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Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!


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Hi everyone! I'm a self-taught work-in-progress developer and I can't believe I just discovered this place just yesterday! I'm really excited to connect with and learn from like-minded people who are going through some of the same technical challenges that I'm facing on new projects.


Hello Tina, I'm new here as well.


It's great to see and I'm also new here so let's learn together


Hey! I'm in the same boat, welcome!


Hi Teena! Let me know if I can help you with something.


Hey Tina, It's great to see and I'm also new here so let's learn together.


I am in the same boat, both technical experience & new to dev.to


Hello tina .. nice to see you here


Welcome to DEV! I just discovered this place today... kkkkk


Hi! I'm Chy! I'm a Full-Time Full-Stack Software Engineering Student. I'm Studying Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React, Redux, SQL, Node, HTML, CSS, among other things. I love coding and the DevCommunity and I can't wait til I graduate!!!


Hey Chy! I'm with flatiron in SF - It's crazy to meet other flatiron students here across the country!


Hey Dawn!!! I know! When do you graduate?


Hello ! I Would be blessed to learn something about Software Engineering from you :)


Hey Kesh!! I just started coding 6 months ago, but, I help where I can :)


Wow. You are welcome. I am also learning some courses as well


Interested Python Web Developer. I am currently taking online course on Python and my intention is to learn python for web and automation purposes. I have completed the automate the boring stuff and Python crash course books, learning flask by writing simple apps. I trust the journey I began and I hope to get better in python programming.
Any recommendations on the course or books to read after the aforementioned or even mentorship, will be highly appreciated.


Welcome buddy!

Hey those are really good books, congrats for reading them.

There are some good courses on Python for Data Science and Machine Learning in Edx, or Coursera, from MIT, Harvard, IBM and probably some others. I really recommend going through one of those :)


Thank you. I will definitely check them out.


None of it is the boring stuff when you discover how significant it is to the overall learning and growth process. Enjoy the journey is the best advice sometimes. And programming mastery a worthwhile journey! :)


Welcome Nicholas! i use Python for automation and i can tell you that it's one of my favorite languages, keep up the good work!


Thank you. Means alot to get such a motivation.


Hi I'm Francis 👋

I signed up because I've heard really great things about this community! I'm software developer from England but living in the Netherlands. Professionally I write JS, but enjoy all kinds of development. Looking forward to reading and writing some cool stuff here.


Welcome! Excited to see what you write about!


Hi Francis - Welcome!

Yes, I love this community - I think it's great! Any travel tips if I were to visit the Netherlands? It's always been on my list of neat places I'd like to go :)


I live in Rotterdam, which quite a lot of people visiting overlook. It's a really cool place, by far the most modern looking Dutch city - and you can get here in ~35 minutes using readily available public transport.

Awesome, I'll check it out - thanks!


I honestly don't know how I wasn't a member here already. I'm pretty sure I'm reading something from at least one someone here every day. But anyway...

oh heyyyy...


I'll like to know more about programming as I am an aspiring full stack developer with little knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript.


Keep at it! Do personal projects! And never stop learning! That's what helped get me into graduate school. Keep up the progress!


Cool! Welcome! You should check out FreeCodeCamp ;) really helped me to understand HTML, CSS and responsiveness. Also, they have JavaScript.


YES this. I reset my progress on freeCodeCamp recently and just got through all of HTML and CSS again. It's mostly review but it's a great place to interactively learn and the projects are challenging!


Thank you Laotaro Jordan. I'll try that


Learn by doing! Join or start an open source project in addition to reading. :)


hacktoberfest was a great way for me to get better with github. I use git at work but finding easier projects to contribute to and learning how to fork, branch, push, and Pull Request was great for me. I would definitely look around for easier open source projects to contribute to.


Welcome, reading and writing is the best way to learn


Hi Diego! What type of data science are you most interested in?


Hello Chris! I've been looking into starting off working with financial data. To get myself comfortable with data science, I enlisted in the Data Science Path from CodeAcademy. After finishing that, I wanted to look into analyzing and visualizing financial data with python. Both artificial intelligence and machine learning interest, I will see where it takes me.w

Very neat! I hadn't seen the CodeAcademy Data Science path before - I'll have to take a look, thanks!


Hello everyone!

I'm a Full-Stack Web Developer. I woke up this morning feeling like starting my own blog 😄and luckily I stumble upon this great community. I like keeping myself up-to-date with latest trends and technologies for web development. I would like to share some of my knowledge/experience from the things I've learned so far as a developer, so if you have any tips/tricks on how to create a nice post please send them my way.

Have a great week everyone!


Hi all! I'm a Data Scientist working for the Office for National Statistics in the UK although I'm in the middle of transferring to a different company. Main interest is in how we communicate Data Science to others in organisations in a way that helps them understand its business implications.


That's an awesome focus! I've personally found that many new data scientists underestimate the importance and difficulty of getting stakeholder by-in.


Thanks! Yes completely agree, there’s a real gap in explaining the “why” and not just the “how”.


Hello dev.to community! My name is Sam and I am currently a full-stack student. I want to engulf myself in the dev community to better understand everything and how to write better code. I look forward to engaging with people that have experience and knowledge.


Hello everyone. I'm relatively new here. I have read a few posts but have never created any myself. There's a lot I want to write about but sometimes, I just don't think my post will be helping anyone as I'm not as experienced as most of the people I see here. I hope to become skilled enough so as to boost my confidence to cause a change in my community through blog posts and videos.
I am a full-Stack JS Dev with experience working with the PREN stack, I also recently started a course (python FLASK) on Udacity (fullstack Nanodegree program) and I should be graduating in about a month.
Once again, I'm glad to be here.


I come learning to code I just finished learning HTML and I came here because Google showed me some articles on web development developers not letting me here so why not sign up thanks Google keeps sending me and sign up here I hope to continue in my journey to learn different languages and such so that is why I took the step.


Hi ╰(°▽°)╯
Signed up as I'm looking for a home to do some tech blogging.
My interests are testing and security! I work across a lot of technologies and languages: java, docker, unix, currently learning python and looking after my first pwnagotchi.


Hi! and welcome to DEV :) Love the ╰(°▽°)╯


Hello world! I'm a French engineering student who can't believe he just discovered this great community! I'm interested and eager to learn more about the JAMstack, game dev, IT security, blogging and many other things.
See you!


Welcome! I just discovered this great community myself! Let's learn more stuff!


Hey Dev.to 👋

Super excited to be here. I love the concept here and though this would be a great place to learn new ideas and share what I do.

I am the technical co-founder of asknicely.com , I started building the site in my bedroom 5 years ago, now it's turned into a company with offices in Portland USA, Auckland NZ and now Amsterdam!

I spend most my time trying to keep complexity out of our product! Anyone can make the product more complex but it takes some real effort to keep it simple.

Looking forward to sharing some code and fun solutions to some interesting problems we had.

Cheers, John


I am so disappointed in myself? Where have I been all this long?... That aside I am so glad to be here. I am a tech enthusiast with lots of passion. I am here to learn and help someone learn from me (woo...w).
I am currently perfecting my skills to becoming a fullstack developer in Ruby and Javascript. I will be glad to learn lots from all of you.


I'm an old server guy who is making the leap to frontend with Unity3D to build interesting VR and AR user interfaces. I know lots of Python and Devops stuff (mostly devops in the cloud, but I'm an old Linux wizard, if anyone needs Linux help). I'm joining here to post some of my learning and learn from the community.


Hey folks ! Glad to be a part of Dev as a small independent dev ! Looking interesting to know facts shared in the forum. Recently started as a software developer intern in a silicon valley technology company ! Not yet out of college ! Joining the community to grow with you all. Cheers !



My name is Boss. I am a functional programming geek, loves learning about Maths and seeking for the beauty of the hidden patterns in things, be it code, business domain or human behaviors. Recently, I'm involving in infrastructure work a lot.

I'm also interested machine learning, data engineering and lots of other things. So maybe I'm just simple curious guy here :P

I have been reading many posts from here for awhile. I'm excited to be part of the community!


Welcome to Dev! It's great to have you here :D


Hello Everyone,

I have working as a devloper for 5 year now and I discovered this place very recently. I am seeking to actively take part in the dev discussions, read a lot of posts and of course write a few of my own.



Hello everyone! I am a web dev noob from Indonesia...
Thank you for having me in this community and I am looking forward to learn many things from you guys..
Currently exploring node js and React realm after 3 years experience in Java realm.


Hey everybody!
I've just been shown this by a colleague/fellow student and couldn't believe I'd never heard of it! I'm studying towards being a "Data Technician", roughly the same as studying Computer Science I think. So coding, lots of "wtf are this", and loads of Monsters/Coffee.
When I'm not being totally awake and totally working, I'll be at home, probably playing video games, mostly World of Warcraft.

I'm currently working on a game in Unity, a top-down 2d RPG rogue-like thingamawhatsit. Things are loosely based on D&D rules. It's in early stages yet, and my project partner and I are still learning!


Hi, I'm Richard from Catchy. Full disclosure - We're a developer marketing agency.

I'm here to be a part of the community and help out where I can. Very happy to give thoughts or share experiences with anyone on the more business or marketing related aspects of development.



Hello guys, I just released today GitHub Compare and had already a few requests on how I built that custom select with input and dropdown in React. So I decided to finally sign up in DEV and write my first dev tutorial! Wish me luck :D


Hi everyone! I am a full stack dev currently developing using the LEMP stack (Laravel framework), learning Vue and planning to also learn the MEVN stack. I am excited to connect and learn from like minded people. I am happy to finally join this community after procrastinating for a while!


Hi all! I'm a full-time software engineer writing full stack (mostly spring/java). In my downtime I love working on my side projects like flowist.io. Have been writing about the journey on Indiehackers, but now want to get into blogging and sharing my learning with others!


Hello, I am Utibe-Abasi Emmanuel. I am a fullstack developer with so much to learn. I got to know about this platform through a blog post on micro interactions.

I am here to learn, interact and share with everyone. I would love to make new friends and work on projects with others here.

It is really great to be here.


Hiiii - I'm a lovable open source kitty! 👻

In all seriousness, though, I care a lot about OSS and have spent the last year focused on trying to make it easier to OSS devs to earn sustainable funding from our projects.

I'm excited to be working on Saasify, a platform that makes it really easy to create monetized FaaS APIs from open source projects. All you have to do to get started is wrap your code in a serverless function, and we handle all the billing, accounts, frontend marketing site, docs, and support for you.

If you have a project you might want to saasify and start monetizing, I'd love to hear from you!

Looking forward to meeting & collaborating with some of you wonderful dev.to folks. 😀


Hi folks, i am versed in software testing and recently one of my friend connected me to this platform which sounds wonderful for knowledge sharing through blogs content and make technical connections as well.


I came here to develop my self-skills in web development like html,css and java-script... . I'm fast learner hard worker and good searcher so i think will be no problem for me to be like you as an advance developer and a good one in the future.