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Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!


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Hi, I'm Candace. I'm currently a graphic designer and photographer, been at this for about 16 years now. But I'm switching things up and jumping in to learn full stack web development. Currently trying to wrap my brain around JavaScript, slowly. I have some HTML and CSS knowledge, but I need to fill in some gaps there as well. Hoping to learn more!


Greetings Candance! That's awesome that you've been doing graphic design for 16 years, congrats on that!

Just want to say that I think it is awesome that you've decided to switch things up and if you ever want to discuss JavaScript, I'm always up for a discussion.



Hi Candance,
I am new here also but I have been coding for around 50 years, If you don't mind I can maybe offer a hint that will make your coding easier. I recommend not trying to optimize while coding, keep your functions simple, short and single minded.


Thanks, Rick! I will keep that in mind. I know it's easy to over think things. So I appreciate any advice!


Thank you, Tyrus! I really appreciate that! I'm really enjoying it so far... frustrated at times, but that's to be expected. :)


Hello Candace. I am a Javascript dev. I am happy to help in your Javascript discovery journey.


Thank you! I appreciate that. :)


Hello there Candace. I also have been in the industry for a while and need to fill in some gaps with my javaScript knowledge. Good luck with your coding journey.


This is awesome! I am relatively new to JavaScript as well, and really enjoying it! You're going to crush it, just keep pushing along! Wishing you the best on your endeavors!


Thanks, Dylan! And best wishes to you as well!


Awesome, my wife is a full-time photographer. What kind of photography do you enjoy? What's the most challenging part of JavaScript so far (maybe I can help explain)? Welcome to DEV!


I do mostly portraits and commercial work. What I enjoy most is creating fine art work - I've done a lot of horror work with my kids :)

Challenging part of JS. Well, I can get the logic working in my brain, but getting it from the concept to code can be confusing. I'll have an idea on what method I need to start using, go look it up and get sent down rabbit trails of other ways to make it work. For instance, I'll be using a for loop. I'll get the loop and output, but then get hung up in between. Usually it ends up being a += symbol killing me and I second guess it while looking up the issues.
It's a good thing i'm not working on paper. LOL


Welcome Candace to web dev...It is and will be a wonderful experience and I can be of assistance in your journey. Goodluck and happy Coding


Hello, nice to see that there is someone like me here


Right on! Sometimes doing new things can feel lonely at times ;)


Welcome, Candace! Excited to have you here. Graphic design & photography are amazing skills, and they're great additions to your toolset as a web dev.

Best wishes! :)


Hello and hope you will learn a lot.


Hello everyone. I'm Mostafa and I originally graduated with a business informatics degree. However, years of not finding a job as a technical consultant or a project manager because I did not fit "their criteria" led me to experiment with my own eCommerce business. My passion in programming was renewed again and I am currently working on a C# project, python project and an Android project. I'm looking to learn a lot to advance and share my knowledge with the community


Welcome to DEV Mostafa! This is a great community to learn a lot :)


I am glad I joined this community and I am willing to learn and give to the community when I have more experience


Cool! Hi Mostafa! What kind of ecommerce development did you do? I help maintain Solidus.


Hello Jacob, I did not do any ecommerce development but I had my own Amazon/ebay stores and I shut them down due to scams. Now I am still doing ecommerce on other platforms but on a lower scale. In the future I am planning to develop my own ecommerce platform with the things I learned to make it both Seller and Buyer friendly


Hi Mostafa, I love the choice of C# and python. What programming language are you using for your Android project?


Hello Viera, I am currently using Ionic/Angular because I am taking it over from a previous team who already worked on the project. If it was my choice I would have created it over Flutter or React


Hello. I wish you well on your coding journey.


Thank you very much Michael and good luck to you as well


Hi there guys,
My names is Samuele. I'm a full stack developer (Microsoft.NET). Very interested in ML and Algorithms.


Hi there! I hope this is a great experience for you.


Hey there, I'm Henry. I recently made a career change into programming. I've been coding for the past ten years just for fun until about a couple of years when I followed the white rabbit and took the red pill. The journey has just begun since I just finished a Computer Programmer program. Wish me luck!.

print('Live long and prosper')

Good luck, Henry! What would have happened if you'd taken the blue one?


I would have stayed in my previous boring job lol!


Good Luck!! I'm also a red pill person... let me know how it turns out on the other side :)


Awesome, dude! Welcome! You're going to crush it! Sending good vibes, bud!


Hi Everyone!

My name is Elmer, I'm a NET full stack developer. Im very interested in expand my knowlege with Frontend frameworks such Angular and React.


I love React :) happy to help if you get stuck! Have you done any tutorials, etc to learn it yet?


Not yet, Im starting with some Angular Tutorials with NET Backend, but hopefully I will continue with React


I'm also trying to get better at React, and JavaScript in general! Welcome!


Welcome Elmer! I am currently studying React myself, and loving it! I think that'll be great! I've heard awesome things about Angular as well. Wishing you the best, man!


Hi! I am a Jr. web dev with some coding knowledge "put to work" in some live projects. I actually work creating and maintaining Wordpress Sites, woo commerce stores and niche sites/landing pages. I have a good knowledge of performance and load speed and can help with those issues. I also have some SEO, growth hacking and marketing experience. Hope I can help and learn a lot!



How do you like WordPress?


Hi, Antone. Do you mean, what I like or how do I like to style it?
I like WP sites that are really fast, with minimum plugins, I prefer creating my own shortcodes or snippets, light theme, some whitespaces, to use golden ratio. Simple sites, not full of images or "things", easy to navigate sites.

I just meant using WordPress as a whole. I'm only hand coding everything at this point.

Wordpress as a whole is fine, but you`ll always need some edition, styling and maybe some snippet. But as an "all-in-one-ready-to-use" CMS, is awesome. With some practice you get a whole site+theme+sorporate edition+contnet in a few hours


Hey, welcome. How is Wordpress doing these days?


Hi, Edu.
I have some gigs, WP is "working" fine, I mean, you (any user) can easily manage a site (once it is perfectly installed, updated, tuned) and sell, promote, show, teach, you can do anything so it is an ever-green market I think.


Hey All! I'm one of the co-founders of Monolist.co. We're a command center for engineers where you can manage pull requests, tickets, and alerts all from one place.

Excited to be part of the community!


Hi Scott! Welcome! Does Monolist integrate with GitHub? Is there a free version for Open Source projects?


Hey Jacob – we do indeed! You can check out what all of our integrations do here: app.monolist.co/guest/integrations

If you'd like, I'd be happy to walk you through a demo! You can just email me at scott@monolist.co if you'd like to set something up.

Right now, we only have one pricing structure, but we're open to being flexible!


Hi Everyone,

My name is George and I am a Frontend Developer and Designer. I am interested in learning more about semantic HTML, CSS, JavaScript, a11y and maybe later I will jump on a framework bandwagon (most likely Vue)...


Hi George! Welcome to DEV :) Good luck as you learn Vue!


Hi George welcome to the dev.to community.


Hi George! welcome to the community


Hey all. My name's Peter and I'm a dev for a large education software company working on upgrading a legacy system to run on Angular, with NGRX state. I do some C# stuff for the backend as well. Just getting into security research...


Welcome! Always great to have another "Peter" in the community :)


Hey everybody! I’m Fern and I’m a Junior Test Analyst who is aspiring to be a developer. I have knowledge with HTML, CSS. I also use SQL at work.
I’m new to the game but I have been practising little projects on my own laptop for about two years now... I want to focus on getting my confidence up with JavaScript.


I was told I had to say 'hi' to at least one person. Hi!


Hello Dev. I'm Tunde. I have some knowledge of the Java language, but I'm currently an intern at DevCareers where I'm learning web development with Node.js. I hope to learn more now that I've joined you here.


Hey Tunde, looking forward to learning more Node too! The best to us both!


Hey, good to know. I'm trying to expand my dev tools too


Welcome Tunde! Node is fun :) And DEV is a great place to learn!


Hi people. I'm way late.

21 yrs primarily on the Microsoft stack. I used to blog a lot, it was a popular blog. But it's long forgotten. I used to be involved in the local .NET community. It was a popular community. But my awkward presence made it wither and die years ago. LOL, kidding. Sort of.

sad tears 😥


Welcome to DEV Jon! Maybe you can revive the blog a bit here :)


Hi, I'm Maged, I'm from Sudan,from currently working as Electrical Engineer but I did learn HTML, CSS JavaScript and Android orogramming.

I'm been working Web development for about 2 years now. But I would like to start do some side projects in order to taper my skills.

Since I am being eorking alone for two years i have a lack of collaboration team skills and I would like to start participating in Open projects in GitHub..

My Dream is to Switch from the Engineering work to the Web Development field.

Hoping to learn more in this community


Hi Maged! Side projects are a great way to learn new things and figure out what you like to do. I love just playing around with new tech and ideas! Good luck with your career switch :)


Hello All! My name is Bonnie Peters and I am currently a software development immersive student with General Assembly(GA). When I'm not learning new tech, you can find me exploring new places, trying new things, and engaging new people and cultures.


Hey Bonnie! I'm a student over at Lambda School. The best to us both in our studies!


Hi All, I'm Dandy, I'm python programmer. my work is (mostly) in backend, but I also try to explore small part of natural language processing for career purpose, I'm not professional programmer but, it would be a next step in my career.


Hello everyone, my name’s Juan.

I’m currently a senior at the University at Buffalo pursuing a B.Sc in Computer Science, and I’m an aspiring Software Engineer. I primarily program in Python, though I’ve dabbled with Java, C++, and JS. I’m interested in Machine Learning, developing Mobile Apps, Web Development, and growing as a developer and contributor to the dev. community.

Currently prepping for job interviews in the pursuit of a junior/new grad position or internship. 👋🏽☺️





Welcome to DEV Juan! Good luck on your last year of school, and on job interviews! What type of position interesting you the most? Big company? Small company? What tech?


Thank you Chris! Ideally a new grad SWE position at small - medium sized company where I can make a difference and learn a bit of everything. I’d love to work with mobile development as the features on mobile devices, in my opinion, have a direct and immediate impact on the user and I’d like to experience that impact. How was your experience as a developer when you first started out? Do you have any tips or advice you wish you had before you started?

Sounds great - I highly recommend small/medium sized companies, because you can get a feel for more than just your tiny little slice of a product or feature.

I have a few pieces of advice for new devs:

  • It will feel hard: That's normal, and means you're learning. Lean into that difficult feeling, because when you push through it you'll feel great - you've accomplished something, and learned it in the process, and next time it will be easier

  • Celebrate small wins: It's normal and ok to feel awesome when you get something small and silly to to work! You should celebrate the small wins because that gives you the energy to push through the harder times

  • Impostor syndrome is real: At times (or all the time!) you'll feel like you really don't know what you're doing - and everyone else does - and that you're hopelessly stuck or lost... but just because you're learning new things, doesn't mean you don't know anything! Look back on what you do know, so you can see how far you've come. You know more than you think :)

Hope that helps! I should probably write a whole post about "how to be a new dev", because I have a lot more to say :) Good luck!

I will remember this, thank you so much!


Hi guys,
I'm Youssef. I'm a MERN stack developer and i want to learn lot of thinks in dev.to and know new peoples


Hi, i am Tosin, been busy with everything javascript both backend and frontend(html and css, angular framework). My desire is to solve complex problems with my stack and build great tech that help people and organizations


Hi Tosin - welcome to DEV! You're exactly right: there's nothing more satisfying than solving a really complex problem that helps a bunch of people :)


I'm Shi. I like JS and JS accessories.


A clean-burning programming language


Hey guys, My name is Erik and I'm a frontend developer. Hope to learn and share :-)


Hi everyone, my name is Harun. I work as a software developer in germany for about 3 years now. In the past i did some backend stuff with Java(Spring boot). Before that I builded PWA's / native android apps.
Now i want to learn more and start things in a side project to combine all the knowledge and experience i earned in the past. Also i'm into user behavior topics and user experience stuff.

I wanted to join a community and connect with others, just to see how it goes and maybe find like minded people and learn new things.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day =)


Hi Harun! This is a great community for connecting with others :) You have a nice day as well!


Hey All,

My name's Lucca (yeah that song again). I'm Specialist Support Engineer @SAP hope learn a lot here and share great content!


Welcome to DEV Lucca!

(What song?)


On the second floor...I guess he thinks you've seen him before...


Hi! I am not a cat...if I was, I'd say "Hi! I am a cat"

I am not a cat, I am Richard. Nice to meet you all, in the near future when you respond.

I joined DEV because I was about to write a simple tutorial on testing React components for the guys that work with me. I am a Full-stack developer (JS, React, React Native, Firebase, Ruby on Rails, C++). I mostly build for fun.

Fun fact, I always have an idea on how to solve a problem using tech a few minutes after encountering the problem. Else, I am unable to eat or do anything else.


Hi, Full-stack. I have edited the original post. Thanks!


Hey there, Alexander here
Just read the recent article on "Four Things in coding careers I wish I knew starting my CS major"(Great article btw!) and realized I had impostor syndrome so I felt like this would be a place where I could learn and connect and be understood especially as a newbie programmer. I do web and android development and looking to expand my understanding both in my specialisation and in the field of IT as a career.


Hi Alexander! Yes, impostor syndrome is pervasive and hard to shake. So welcome to DEV! This is a great place to learn and connect, and hopefully get rid of that impostor feeling :)


Thanks Chris. Much appreciated and thanks again for the warm welcome....


Hi, myself Jitendra,
I'm currently working as Project Lead, mainly work in front end developer. I love programming and enjoy learning more.
I have expert knowledge in HTML CSS and JavaScript. My favorite is JavaScript. I have experience in angular, jQuery and ReactJs. Currently I'm working in my favorite ReactJs.


React is my favorite too! Nice to meet you Jitendra :)


Hi Chris,
Nice to meet you. Yes it's pretty awesome


Hi there, I'm Muhammad, a computer engineering student who is disappointed with the level of education he is receiving in college. So, I decided to have it all done on my own and self educate myself. Took CS50 and I'm quite enthusiast about algorithms. Dunno what path I should take but I'm just learning algorithms for now.


I Muhammad! Algorithms is a good place to start and get a good background. After that, I would recommend starting to just play with different technologies on small toy problems - you'll start to see what you like and don't like, and you can extend your learning from there :)


I am a U.S. Army veteran turned full-stack JavaScript developer. I see development to be a satisfying challenge for my problem solving personality. I recently participated in a hackathon where my team's project won the "Social Impact" prize. I am currently doing a deep dive in Nodejs and reading up on Web Components.


Welcome to DEV! Did you learn anything in the Army that helps with being a developer? Also: what was the project that won the prize?


Army - not specifically. However, it was while I was in the Army that I was introduced to Linux and the concept of open source by a fellow soldier. That introduction started me down that path that led to becoming a developer.

Prize project - a web site that that uses the City of Austin's affordable housing API to search for housing using zip code, number of household members and adjusted income as the criteria. The repo is here: github.com/social-housing/affordab...

Neat project :) Thanks for sharing


Hello, I'm Ahmed. I'm a computer science fresh graduate, and currently working as a junior software engineer, and specified more in fullstack web development, using TypeScript. I'm also passionated about game development, and started to learn unity recently. I've joined here to gain more knowledge about all what is related to the CS field, as I want to increase my personal curiosity.


What types of games do you want to develop? Good luck in your new job!


Thanks so much Chris! <3. I wanna start with 2D games, then after I feel comfortable with the concepts, I may start with 3D games.


Howdy! I'm a student at Lambda School. I love having the chance to spend a ton of time in React, Node, and any other part of the JS ecosystem I can get my hands on. I love love love design (particularly typography) but I cannot draw and will spend hours tweaking the same hex code. Am developer, not designer lol.


Hi Ben! How do you like Lambda School?


I really love it. I'm a full-stack web student, and my experience has been wonderful. The staff are all helpful and enabling, the student body is mostly really focused, the pace is intense, and the materials have been fairly extensive considering the time-frame we're working on. I'd completed a few helpful (but not very comprehensive) tutorial-style react/node courses online in the past, but just in the last 3 months my understanding of Javascript and its ecosystem has grown exponentially. I would absolutely recommend anyone with a work ethic sign up for Lambda School. (disclaimer: I am coming from an other-than-technical career background and JS is my first programming language, results may vary)

That's awesome :) Glad the experience has been good for you!


Hello I'm Casper. I'm a CS student, 2nd year. I'm mainly interested in functional programming, but I enjoy most types of programming. I usually work in F# or C#, but I'm very eager to learn Haskell once I get some spare time. I've been lurking here for a few weeks and found tons of interesting articles, felt it was about time I signed up.