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Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!


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Hi everybody. I'm new to the community and looking forward to learning from you all. I'm here to expand my knowledge of technology, my personal network and share some of my own war stories.


Welcome and I am also new to this community, looking forward to interacting with eveyone


I am gonna learn english and vue js with you .
Please help yourself.


Hi Friends.
My S-kype is "live:andreysemechkin".
I want to meet friends.
Please contact me.


Welcome brother 😄👍


Hi, there.
I'm freelancer.
Could I contact with you, please?


Welcome Connor, it's great to have you here :D


Hi! i'm new as well, looking forward to learning from you all


We'll be glad to help you with everything you need :)


Hello, I'm new too, welcome to the community and learn more


New to programming, trying to wrap my brain around Java Script. Higher Order Functions currently blowing it


Also new to programming, trying to blunder my way through it (but focusing on Python b/c everyone tells me it is easy....)

Any language is easy. Intent matters :D


Now it's time to join Elon to Mars.


Hey Connor. I'm new to this community, too. Nice to meet you!


Hi you're welcome too


i'm new, i'm worrey!


Sounds like we're in this together..


Same! Just arrived. I can't wait to check this out and expand on what I'm creating!


Hi everyone.
My Skype is "live:andreysemechkin".
I want to meet friend.
Please contact me.


Warm full Welcome


Hey Everyone,

My name is Mark and I work as a full-stack developer for a regional municipal government in Ontario, Canada. I've worked with many tech stacks over the years including Salesforce, Microsoft (.NET, SharePoint, Power Platform), Oracle (Java and APEX) and everything opensource (JavaScript). My passion now lies with JavaScript. I've been a consumer of great dev communities for many years and I think it's about time I start to give back.

I've been really proud of the work I've been doing both for my job and personal hobby over the past couple of years and am eager to share some things I've learned along my journey.



As a newbie I'm always happy to see more experienced devs ready to give back, take on juniors and pass on the characteristics it takes to be a master developer!


Welcome! Looking forward to reading your posts


I am going to learn with you together all the things that I want.

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Hello dear

nice to meet you
thank you.
Sorry, what is your main skill?


Funny picture :) it would be curious to poll how many developers own dogs and is it related to technologies used. Mine is zwerg-Snauzer by breed... a kinda small terrier but with real beard :)


Yes, it would be interesting to see if any correlation exists although I think you might have to throw cats into the equation.

No problems with cats - I have two! :o


I'm looking forward to learning from you, Mark!


Looking forward to reading about your journey!


Hello Mark, I am new here. I am a javascript developer. You may say, learner. It will be great to have your suggestions to get better in JS.


Welcome! What would you consider to be the better platform out of these two - .NET or Java?


Well that's a loaded question. Before I share my opinion I must state that by no means am I an expert or even an advanced developer in the Java or .NET realm. I worked with those technologies quite some time ago, back when Microsoft wasn't so opensource friendly. Now that they play nicer with the opensource community, things have changed a bit.

Why I liked and still like Java today is that it runs in its own virtual environment so it can run just about everywhere. The same cannot be said about .NET. There were also more jobs available for Java skilled workers when I used it. When I programmed in Java back in the day, it was with Oracle's ADF framework which at the time was very new. Developing with a framework is quite different from scratch so I definitely had a different experience with Java than others. I couldn't focus on the low-level Java constructs, instead, I had to make it all work within the framework.

My experience with .NET was quite limited to writing web services and some ASP stuff. I didn't much care for .NET because it was too tightly coupled to Microsoft and I don't like to be pigeon-holed into anything.


Thank you for the detailed answer. It's pretty interesting to see a differing opinion.

I had less exposure to Java's Web frameworks and I will take yet another look and check what's changed since your comment inspired me to give it another try.

That's great. I also plan to get back into Java one day soon. I would like to look into what kind of messaging brokers are available in the Java world. At a quick glance, it looks like many opensource brokers will support a variety of languages.

On a side note, I will say this. I do miss the strongly typed characteristic of Java and C# since I moved to JavaSCript. I think I'll have to start diving headfirst into the world of TypeScript.

TypeScript isn't a solution for everything but I'd recommend using it for JS.

Yup, I started with plain JS because it is really easy and fast to get proof of concepts and full projects off the ground. Moving to TypeScript would be beneficial for me and my team in order to keep the project consistent between multiple developers and over time of development.


Hi! Welcome to Dev.to! 👋



I like turtles.


I like dragons change my mind 😎


Is it turtles all the way down?


The Turtles are pretty good too :)


Prove it...? 😂


Especially when it comes to graphics and fractals :) I readily second!


Howdy 👋I'm Diogo, a Software Tester from 🇵🇹who likes to use tech to make life easier for everyone. My hobbies include blogging and photography. I discovered this community because this year's Hacktoberfest tshirt included a pack of (awesome) DEV stickers!


Wow :) I just got my hacktoberfest t-shirt yesterday (I'm a bit unhappy with fabric, size and style, but they are quite comfortable for home) - but failed to recognize DEV sticker. You opened my eyes :)


I didn't immediately recognise it as well. I stumbled upon this site, and then looked at the sticker and... eureka! :P


Olá Diogo! Hello from Rio, Brazil!


Hi, Eduardo.
Could I contact with you, please?


Hey everyone. I'm Chris. I'm a recent graduate and junior developer. I've been following this community for awhile but am just now getting to my first post. Looking forward to continue to grow and learn as well as interact with you guys.


Welcome! Looking forward to reading your posts


Hello Chris, welcome


console.log(‘This is the temple of a Geek, you\’re standing on a holy place :P’);

Talking about myself seems to be a hard task but let me start this way; David Oluwabusayo is my name but folks call me Stont, my greatest strength is my curiosity & open-mindedness which has helped me over the years to acquire various skills ranging from IT and media (a learner in web Devs, a cinematographer and editor)

I believe in 3 people in this life,

  1. The people that force you to start.

  2. The people that always show up when you are about to quit.

  3. The people that always ask for update to know your are still on the track.

This 3 categories of people never get tired and complain about you.

Call me David, I am half Geek, half brilliant, half cool, half Naughty and troublesome. I have only learned a little that I don't know what I know, but if you know how I know what I know you will definitely like me. I love doing what I love and I love what am doing


Damn, I love you already


I love more brother.


Hello Everyone.

I used to code in Fourth Generation Languages like Speedware, but now I use tools like R, Python, HTML, Azure and JavaScript. Having a background in Mathematics I have an interest in Data Science and Cyber Security. Hobbies are cycling, tennis and swimming.


Hi dev.to :)

I'm Corentin :)
I like to test things in css on codepen, and I'm currently in apprenticeship in a small company that mainly does django-related stuff.
I love the www, because I think having all these sites at our fingertips is a really good thing.
Oh, and I love making lists.


Welcome Corentin! Keep making those lists!


Thank you!

I'll start making lists on dev.to in a few days/week when I have more free time :)


I'm a beginner , wow!
Got a long journey ahead of me.


Hello, I found this absolutely nice page via the recommendation of a helpful programmer.
I mostly don't program within my job, but sometimes I need it for other purposes. If you want to know a little more about me, just visit my profile. Maybe I'll add more information soon!


Thanks! My nick may be translated as "rubber dinghy pirate". It has nothing to do with boots ;-)


Hi Friends! I was advised to visit this place by colleague, when we discussed how toxic and dull have become our once-popular local dev-related blog-platform.

Wow, it looks cozy and nicely-designed in technical sense. Hope I'll hang on here for long time :)

I'm not exactly beginner. Or rather there are may things in which I'm novice, though I'm dev with 10+ years experience in some others. Besides I run small web-site with programming problems, CodeAbbey - and while it makes no much sense trying to promote it (it requires some work to make it brighter by nowadays standards) - but luckily I can share some observations and thoughts about various technical and social issues related with running some cute piece of crap which you call your own :)

P.S. just created my first post here about Golang t-shirt for interviews :)


Hey guys, I Just created an account on here. I have gotten alot of help from several articles I have read here. It is so motivating and I hope to write some educative article soon.

I am currently learning reactjs on my own and I hope to meet some frontend folks too.


I am new here and I would love to interact with everyone I have over 20 years experience in web development and I look forward to learning more and help if I can. Thank you for letting me be part of this community


Hi everyone, I am new to the community and I am here to learn. Most of my coding challenge search result has brought me here. I look forward to improving my knowledge and maybe someday become a writer too.


Hey everyone! I am new at coding and trying to study all by myself, that's quite hard, but I keep trying. To be honest I am here because of lack of motivation (( hope to read all of you and find my place in the world of programming! Thanks in advance!


Hi there, good luck with your studies!
What are you learning coding for? Do you have a goal?
And what type of code are you learning?

I've also been struggling with my motivation from time to time, I hope you make it through. It will surely be worth it. :)


Hi! Thanks a lot!

Well, yeah, of course I have a goal. In a year me and wife are planning to become parents and it's going to be hard to live only on my wage (don't know, lots of people talking that money can't be a good motivation, but I can't agree with that (: ).

Currently I'm learning Java and it's quite easy (I'm on the arrays part right now), but Udemy courses definitely not enough, so I get Schildt's complete reference and Head first.

I think that I will make through it, 'cause it's not the first time when I'm trying something completely different in my life. I have studied machines and equipment once I was at the university, but when I graduated I understood that this is not what I wanted to do in my life, so I grabbed some books (have to mention that I had a lot of free time then), installed CAD programs that I would like to learn and here I am - mechanical design engineer! =) Once I figured out that designing sometimes involves basic programming (often it is based on VBA), I cathced oneself that it is quite interesting and I used to think that this is the starting point!

Thanks a lot again for kind words and have a lot of good time in your life! =)


Hello everyone. My name is Kyle. I found this site through codepen and I think it is pretty interesting. I have been looking for a site that has a lot of computer programming or web development news, discussions, advice, guides, etc and this seems to be a great match.

By trade, I have been an aircraft mechanic for 8 years and then moved on to instructing aircraft maintenance, inspections, and servicing courses. Though before I joined the Air Force almost over a decade ago I originally wanted to get into computer programming or game development. Now that I have explored another career I am finally chasing my original career. Mainly because maintenance is really hard on one's body XD.

Nice to meet you all.


Nice to meet you Kyle


Hey Everyone,

I am new to the community, having worked in development for over twenty years now head of architecture for a software company. I am here to keep up-to-date about emerging technologies and different ways to approach things and to share my experiences and challenges I have encountered on my journey getting here.


Hi everyone,

I'm Johannes. I've been an avid Dev.to reader. I'm challenging myself to start writing and posting about my journey and learnings. My current goal is to become a Full Stack Developer with proficiency in building Data/AI products. I'm comfortable in Python and diving deeper into it while learning JavaScript/TypeScript/NodeJS and later on Golang.

I love how welcoming and helpful this community is. Looking forward to engaging with you guys!


Welcome to the club, hoping to learn from you.


Hello everybody. I'm Jim and I joined the community today and looking forward to learning from you and exchangewith you. I want to improve my tech skills.
I'm a teacher at a university and teach programming related courses.
I'm currently interested on the use of python and other languages
Let's keep in touch.


Welcome Jim! I also joined the community a week ago, and its fun!


Hi all! I used to code a lot (web dev using ColdFusion, PHP, CGI from '98 to '08), now I'm getting back into web development since I miss creating stuff. I'm putting myself through web development bootcamp to refresh myself since a lot has changed since 2008. Goal is to be a full stack Javascript developer with Node.js and React. Looking forward to learning from everyone here and networking as well!


Check out Svelte insted of React


Hello! Joined the community today and I'm eager to learn more with everyone. Been kinda lost with programming the past months but now I'm focused on becoming an expert on Node.js, React and React Native. Here to learn so one day I can teach! I also attached a picture of my dog so this introduction would be complete. this is bob


Hi everyone.

Long time reader, just signed up. My goal is to write and contribute. I want to show frontend and web developers how to build make and deploy scalable backends using a product I’m making.

Looking forward to connecting with you.


Hello everyone!
I'm glad to have come across this community and join the team of wonderful techies. Getting to learn from experienced people is valuable knowledge.
Looking forward to interact with you all.


Hey everyone!

I am here to expand my knowledge about latest and greatest technical skills.
I would love to contribute and support the community member as well.
Happy to connect with community members.


Hi dev.to community!

I'm a french web developper with 5 years experience as an employee and 5 more years as a freelance before that, mostly doing front-end work these days. In 2021, I'm gonna leave Paris for the wild countryside, and I might have to look for a new job as remote.

So I figured I should start to publish tech articles to show off my skill, how I work and what I like. I've started publishing articles on Medium but I miss markdown so I thought I'd give dev.to a try.

I'm looking forward to share and learn with you!


Hey all, I am Peter, I am currently working as a digital analytics analyst (whatever that means), and I work part time as a data scientist on a team of security researchers, and I am also in school for health informatics. My main interests are Python, ML, and data management, and am also hoping to get up to speed on some of the more traditional dev skills like networking, database administration and working with servers.


Welcome Peter! You've come to the right place, there are plenty of analytics and database devs writing posts using the #database, #sql, #analytics tags


Thank you Helen!


Hi everyone, I'm new here and also new to HTML and CSS. I will be asking a lot of questions and will be needing a lot of help, I guess you all will help me achieve my goals.
Thanks in anticipation.


Hi everybody. I'm new here and new generally, I decided to join the community after reading

Who's speaking on your behalf behind closed doors?

by Prosper Otemuyiwa


So am here to learn and build my skills around web tech, so please don't hesitate to pick me up if that's your area.

Looking forward to meet with unusual people here.


Hi Devs!

I had found the community through the Netlify newsletter with a link to a Twitter account of the @shortdiv )) She started to write the #JAMuary post series at dev.to about JAMstack. You can read the series at dev.to/t/jamuary.

I'm, Vladyslav Karpenko, WordPress developer (JavaScript, PHP, HTML, SCSS, etc.) wich looking to switch to serverless JAMstack | Node.js + GraphQL, etc.

I wish a happy coding to all of you!)


I'm a newbie to programming, just beginning to learn Python, SQL and VBA. I'm open and curious to learn new things. I've been working in the field of data analysis and program evaluation in the health field for 30 years. Glad to be a part of this thread


Hi Judith, welcome! Your story sounds amazing, well done and good luck on your journey! :)


hello everyone, I am Rafael Hernandez a web developer at a company called Infinite Peripherals. I have been building out the companies site (ipcmobile.com) using what I like to call the FEEN stack (Firebase, Express, EJS, NodeJs) Looking forward to contributing and learning from everyone.