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dev.to staff on December 31, 2019

Welcome to DEV! Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just ... [Read Full]
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Long time reader, first time commenter! Hello all!!


Hi Michael, glad to see you getting started contributing here. It’s a great community of coders that have been so awesome with their help.


Just joined after almost 3 years reading as well.


Welcome Jules, I also just joined. Looks like a great community.

Yes, you are right Tom Griffiths. I also decided to join after reading the comments here.


Me too, after binge-reading for a while, I finally decided to join the community 😎


I know, so many good articles here.


I am new to this community. Would you like to share them?


Long lost reader, coming here for the best of articles


Long time lurker as well. Hello world!


I am a first time commenter also. I am interested in the javascript 30day challenge.


Same here. I would like to contribute as well (I hope I can).


Hello! It's a pleasure to virtually meet you all! My name is Kelly and I am currently a personal trainer, nutritionist, and metabolic technician at Life Time Fitness. I have developed a deep interest in combining health and fitness with technology to facilitate client improvement in health and nutrition.

I am currently exploring my interest in the tech sector and seeking the assistance and mentorship of others. I am learning to code and I have been engaged in creating a fitness app with a colleague. I am looking to acquire more related experience in the area where fitness and technology intersect and then ultimately become a complete full- stack web developer.

I would be truly grateful if I could explore my interest with you all and learn more about my career options in the technology sector.

Thank you and happy new year!


Cool topic and happy new year! 🏋️💻


Hello I am a new to web development, I started just 3 months ago but I’ve built a project from scratch with the knowledge of html, css, JavaScript, jquery,sql and php, I am willing to learn more and become more efficient


Well done Bro, keep up the good work.


Welcome to webdev ;)

If u need help, especially HTML or CSS, feel free to ask!


Great son of oshodi, what have we today?


I too have basic knowledge in the art and seek to learn as much as I can


Well done. There's more ahead. Kudos.


Welcome to all! 👋

If anybody needs help with anything or has any questions, feel free to ask away.

For instance, if you're wondering how to post an article, check out this helpful tutorial @chrisachard wrote:

Or if you're curious about how that embed above 👆 works — it's a liquid tag! — you can see the Markdown to make that happen and more in our Editor Guide.

Again if any questions come up, don't hesitate to reach out. 😀

Happy New Year!


Hi Michael! Thanks for the markdown tip and helpful post link. Happy new year!


Hey need help for blogengine.net to get url rewrite
now its
Need this

Also for


Please help if any one can


Thanks Michael for the very helpful tips! It is much appreciated.


Hi everyone and Happy New Year! I've been hooked to this platform ever since I started exploring the idea of becoming a software engineer. I'm excited to connect, share and give/receive support as I embark on my journey to becoming a software engineer (going the self-taught route).

I'm currently a work-at-home and homeschooling mom with a background in Materials Science & Engineering. I also have been blogging over the past 12 years. My coding journey began when I started launching Wordpress-based sites.

I'm interested in enhancing my tech skillset so I can shape a more flexible career that is beneficial for my entire family. After exploring coding bootcamp options, I've realized that the self-taught route is what will work best for my lifestyle right now. I'm absolutely open to any resources that were helpful to those that went the self-taught route to becoming a software engineer!

I look forward to connecting with you all! 


I’m mostly self taught! And you’re already an engineer so it should be much easier for you. 😅

I think a good starting point is knowing how to fiddle with examples. One great site for that is called JSFiddle. There are others too. I really like Codepen. If you are curious, you can just change things and see what happens. If something breaks you can just refresh. After that you will want to get a local environment set up. You might want to have a goal of getting NPM installed on the command line and then using Create React App.

The other starting point will be getting good at reading documentation and googling for explanations. I think the React and Vue docs are both pretty good. And I end up on Stack Overflow for specific solutions to problems many times throughout my day.



Nice one Michael thanks for Sharing.


Hey Michael!

Good one, lol! Seriously though, thanks for taking the time to share these recommendations!

Much appreciated!


Wow, you sound like you have it so together! Welcome to the dev community Maeling. I look forward to seeing your posts.


Hi Katie! Thanks for the welcome. Definitely taking it one day at a time, absorbing the lessons of each day. Looking forward to connecting here!

I’ve found everyone to be really helpful here. Just respond to a post with a question and you will usually get an answer quickly. In my 3 months here, I’ve already chatted with most of the DEV employees and owners and even help out in welcoming newcomers.


Great to read about your experience with Wordpress, I myself have a great passion for that platform


Thanks! It really is a great CMS that seems to be continuously expanding.


Hi Maeling -

I am a fellow Materials Engineer trying to learn Python! I am also going to self-taught route.

Good luck!


Hi Ariane! That's awesome. Always great to meet a fellow materials engineer! Best wishes to you!


Hello everyone! I had been coming to the site to read blog posts with my morning coffee and decided that I wanted to get in on the action!

I will mostly be doing the challenge threads for fun, and writing about my experiences as I set out to learn how to write compilers/interpreters! I may also throw in some posts related to web development / JavaScript if I feel inspired.


Hello All !
I Land in this community by coincidence since I was searching for some help. But the second I reached the website, I was taken by its simplicity, design and UX. I told to my self it is for sure made by professionals to help beginners !
Thank you all

PS : sorry for my english if it not readable enough.. I'm not from an english native language country ^


Happy new year everyone.
My name is Krys and I am Nigerian. I am a consultant, business development expert and an accountant.
I am very excited to be a part of this community. I'm sorry to say that I am very new to this but I am very willing and open to learning.
Love you all.


Hi all, my first venture on to the internet as a developer.

I have been working as a dev for 3 years and enjoy using microsoft technologies.

I was drawn here from reading posts suggested by Google recently on my news feed and really enjoyed this website.

My goals for this year are too learn more about Blazor server and then when its ready, Blazor web assembly.


Thats an awesome goal, Kyle? What will you do once you learn more? What will you do with that skill?


Thanks f0r taking an interest!

I spend all my time working on a legacy app, so I don't get to improve my dev skills in my day job as much as I should and never start anything from scratch.

I can see that Blazor will be something new that will fundamentally change the .Net development approach. I hope to learn a skill that will avoid me having to dive into the JS technologies too much and give me an edge once jobs are asking for it, something my day job doesn't currently do.

Once I know more, I will use it to develop small websites to help speed up my greenfield development as I never get to start anything from scratch.


I started coding with Java, tried my hands on a couple of other languages, became a master of none. After a few years of jumping around, I decided to narrow down my focus, to just be good at a few things. It makes life easy. Will be writing about some of my experiences, and open to learn and provide help when I can.


Var name = "Morris";
console.log("Hello developers"+this.name);


Hello world! Long time reader, first time account holder and article publisher (as of this week). I work on the Node.js platform for Heroku (builds and runtimes for JavaScript developers). I like JavaScript (all of it) and am very interested in security. Excited to chat with you all.


Hey Danielle, glad to see more women who code! Welcome to the dev community. I see you have already contributed a post and have jumped in running. I look forward to reading more postings from you.


Hi everyone. I'm not sure what i'm doing here since I fell from the internet roof by randomness googleing and semi-accident. My english won't be perfect as I'm french, and i'm sorry for that (quality of language, not the french beeing part) and I would want to join a dynamic community to help me keeping motivation and finding good ideas. I'm actually in a learning process with a kind of private school here in France, but I want to do more. And I have 2-3 side projects I've no clue how to realise, and I want to make my life in the vast, shiny devworld. So, if you can handle noobness, here I am and hello :)


Welcome to the dev community. It sounds like you will fit right in! We are all here to help and support each other on our coding journey. Don’t be afraid to contribute new posts on how your projects are going.


Greetings netizens. I'm just another one. An article about prog.lang names origins brought me on board. A funny fact is that while I see everyone commenting on how hard it is to pick the right name for the right project, naming things from rpg characters, and enterprise-grade branding to exotic militech gear and dlt projects, is something I highly enjoy.


Welcome Ross! I’m looking forward to seeing the names you come up with for your own projects.


Some of the interesting would be:
IntelOps: Greek UAV and smart city applications startup.
Remote Influence: Electronic Music Label
NCD (Noise Cloaking Device): DARPAxThales Group project (name speaks)

Some of my music projects use the following monikers:
Instant Teleportation Process Detected While In Progress (ITPDWIP)
Soviet Space Research Institute (SSRI)
Agent 00 All
Shenzhen Electronic Payments Authority (S.E.P.A.)

Got a bunch of names / concepts for future startups, but not willing to share them at the moment :$
One of them would be:
ΠΕΚΑΔΜ (Πρότυπη Εταιρεία Καταγραφής Διαχωρικών Μεταβολών) (Data Science)
ARPA Spatial Industries (Hi-Tech R&D)
Bend Systems (Anachronistic intel exchange protocols)



I am new to this community and I have been learning to become a Frontend web developer for close to 7 months and I'm in need of a mentor to help guide me and make my dream of becoming a developer come to fruition.
Thank you all and happy new year


Hi! What level are you at now, and what areas would you like to learn more about? Good luck this year


Thanks for the response,i am currently trying to use the Javascript knowledge I acquired from tutorials and some books to develop a project

I would be happy to help if you get stuck on your project. You can DM me. 🤟


Hi my name is ifeanyi, I've been a fan of Dev post since I got interested in programming about 3 months back. I'm also aspiring to be a self taught web/app developer. I currently work as an optometrist. Glad to be here!


Hello, everyone! I'm a frontend developer from Warsaw, Poland. I've found dev.to by accident. I was reading a post on someone's blog, and she had a link to her profile on dev.to. I've read about it and decided to register. I've been looking for an interesting dev community for some time now, I think I've found it. I also have a blog, but it's in Polish, and I haven't posted there anything there for some time. Maybe reading other people's post will motivate me to write something :P. Anyway, happy to be here!


Howdy Folks. I have about 24 years of experience in IT and development. I have a ton of knowledge ranging from C#, patterns, refactor, DevOps, Web, SQL, Automated Testing etc.

I have over the past 4 years help guide a refactor/restructure project which involves a giant monolithic suite of applications. We now have a very well structured backend, API, CI/CD, Tests and Code processes. DevOps baby. I was hoping to write about that experience here with a few articles as I have learned many lessons that should be shared with a community. This looks like the right place. Take care for now.



Hello everyone! This is Karthik, a final year engineering student from India. During the past 3 or so years I have been passionate about all things AI/ML and been gaining knowledge and building project related to it. I have been proficient in C++ and python and treading towards new technologies and would love to learn and discuss withthe community. And yeah I would be sharing about my experience throughout the year in the thread. My goal for this year is to get a job in the domain of Data science or work my way to it somehow.
I'm open for discussion and would love to discover new career option and learn new cutting edge technologies in AI/ML and software development in genera.
Happ New Year everyone!


System.out.println("Hello dev.to");


Console.Writeline(“Hey Conrad, welcome to DEV”); // 😊


Your welcome. Sorry for the typo in your name Konrad. That was my phone doing spellcheck! 😊


Hi everyone, I'm Nasouh Mrstani from SYRIA, I have been a web developer for 8 years, I have never participated in online communities until now, I have been a viewer for a long time, Am very excited for my first time helping everyone and learn things for you all!! :)


Hello there! I've read a lot of content from this site before, but I just discovered that there is a whole community behind it! Pleasantly surprised to know that I can read and write content in a more open... err... let's say platform.

Amused that is open source too!


I was looking for an alternative to medium for my daily reads to become more proficient with React, and someone suggested i head over here. Looks like i'll have plenty to read 👌 Hello everyone 😊


Hi Bastien, I'm Katie, one of the basic moderators here on DEV.
My unofficial title: DEV cheerleader 😊

I want to welcome you to the DEV community and let you know that you'll find lots of help and support here for all your coding needs.

Don't hesitate to ask questions or contribute new ideas.


Hey Katie, thanks! I indeed have a suggestion to make - while searching for a fabled Medium replacement, i tried looking for an ActivityPub based community. I'm pretty glad to be here but i feel like implementing ActivityPub would be a great improvement, and a quick google search tells me i'm not the first one to think so.

Is there somewhere where we can upvote or support suggested features that i'm not aware of?

I would look at the contact link and make a GitHub issue for that feature.

Actually, I already did, and there is such an issue but it doesn't seem to trigger much passion 😋


Greetings doers ! Happy New Year's Eve :)


Hi, I'm new here. I'm a chemical engineering student and wannabe full-stack web developer. I code in python(first language) and javascript. :) Discovered alot of dev.to posts that were super helpful during google searches so I came here.


Hi guys, I’m excited to be here. I’m looking forward to meeting great minds and sharing my thoughts and ideas from time to time, but most importantly I’m here to learn 😎


My name is Adam Milton. I was in the US Navy for around 8 years. I separated 3 years ago and I have been working as a contractor for the Navy those past 3 years. I want to deepen my skill set and I have always want to learn/increase my proficiency in both Python and Bash Scripting.

I spent the past 3 months learning about how and where to learn those languages and now I am ready to dive head first into this journey.

Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Adam, I’m Katie one of the DEV moderators and unofficial cheerleader. I want to welcome you to our community of coders. If you have any questions about how to post or even navigate around the site, just reply to this comment. I also recently posted an article on comments and posts that you can read anytime.


Hello all!
I was told this was a good place to share knowledge so here I am.

I am a software developer with a computer science degree, mostly developing backend using Java and concerned about everything it interacts with, being it the frontend, to cron jobs, queues and so on.
I love algorithms, learning new concepts and languages and to be up to date as possible.

In a nutshell, I am a Software development and clean code enthusiast.


hELLO, You may call me Nemo. I am extremely terrified to have jumped into this career change. But things have changed since like 2006. I used to do this: JavaScript, CSS, and HTML in HS. But now, everything seems like a foreign land. Any advice, mentorship, & help is ALWAYS welcomed! Background: Bass Player and built computers for fun :P


Hi to Dev community, I am a fellow developer with a keen interest in the field of Web Development, I aim at becoming a brutally 😂 solid JavaScript developer.

I welcome all the suggestions and tips regarding the use of Dev workspace, and making out the best of it.


I was going through this topic developing-an-express-application-using-typescript and it was really fantastic. So I thought why not onboard?

Now these days, I'm learning about system architecture, designing a highly scalable system with node, aws services. Recently learning Typescript and how to use design patterns in node project.


Hi, I'm William Jolitz, I was referred here by mention of Don Goodman-Wilson's controversial "Open Source is Broken" post. I'm more usually found on LinkedIn (linkedin.com/in/williamjolitz/) or GitHub (github.com/williamjolitz).


Hello all, I've spent a lot of time reading articles and finally decided to join the community.

I just finished a game dev program, after my undergrad, and I'm looking to expand my understanding of computer science and programming.

I look forward to making some new friends too.


I'm very excited to join with this community. I'm reader in dev community since 2 years ago and today I think that is the best site where I will improve my dev skills and my english language as I contribute and keep reading from you.


Hi, my name is Alex.

I extremely rarely write blog posts especially in English 'coz it's not my mother tongue. Like 20 minutes ago I decided to make a draft on DEV.to thus I pushed "sign up" button. And now I'm writing this and still not my post.

So this is my user experience I guess. :)


Glad you're here! Welcome, Alex!


Hello everyone! I'm excited to be a part of this awesome community.



Am an Android Developer from Nairobi,Kenya learning under the Google Associate Developer Program in Africa.

Java, Kotlin, Golang, CSS and HTML are my primary programming languages but looking forward to learning Python for Machine Learning and JavaScript in 2020.

Happy Coding!!


Hey Norman, best luck in your endeavors!


Thank You DanK 😊🙏🏾

Cheers to a Prosperous 2020!!


Well i am here because of a post i´ve been reading about not just read tutorials. I am a Frontend student. I´m studying Javascript and gaining experience to reach my goal of working at this great industry.


Welcome Beicker.
Anything in particular is puzzling you about how to start making a career in this industry?


I don't know man. I know that i need to improve my personal branding. The problem is that i don't have much time to do that so i am doing it little by little. I don't know if that is enough to me.


Hi Guys!

Thought of beginning 2020 with some tech blogging and couldn't think of a better start other than dev.to.

I am a techie dealing with React on a daily basis and would like to broaden my knowledge in other languages like Rust, Go etc and also know what you guys up to with React-Redux?

Happy New Year!


Hello, nice article, I am also using this approach for my dev environment for a while, but I have now faced some issues in the last months. The first one is that my application grew and it runs very slow on local docker, and the second one is that I receive from time to time this error: "file_put_contents(... /cache/....)".I searched I could not find fixes for those problems yet and it is really annoying.


Hello! Everyone :)
How I got here
1) looking to expand my network and learn from fellow developers.
2) also starting my journey to learn about Gatsbyjs. Dev.to is one of the channel listed about Gatsbyjs.

When I reach here, I fall into a rabbit hole. Reading from one article to the next. Thanks for all the awesome writing people and Happy New Year


Hi everyone! I'm a student of Computer Science and recently got introduced to the world of software development. I want to learn some fun stuff about web technologies, unix and hardware! Looking forward to learning through cool projects!


Welcome! It's great to have you here


Hello everyone. Joseph is my name from Lusaka,Zambia. I am currently pursuing a bachelors degree in Computer Science, 2nd year. I feel glad to be a part of this community and I know I will interact and learn a lot from everyone. I will contribute were it best fits me. I know basic programing languages but recently I have been aligning myself with web development tools and languages. Be blessed.


Hello to all that are new to DEV.
I'm Katie, one of the basic moderators. My unofficial title: DEV cheerleader 😊

I want to welcome all of you to the DEV community and let you know that you'll find lots of help and support here for all your coding needs.

Don't hesitate to ask questions or contribute new ideas with your own post.

Be sure to read my post about navigating around here


Hello y'all 😃

I'm a long time reader and decided to finally join. I mostly code in C++ and aspire to be a published game dev some day. I make pixel art, but I'm no artist. Sometimes making the pixel art is harder to do than the programming.

I have my associates and would like to go back to school to get my bachelor's degree. I'm currently teaching myself Java, Python, and some of the more advanced C++ concepts and graphics libraries. I'm a dog person, though cats are cool too. I'm also a fairly chill and mellow person.

I'm also very passionate about wanting the world to have, at the very least, a basic literacy in CompSci and basic programming concepts. I believe that in the modern age where we all interact with computers everyday, a basic literacy in programming is just as important as knowing how to read, write, and do basic math.

I've thought about possibly becoming a teacher for middle school children and
would want to teach them computer science concepts. I think it would be awesome if I was the influence for a kid to choose the path of a software engineer.

I look forward to what we can all do for each other to become the best programmers and people we can be. I like to try and see the potential and best in people.


Hey Daniel, well last year July was when my Dev journey started. Been on freecodecamp's curriculum. Gotten JS cert. More to learn, more to create. Success on your Journey.

PS: that web you created is really cool. Love the sleak design... Real smooth.


Long time reader and Linux user. New to contributing to the open source community. I'm passionate about Evangelizing Linux in the Data Science and Dev Ops communities. Thought this might be a place to "blog" or share some resources I'm working on the make it easier for new to Linux folks to get up and running.


Hi everyone! After a long time of stumbling upon dev.to articles and interesting people in the community, I decided to join as well.

I'm a software engineer working remotely from Osaka, Japan. I've been fully remote for almost five years now. Feel free to ask about anything related to remote work or about Japan - they're the topics I get most asked about.

These days I'm mostly interested in talking and learning about automated testing. I have a couple of blog posts from my personal site that I'll share with the community here in hopes that others find them useful.

Looking forward to contributing and getting to know more people!


Hello! I saw this place mentioned on a youtube video and decided to check it out. I'm relatively new to coding and focussing mainly on css and javascript at the moment until I feel ready to move on to looking at libraries. I'm following a few udemy courses and hoping that one day I'll be good enough to transition from my current job as a teacher into being a web developer.


Hi Emma, welcome to DEV. Glad to see more “girls that code”. Feel free to ask around for help by leaving comments to a post. You’ll find us to be a very supportive community. In time when you feel comfortable, you can write your own post about your coding journey.


Hi all! I'm Sam. I'm a full-stack developer living in San Francisco. I just switched jobs and I'm currently writing a series on tips to make the job search easier. I have an article out about resume advice and I'm currently writing one about data structure and algorithm interviews. Excited to be more active in the community in 2020!


Hello everyone, I'm a university student and through my major I learned some of the basic of these three languages : C/JAVA(POO)/Javascript/Html/Css.
I dont believe I master them, that's for sure.. but I wanna go through them again and learn more if i can about them and others. Thank you all of you.


Greetings. I'm Saleem Siddiqui (he/him or they/them). Developer/Coding-Architect. Polyglot, poly-framework, poly-interested. Mistake-prone, mistake-celebrator, and mistake-forgiving. thesaleem.com, linkedin.com/in/ssiddiqui, twitter.com/S2IL. Thank you, @thospfuller , for introducing me to dev.to. Looking forward to learning and sharing.


Hello everyone,
this is Antonio a front-end architect who's working on frontend since 8 years now :)
I hope to possibly share my experience and my knowledge with the community as well as few libraries I've recently wrote


Hi all! I ended up joining after reading a post on CORS (by @miguelmota ) via Twitter. I have been programming professionally for the past decade (doesn’t feel like it tho!) but haven’t made much progress with personal projects so my goal is to get better with that. I have already saved a bunch of posts to read since I joined and it’s definitely inspiring me to pick up and finish projects I started a while back and plus start some new ones!

Hopefully one day I will also get around to writing a post as well :)


Hi 👋 I’m Oluwaseyifunmi
Web developer, blogger & JAMSTACK

I’m new here I will be posting more about JavaScript and how-to guides stay tuned
Happy new year 🎊


I've started getting posts from this site on my Google Discover feed on my phone. But since I usually read tutorials, examples and posts like these, I decided it's time to join and read on a bigger screen.
Can't wait to see what other useful Posts i'll find!


Hi! I'm Pauli, I've been working as a dev for 5 years, my new 2020 resolution is to upgrade my "dev level", if that is a thing XD

For a very personal and painful reasons I didn't get my masters degree in 2019, but I'm really into ML so I started to sharpen my skills starting with "really" learning python.


Cloud-native, containerized image, Angular and C# aficionado ~ with a penchant for developing complex apps that are cloud agnostic, leverage few if any vendor pay-for services (beyond hosting containers). I live in Happy Valley, Oregon a beautiful place in the Pacific NW of USA.


First time here all thanks to an article I just read and wanted to comment in. Also, been passionate about web dev and programming (please let's not make that distinction an issue) for years now but never really got serious about it. So I purpose to change that this year.


Hello All! I’m a junior full stack developer with knowledge of html,css,sql,javascript,jquery and php


Hi all, first time on dev.to!
Recently wrote my first medium post:

I didn't really like the fact that they make my friends pay to read posts.. some friends suggested that I cross-post it here!
This is happening soon!


Hello, Happy to finally Join after reading dev.to articles for months.
I am a FullStack Software Engineer with a keen interest in Software Development, CyberSecurity and Digital Marketing.
I do Python-Django/Flask.


Hi all. I'm a long time .net developer, and when I saw dev.to pop up in my News feed a few times I thought it prudent to join up. I'm always looking to learn more than I already know, so I'm looking forward to chatting with you all!


Hey all! Wet behind the ears coder here. 21 days into coding and am putting the finishing touches on my first CLI application! I will be posting a blog on my experiences over the past few weeks this weekend. Happy New Year everyone!


Hi All. I just discovered dev.to and am excited to join the community. I'm 59 y.o. and from Chicago and just beginning to learn web development. So far, I've learned the basics of CSS and HTML5 and am beginning JS. I have A LOT more to learn and am grateful for a community of people who are willing to teach and share!


Hi All,

My name is March. I am a web developer and FiveM GTA5 roleplay game developer during my free time. I am very excited to be part of this community.

My goal this year is to enhance my tech skills and learn about mobile development.

Looking forward to learn, contributing and getting to know more people.

Happy Coding and Happy New Year!


Don't know what to write! Hey there, whoever's reading this!


I am reading this Mohan! Welcome to the dev community.


Thanks Katie! 😇
Hope to learn a lot from you too!


Just found this site through a motivational article posted in a Facebook group. I'm definitely working to learn more serious coding coming from a long history of small scripts.


Hi all!

I'm a first time reader and user. I learned about this site via CodePen.
I'm an IT tech transitioning into the web dev realm, I'm also self-taught and I wish to share my projects with this community for critique and advice.

Best wishes and Happy New Year!


Hi everyone! I'm new in dev.to and I decided to write here to share my knowledge about development! Nowadays I'm working in IBM as Cognitive Solutions Developer and I study Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, I wait to share about this subjects here!