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Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!


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Hi everyone, my name is Thiago and I am a Software Engineer. I started my carrier as an Android developer but in the past few years I’m focused on iOS, but I like to always learn new things too as Flutter (Dart), React Native, Go, Augmented Reality, and other crazy things. I’m from Manaus but I was living in São Paulo and now I'm living in Florianópolis. In my free time I like to read, play video games, practice sports (now that I’m here at Florianópolis I want to learn to surf too ) and between these things some doses of Netflix, but the most part of my free time I spend with my daughter and wife.
So, this is a little bit about me. 😬


Welcome Thiago! I love React Native :) - haven't had much experience with Flutter, but I hear it's good as well. Good luck learning to surf!


Hello Chris. I'm having a hard time learning react native but I love it so much. I'm really interested in it.

It can be tricky for sure... what are you having the most trouble with?

The Use of props in multiple pages and the navigation systems. Most tutorials I have on navigation are using a very old version.

Ah yes, that can get tricky. I tend to use Redux (or something else) for that - but yeah, it can be frustrating when tutorials are out of date (libraries move so fast!)

Exactly. I've stopped learning it for a week now because I don't know what to do. So u said redux will solve my props problem right ?

I would actually probably suggest using Context to start - it's built in to react now, and there isn't as much learning curve as redux (learning redux can be really tricky!).

So yeah, I would look into using context to share data across an app.

If you're just talking about launching a new react native screen with props though - then that can be accomplished with react navigation. It sounds like that's what you're having trouble with, but it also may just be worth it for you to get that working first (since you don't have to use anything else to get that working).

Okay Chris thank you so much for your time and help. I'll check that out asap 😎

I would also suggest looking into the Context API + Hooks useContext().

Really straight forward to get started.

Okay Bernard thanks for your contribution


Hi Thiago! Nice to meet you!

I am a full-stack JavaScript expert with almost 10 years of experience and CEO at CreativeIT, a software house in Belarus. Being an active contributor to open source development, I also know React, Angular, and React Native.

Here I'm going to create my blog and share experience. I will be glad to discuss technical issues and exchange ideas.


I'm really impressed by how developers are utilizing Flutter.


Welcome Thiago! I love React Native :> but I use NuxtJS hahaha....


Hey Thiago! I think one of the modules we'll be covering is React, I'm looking forward to picking your brain at some point when I need it :)


Welcome Thiago! I'm new here as well.


Hi, I tried to post this already, but maybe it didn't go through? I have some background in web design, but am not working in tech currently. I recently decided to get more serious about app development, specifically doing a few Udemy courses on Flutter. I'm learning a lot and love it so far, but I feel like working alone I'm missing out on some important things like learning to communicate about coding, network, collaborate and other related real-world skills. I've also found it surprisingly hard to find discussion communities, especially ones that are friendly to beginners, so I'm happy to meet you all!


Hey Laura,

The same thing happened with my post! I had to rewrite it for some reason, but I totally understand what you mean about it being lonely sometimes. I would feel lost on where to start with learning new stuff and feel like I don’t have any one who can help. Hopefully we’ll both find that here!


Hi Asha— hard agree with looking for community when learning something new. If I can be a resource for you at all, I’m here! 🤓


Hi Laura, Welcome to Dev. I'm also a web designer who just discovered this wonderful community. I hope we will all learn a lot here :)


Hi Laura, welcome to DEV! Yes - it can be hard to work alone for sure; DEV is great for that - good community to be apart of :) Good luck as you continue learning about Flutter!


Flutter community is going to raise very high soon..

I hope so! It feels a little risky to concentrate on, but it seems to have a lot of potential.


Hi Laura! Glad to see I’m not the only person having difficulties with the posting going through— nice to meet you, and as a fellow beginner, looking forward to chatting about code in the future!


Same thing happened with me😅
Will have to rewrite everything once again.


Hi all! My name is Victor, I've been lurking around here for a while and I figured I would finally step up and introduce myself.

In order to exist in our capitalist society, I work for a prominent college and help manage their websites, which are built on Drupal.

For my own enjoyment, I am studying programming languages (currently Javascript) in order to build my own programming languages so that I can make some super weirdo crazy stuff.

Quick Facts!

  • I am self taught, with all the invisible icebergs that I anticipate hitting head-on every day.
  • My GitHub account looks like a junk drawer: @goodnovember
  • My views are my own and not necessarily that of my employer.
  • Trans Rights are Human Rights.

¡Hola victor! También soy self-taught en javascript y en mis inicios pensé en crear mi propia librería/lenguaje, la única diferencia es que ni siquiera imaginé el montón de icebergs que supone ser autodidacta jaja Deduje por tu nombre que también hablas español, pero pensándolo bien, no es una idea muy solida. Anyway, have a good day!


Hi Victor!

I'm self taught (peer taught? youtube taught?) also! I totally understand the invisible icebergs. How have you found learning javascript in comparison with other languages you have worked with?


Hi Victor! Self-taught programming can be tricky, but it does shape you into the programmer you want to be. I've learned the hard way how college can push you sharply into certain IDE's and programming languages. Sometimes I wish I could go back to self-study... it was slow-going at times though.


Hey, welcome! All the respect to you for becoming a self-taught coder!


Hi Victor!
Building your own programming language sounds really cool, please let me know when I can join you in the weirdo crazy stuff!


Hi humans,

I love computers. Particularly the networking elements that allow mass, real time data flow. I also love tinkering with micro controllers + sensors in my free time.

Professionally leading the backend efforts in an IoT startup (a little oxymoronic, kind of, but not really)

Cool site and seemingly awesome community goin' on here!


Hello back to you fellow human! 🤪 I have messed with hardware (arduino + sensors, etc) in the past... fun! Are you working on any neat projects at the moment?


I order a bunch of the new Particle Argon boards docs.particle.io/argon/ but haven't had time todo much with them. Impressive how beefy they are! With so many peripherals baked in. Have worked mostly with Arudino based guys as well in the past.

This is my favorite, strictly person project github.com/rsmets/Motion-Controlle.... MPU 650 accelerometer/gyro chip + teensy 3.2 and leds makes for a buttonless "flow" controller led cane.

I hadn't seen the particle argon board before - and that project looks neat! Thanks for the links :)


Hi Ray! IoT, that seems kinda awesome. I've been doing some deep digging on the topic lately... it's got some real potential. I hope that I will begin to understand networking one day... it's a crazy deep topic which can lead you down the rabbit hole into some deep mathematics like fuzzy computation, wavelets, and graph theory though.


Hi human, I love computers too.


Peace and Respect
My name is Israa Gargar
I am from Sudan. 🇸🇩
I have just started a software development career
I have a strong background about Agile especially in the scrum
But our market here doesn't value good management skills🙁
I have been watching people coding for a while... Therefore because of, I am a knowledge 📖 seeker with 💪 passionate about coding and logic
I decided to start a programming career
Now I am learning react as my target is to go mobile with react native.
So here I am among you holding my golden dream ✨

I miss The Arabic language in the above Pic 😩


Hello Israa. Welcome to DEV.to. I think it's awesome how you refer to your journey learning technology as your Golden Dream. Very inspirational.


Hi all,

I'm Kevin, a computational biologist / postdoctoral researcher with a passion for open source software development, automation, and DevOps.

My day to day work involves workflows made of R, Python and Bash, but I've also worked with web-technologies like NodeJS and React, and C# and the .NET framework.

I love hearing about new technologies!


Glad to see another DevOps enthusiast here!


Awesome to see some Scientists around here! Welcome :)


Hi Kevin! What sort of work do you do as a computational biologist?


I work with big data that lab scientists generate from biological samples. Those can come from hospital patients or lab experiments on cell and bacteria. A lot of the time, that means comparing healthy and diseased tissues and cells to identify genes and proteins that are altered during diseases like inflammation or infection.

For that I use mostly open source software such as R and Python packages to write scripts and workflows that I run on high-performance computing clusters, to parallelise the processing of samples on as many cores as I can.

Additionally, I particularly enjoy refactoring, testing, and documenting the code that I write for my project, to openly distribute it with other academics who can use it in their own work, but also contribute back to my repositories like I do with theirs, making software easier to use and more efficient for everyone!


Hello Everyone, I am Anubhav Madhav and I am a Computer Science Student at Indian Institute of Information Technology, Vadodara, India. I know basics of C, C++, Java, Python and Web Development. I am interested in Artificial Intelligence, so will start learning Machine Learning very soon. I have also created an Action for Google Assistant, you can try that quiz on your Google Assistant by saying "Talk to Avengers in India", and enjoy the quiz. I am a big fan of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Currently working on a project for Train_Ticket_Booking_System using django framework. This was a bit about me. 😊


Hi Anubhav! Welcome to DEV :) What are you excited to learn about Artificial Intelligence?


Hi everyone, my name is Glad Chinda and I am glad that I finally get to join this awesome dev community. I am a Frontend UX Engineer currently based in Lagos. I am a lover of JavaScript (TypeScript) and get to work with React and NodeJS in my day-to-day job. In the past I have also worked with PHP and Laravel for building web applications.

I am very enthusiastic about web technologies and always try to make out time to write technical articles and build or contribute to open source projects. When I am not working, I am either reading, seeing a movie, or spending time with friends and family.


It's great to see you're utilizing React day-to-day, Glad! Where can we follow your technical articles and do you have a GitHub?


I my articles can be found in a handful of publications on the web — here is a list:

For my contributions and activities on GitHub, you can find my Github profile here: github.com/gladchinda



My name is Tom and I'm Full-Stack engineer out of Chicago. I'm into React, Docker, Node pretty much anything. Looking forward to learning from this community.

I'm looking to make the jump to freelance and would love to hear people's experiences. Such a scary decision to make!


Hi there! I’m Eric, infrastructure engineer at Buffer. I do all kind of things backend related! I like python and go a lot. If that's interesting, I've just finished to migrated all the applications for Buffer to Kubernetes few weeks ago.

I’ve been working remotely since 2013 now, from different places in the world. I happen to be mostly between Europe and Asia, but Asia is definitely my favorite part of the world!

Nice to meet you all!


Welcome, Eric! It's nice to meet you, too!


Been doing a lot more Go than Python lately, but still like them both!



I'm Cesar Delgado, from Venezuela, but living in Madrid, Spain.

I'm a Software Engineer, and I consider myself a Fullstack Developer.

I've worked with web frontend technologies like React, Polymer and backend technologies like Java, PHP, Node.js Javascript, etc.


Welcome Cesar! Glad to have you on DEV :)


Hi César, welcome!

I wonder what's your feeling about Polymer? I used to find it so promising but it never got as much adoption as I hoped.


Hi Everyone! My name is Chloe and I'm a CS student. I am working on C++ as my first language, with an interest in databases, ML, gamedev, and pretty much anything else I can get my hands on. My goal is to expand my view of what software development actually is, and find as many useful bits as possible to craft a mastery of my first love (C++) and generate interest in other languages (I need help loving Java, for example).

I am a BIG BIG believer in community and I LOVE sharing this space with others! My community strengths include engaging with others on nearly any topic and (hopefully) making it a productive conversation via exploratory and investigative questions. Another strength of mine is to offer emotional encouragement for the tough and emotionally taxing task of learning something new! I am so excited to share my strengths with you and learn from you all as we grow on our journeys. Thanks for reading, happy developing!


Welcome, Chloe!

Community is what brought me here. ♥ Excited to follow your journey!


Hi, Jesse! Thanks for the warm welcome. <3


Hello everyone,

I'm Darko from Croatia. Working professionally as a Software Engineer for the past 3 years.

How I started
Before professional career I've worked as a Computer technician for the 8 years. At age 24 decided to enroll in college and there found my love for programming and something what my brain likes - solve problems.

Started with building first applications in free time with PHP, Laravel, Javascript, jQuery for my team in previous company.

My first professional job was frontend developer using Vue.js and worked this for 7 months. Then I've started to dig deeper into Javascript stack with Node.js.

Current job and stack
Found current job as a Fullstack developer using React, Node.js, GraphQL. With this job my knowledge has drastically expanded as my team had knowledge and I started to stay in company to learn for few more hours just so that I could have possibility to work remotely.

Now I can say to have deep knowledge of setting up web servers, using most of the AWS services, building Node.js backend, GraphQL, using React Native, React, Apollo platform, Redis, etc...

Free time
In free time spending time with my wife, friends, playing every now and then PES, working out few times a week.

Future plans
Currently learning GoLang. Will try ML.
Hope to start writing blogs, maybe to start with writing about current development problems on what I stumble and how I got to solutions.


Welcome Darko! Good to have you here on DEV :) Do you work remotely now, or you're just hoping to in the future? Either way: good luck! It looks like you have a nice list of popular technologies that you can use; looks good!


Thanks Chris,

Yes I'm working fulltime remote since May. :)


Hello everyone, My name is Vanessa Aristizabal, I am a Frontend Developer, from Colombia and I live in Medellin, Colombia. I am always learning new things. I am passionate about technologies. Besides code I like to draw and read a lot and I expect I can share here my knowledge and my code cartoons


Hi Vanessa! Do you have your cartoons hosted anywhere online? I'd love to check them out!


Hi!! well I am creating a Gitbook with some of my cartoons but I expect to start moving here my cartoons next month here.
My gitbook have Spanish content


I love learning with drawings, following you 😉


Hello everyone! I am Dheeraj, a student currently pursuing a Masters degree in Information Systems. I have some experience in Java, C++, SQL, JavaScript, and React Native amongst a few other technologies. Outside of tech, I enjoy soccer, hiking, pizza, and beer!

Joined here to learn about Open Source. Open Source is something that has always fascinated me but I have stayed away thus far under the assumption that one has to be super smart, super skilled, or an expert to be able to contribute. Google suggested me an article @sduduzog wrote a couple days back and it's inspired me to try and explore to see if I can contribute as well!

Anyway, Cheers!


Hello Dheeraj, do not be afraid to embrace open-source. Even small contributions can be welcome on many projects. If you start your own repository on Git-Hub, I suggest using an MIT license or one of the other permissive licenses. The sum of combined effort can exceed the effort of one person. Playing with your own repository can be a good way to learn Git-Hub commands.


I have worked with Git/Github before, just never used it outside of work/school!
Starting to take a look at Open Source a little bit more seriously now + exploring how I can help!


Welcome and thank you for the plug. This really made me happy.


Thank you for bringing me here! :)


Hi everyone,

Started as an iOS developer but gradually moved to Android development. Now I am moving to web development in my free time. Like to learn and try to make simple javascript libraries that other developers can use. Always working on side projects. ❤️ Coding and trying to get into streaming my coding sessions.


Great to have you here and see what you make!


Hello all,

My name is Willem and I'm here to try and connect more with the developer community at large. I've been developing software in some capacity for almost a decade now. I'm particularly interested in learning more from others about all things freelancing.



Hi guys. I'm John Gachihi from Nairobi, Kenya. I'm a CS student. I am a beginner in development (sort of). I have a fondness for android development but also work on web apps from time to time.
I am currently trying to figure out docker, kubernetes and CI/CD.


Welcome, John!

Are you learning through a particular program or self taught?


Hello All!

Thank you for accepting me in your community.
My name is Thomas, I am a 10+yrs. IT Support Engineer.
I graduated in IT Networks and Telecommunications. And specialized in servers infrastructure administration and support.
I am expatriated in Bolivia since two years, I'm originally from France.
I provide IT support services in freelance and since July '19 I resumed my programming lessons in order to orientate my career towards development.

I am currently committed to the #100DaysOfCode challenge on Twitter, learning JavaScript through freeCodeCamp and other online courses.
I recently obtained freeCodeCamp's certification in responsive web design developement. Surprisingly, as I had previous encounters with CSS, this time I enjoyed it very much.

I am also learning a little bit of Python which I prefer much more than JavaScript but I'm committed to go as far as I can with the freeCodeCamp curriculum, aiming for the full stack developer certification.

Have a great and happy coding day!


Welcome Thomas! How was the transition from IT support to software development ?


Hi folks! I'm Rangsiman Ketkaew. I'm a Thai computational chemist (chemist who uses both theoretical methods and high-performance computer to simulate the molecule and chemical reaction). I'm happy to be here with you guys!

Btw, can anyone tell me what does v44 mean and how is it different from other threads?


Welcome to DEV Rangsiman! A computational chemist... that's awesome! Do you just use a super big AWS computer (or similar), or is there custom hardware for that?

Every time the welcome thread gets too long they make a new one - so v44 is just the 44th time they've made a new one. It's the latest one currently - so you posted in the right spot :)


Alright, I'm right now helping a start-up company by using computational techniques for drug screening. My task is setting-up computational environment on AWS EC2. However, for research laboratory in academic institute such as university they mostly use national supercomputer.

By the way, CPUs are too slow for us! So there is many attempts trying to use GPU to accerelate the calculation!

More to reads:

Interesting! Thanks for the links :)


Hi there,

My name is Ryan and I'm here to learn more about Java, Kotlin, Android programming, etc. I'm really looking forward to exchanging correspondence with some of you. I found out about this website through reddit.com.


Hi, this is Michelle from Perú :)

I'm a Front-end Developer with Graphic Design background. I'm looking for improve my career and expand my knowledge in other areas like back-end.

Sure I'll learn a lot here!


Hi everybody 👋🏽

My name is Asha (pronounced like Asia but the “shh” sound) and I am currently a grad student in Media Design switching from a career in mental health counseling. It’s been pretty freeing and people have been very welcoming in the tech community, but with my only knowing HTML and CSS, it’s been really hard for me to do any projects outside of tutorials like freeCodeCamp or The Odin Project. I recently started the 100 Days of Code and didn’t make it through the first week because I didn’t know how to do much and the projects I looked up were beyond my skills. So! I’ve decided to join more communities, make new friends and get messy! I plan to use this site to help find projects, stay connected and give myself time to at least learn JavaScript before I restart my code challenge. I look forward to talking with you all!


Hi there, it's Dana here. So glad I found this community through someone I follow on twitter! I really like how everyone's friendly here.
I'm software engineer now, my whole way to this role looks like this though: ISP techsupport --> ISP system administrator --> network engineer --> system administrator --> software dev --> senior software dev --> devops --> software engineer. Now my goal is become software architect and I have a lot to learn!
Currently working in awesome IoT startup. My favorite languages to use are python and golang.
I spend my free time polishing my drawing skills, I like the idea that one should have something for brain (that's my job), for hands (that would be drawing) and for body (I love walking and dancing).
Alright, that's me, nice to meet you all!


Welcome Dana! Yes, I love how friendly people are here as well - it's a great community! What type of things do you like to draw the most?


Hi Everyone ! my name is Hamza Hummam, I am a Software Engineer ,I Started my career as a Fullstack Web Developer. I have experience as a Laravel, Wordpress and Embedded System Developer.Currently I am working as a Fullstack web developer in Pakistan based IT Company. I really like to learn alot about anything and everything :D .


Welcome Hamza! Good luck in your new fullstack web dev career!


Hi Dev Community, my name is Chilufya Mukuka and I am an enthusiast programmer from Zambia, dreaming to become a professional Software Engineer some day in the future. I write code in Python and Typescript. I have worked with Django, Angular 1 & 2+ and now I am learning how to make APIs with ExpressJS in node. I look forward to learn tons of other stuff from Community


Welcome to DEV! Good luck on your journey to become a professional Software Engineer!


Hello everyone, my name is Andrey, I from Belarus and I am front-end developer, I'm here to learn more about HTML, CSS, JavaScript. I just begginer. I very like fronet-end. My native language is Russian; I also study English. I will be glad to any acquaintances and pen-friends


Welcome Andrey! Good to have you on DEV :)


I can't think of much 😂 ... so Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.


😂 - hm, how about: what's your favorite tech stack right now?


I wish I would have thought about this. I can't believe I wrote a whole introduction instead!


Hi everyone, really excited to join the community. I code daily, learn almost daily and do sketching and drawing almost monthly. In a state of war with myself to avoid procrastination. Hope you guys are good and enjoying your life... :)


Hey Guys,

My name Caio Sousa, I'm a Web Developer from Brazil, working mainly on .NET Web Applications. I have experience with classic ASP, Web Forms and ASP.NET Core. I'm also a graduate student where I research Software Engineering and Accessibility. I'm currently learning more about Software Testing, Azure and ASP.NET Core. I enjoy spending time with my family and watching movies.


Hi Caio,

Would love to see your articles about ASP .NET Core and Azure 😉