community at my city called Surabaya.py (Python community user group chapter Surabaya). And now i am interested graphql framework in python and some BackEnd. I wish i could learn and share many experience in here. :)

Nice To Meet You All .....


Hi All,
My name is Jakub.
Living in Poland working in Internet :)
I like Python and stuff around this programming lang.
I also doing commercial contracts on MarkLogic coding with XQuery.
Hope it will be place when I can learn new stuff.


Hi Jakub, welcome to Dev!

Hope you check out the #python tag and all the great posts.

It's great to have you here :)


Thanks Helen :)


Hey y'all! I'm Izzy - I found dev community by following Vaidehi Joshi on twitter (BaseCS video series and podcast) and decided to check it out. I'm a software developer in Seattle, and I'm here to learn, network, and make friends :)


Hello everyone!

I'm beginning my programming journey, everything I know up this far is self taught. I went to school for IT but I do love programming when I can. I decided to take the programming path seriously. I'm dabbling alot with the Python web-framework Flask and libraries like SQLAlchemyORM DB interactions.
This stuff is not easy but its so much fun!

I'm very much looking forward to meeting new people to learn from and eventually create new friendships.


Hello Everyone!

I'm Orlando, from Venezuela, working to make a career change from IT support to programming. Started with Codecademy's Computer Science Path, then finished CS50 course last week, and started CS50W; it's been a lot of fun over the past 8 months self-learning. Since collaboration is key in this world, i'm willing to share what i've learned with you, and hopefully start building a network of like-minded people. Happy coding!


Hi everyone. My name is Jen, I'm a front end engineer and I've worked at the BBC in MediaCity, Salford for over 2 years. Originally I started at a PHP software agency but have transitioned to JavaScript/front end. This is my first time joining an online community so please be nice! Thanks for reading


Howdy! I'm starting web programming courses this Summer through Wisconsin's technical college. I'm currently teaching art in a public school and have been teaching myself to code in my free time. I am not quite sure where I am going to focus yet, but am really enjoying css and html so far.


Welcome Katie. An artistic background is really helpful for designing beautiful web pages (it’s the part I lack!)
Next step is to learn JavaScript which will make things more dynamic. That’s more of the logic part that will feel like a new world!
Good luck on your coding journey. Remember that we are all here to help you with any questions you might have.


Hi! I am from Brazil, but currently living in Los Angeles.

I am frontend developer for the last 3 years only, after a career change made possible but freeCodeCamp and other free online resources.


Hey there!
This is Adi. I read about the dev.to community on my feed recently, in the path of searching for professionals worth to follow on twitter. I want to reach out to people whom I can learn a lot from in the field of CS. During the past week I tried to browse through all the beginner friendly content of the site and I found the community quite friendly, especially since I don't have much experience with coding (I mainly grow apples and other eco fruits for a living 😆).
I have always been interested in the IT scene, even if being not more than the local computer guy you can always turn for help 😉
Recently I had the chance to make an extensive travel to the other side of the planet and explore different cultures and visiting places I only read about before, which encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and challenge the way I think about the world comparing to what I am accustomed to.
Anyway, part of this process, I decided to broaden my knowledge in the field of tech with the help of online course materials (Freecodecamp, CS50) which I am about to start and hopefully by the support of fellow learners and more experienced devs I could possibly meet here.
Even reading the articles and comments on this site made me wanna be part of this community.. so nice to meet you and keep up the good work 🙏
Cheers 🌻


Hi all,

My name is Monica, and I'm a software developer in Singapore. This year I would like to contribute to GIMP, an open source photo manipulation program.

My first html/css coding experience was making websites for my neopets store page and embedding cartoon episodes onto my website. Then years later in a university computer security class I learned about TLS and encryption and realized neopets has the worst security ever (they send passwords in plaintext and don't use TLS despite handling financial transactions).

If you want you can do a small art project for my website, description here (no drawing/painting skill necessary): medium.com/@monicakumaran/palette-...

Looking forward to learning loads! :D


Hi Monica and welcome!
I think contributing to GIMP is a great idea! I like GIMP a lot and am also hoping to make an (or several!) open source contributions this year.
I've done some development on ImageJ, an open source image analysis program, writing scripts to automate a processing workflow. It was a good way to get familiar with the internals, maybe doing so w/ GIMP would work out that way too!
I hope to hear about your progress :)


Hola Everyone,

I am a Software Engineer from Mumbai who loves to play with new technologies. I am here to learn and share my experiences and skills with you all. In today's date where there are a lot of new things coming in the tech world, it has become important to be a part of a developer community that keeps us updated.

I always believe in Code, Learn and Teach. All this had helped me to improvise and enhance my skills. Looking forward to learning from amazing developers and likewise doing the same. :)


Hey! I've known about this for a while now and never really spent the time to come and take a look, seems like a good source to get my fix on different interesting topics! I hope to sometime contribute as well, anyways... hi :D


Hey crazy geeks,

I am full stack developer, WordPress is my key language. I am always ready to learn and explore the development world. One thing that i have learnt in past few years that you can't learn coding and expert on it by reading books or just watching tutorials, it the people who shares knowledge and you adopt the ideas and implement it and learn something from that rhen you start growing.

So let's begin the journey and exchanges some knowledge.



Hello everyone, I'm glad to be here. I'm a beginner in c++ and hope to learn alot here


Hello everyone! I am in my last semester graduating on physics in Brasília, Brazil. But coding is increasingly taking my attention. Started as a hobby, moved towards a tool and I aim to take it to professional level. I've made some "science-coding", but my goal by now is to do some webdev!


Hello humans,

Name is "Mickey" and I come from Serbia (Novak Djokovic's fatherland) I have 15yrs. of working experience in website and web-application development, old-school and probably one of the seniors in this community. Linux evangelist, "CLI by Default"(Terminal is my middle name :) and open source ambassador of the world. Love code-problems and difficult situations and also love to customize absolutely everything, specially if CLI is available to tweak it even more :)
Hope I can pass my knowledge and advice on any topic from my branch to new programmers and juniors and also get one if I need it.

cheers to all, even bots and scripts that run in BG :)


Hi guys, I'm José, Frontend Dev from Mexico City and I'm trying to get in touch with the community worldwide. I love eLearning projects. My background is Graphic Design so if you guys need any help with that, let me know as well.


VanDim from Toronto Canada. Happy to be part of the community. I am taking CS50 with David Mulan at the moment and along the way fall in love with web development among other subjects.....I am a freelance at the moment but looking forward to be part of a team.


Hello Everyone,
I'm pursuing my B-Tech majou Computer Science from LPU and interested in buliding ML applications in any of the platform,like Android ,Web or any other, interested in making big projects.


Im Arlindo,im a student at Joaquim Chissano University in maputo. I come here see how can i have the css for all browser. Now i`m learning webdev what i choose learn in first, and i wanna to be a good dev and make good things.


Hi there
I'm a control systems developer and Roboticist, and surely AI lover :)
I'm going to chain control systems and machine learning on the robots and teach them think and act like humans ;)
Nice to be here guys.