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hi there, sloth

Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!


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I am here to keep updated myself in laravel


Welcome @amitmca09 to DEV 👋

I am not familiar with Laravel.
But you can subscribe to #laravel and also share you experiences 😉


It would be nice to see how people do rapid development in Laravel and convert it to be more independent from the framework.


I have discovered this community recently. it's amazing, I feel like this is my home where I really belong. xD.
I am a full stack web developer, I have been working with Laravel and PHP for a while but now I am in love with JavaScript (node.js + nuxt.js <3).
feel free to contact me or ask anything :)


Welcome! DEV is a good place to be :) I love JavaScript too!


Welcome and great to have you on board ;) I'm also new.


@hamzanouali Laravel and Nuxt dev here too. Let's connect / chat!


Welcome to DEV! I like Javascript too.


My name's Matthew, and I'm a second-year business student currently living in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

I've always considered myself to be techie; some of my fondest memories are of taking apart late-90's desktops, learning how to write my first JS script, and printing my first custom design on my 3D printer.

I'm a hobby web developer/designer, but I've been involved in robotics and general DevOps shenanigans, and many things in-between.

I own/operate a tiny robotics business, Bot-In-a-Box Educational Robotics, which I started with a friend of mine a couple of years ago, and I've got some rather ambitious plans for the next few months...

Anyway, I stumbled upon Dev.to a few weeks ago, while researching how to use Nuxt.js. Since then, it's far and above become my favourite blog/news site, and I just generally really like it.


@mtpiercey I'm a Laravel and Nuxt dev myself. Let's connect!


Very cool! Welcome, Matthew!


Hi, I'm a QA Engineer that is learning all things Java with the occasional Python (Which I've dabbled with in the past). I'm currently getting interested in Information Security especially around the pen test, application security. I'm not limiting myself so any information is always good for me to discuss. So if any of you want to connect and discuss, then let me know.

I'm also getting into all things AWS, Docker, and Kubernetes


Since you're a QA engineer, I'll ask: what's one thing you wish app developers would do to make your life easier? Thanks!


Not putting the bugs in the software in the first place :)

Seriously, I'm not really too sure. The main thing I value is communication, so as long as developers and myself communicate effectively, then it's all good. Good documentation, good logging, and good collaboration, then I'm generally happy. Let me think more about that.

haha, yeah, no bugs in the first place would be great 😂

Thanks for the thoughts :)


Welcome Steve, we have a lot in common there in the history and current tech interests.

Would love to see your writeups in the field!


Hi. I am 15 years old. Scratch expert at 9 - 11 years old 😂. C beginner at 11 - 12 😍. Python developer 13 - Now.
Machine learning intermediate. Networking intermediate.
GUI intermediate.
New to Godot game engine (after i failed in unity c# ☹️🤣). Willing to continue Godot and python.


That's a lot to know at 15 - good work! Welcome to DEV :) What's one thing you're super excited to be learning right now?


Many things 😂. I love learning things i care for. But to answer your question simply. Mastering Godot physics system.


Hello everyone
Just here to learn about web dev and building hybrid apps


Welcome! What kind of hybrid apps do you want to / are you already building?


Android / ios, I would like to build a social networking app, is it possible to do so with ionic and angular or React Native with react?

It's definitely possible, yes. My experience with with React Native, so I know that that will work, and my understanding is that ionic would do it as well. Good luck!


Nice and welcome. Wish you all the best on your journey!


Hi, name's Simone, I study everything that I like and I wish to study. Right now I'm exploring webdev because I think it's the future of the customer experience, and pretty much every important application cough cough web apps I'm looking at you cough cough


Welcome! Yep, webdev is everywhere right now :)


Yes, I know, that's why I'm putting myself into it so much!


"Hello world!"
I'm Tamar. I just did see this site online then did a tour via it and noticed it was cool cus it has the solution to one of my problems (problem solving) and believe I'll find solution here.


Hello Tamar!

Do you program? Tell us more.


Welcome Tamar

Have fun and post your comments and articles. This is a great community and I'm sure you'll find something interesting to read.


Hola, I'm Jenell!

Quite excited to finally join the community instead of just perusing.

Here for the...

...awesome JavaScript posts from incredible devs, marvel at everyone's CSS skills, and hopefully write some posts myself!

Fun Fact

I'm currently on a plane to go spend the long weekend roller skating with the Moxi skate team so I'm pretty gosh darned stoked right now 🤩


Welcome Jenell!

Roller skating... tell us more.


I am here because software development is a community and a lifestyle. I look forward to contribute to the community as well as gain from it. I have been in software marketing and sales for the past 5 years. I now feel that i should curve my future through being a software developer myself.

My interest is in IoT and Web.


Good to have you! This is a great place to learn about software :)


Hello, I am new here. I'm currently enrolled in a web dev course with Lambda Schools.


Hi Scott! Best of luck with Lambda, I hope you continue to share your journey with us. I plan on enrolling in Lambda too (once I'm done with college).


Thank you. I definitely will. GL to you as well with college!


How are you liking the course so far?


Haven't even started yet. just getting ready for my start date next month. I have been more of a hobbyist web developer for some years now, so I am sure I'm going really enjoy the course.

The move from hobbyist to professional can be really awesome. All those things you used to hack together with bits and pieces of knowledge, you'll have all sorts of new explicit knowledge to pull from. Good luck!


I'm here to hear where people are struggling when building serverless apps on AWS and hopefully help them out a bit with local development, deployment, and management strategies. I'm amazed and impressed by how quickly this community is growing and thriving.


Welcome Abner! What should the community know about serverless apps on AWS? Maybe: what's the main issue that you see when you help people out with that?

(Serverless is an exciting new topic - and I'm currently looking to learn more about it :) )


Great to see people joining with the purpose of helping others. Welcome.


Hi, I am regular JavaScript programmer (front-end and back-end) from Poland. I'm looking for some good articles to sharpen my skills in JS and also in Python. Also It's my hobby so I do like programming things like Raspberry Pi or configure Nginx environments.


So after 17 months of deciding I wanted to code full-time and writing my first official line of code, I am really glad to say I got my first full-time role as a front-end Developer. This is very huge for me considering the fact that I had a lot of setbacks during learning and at times it felt like the world was against my decision, but i'm here now and I really want to help people who have difficulties in in anyway get a better understanding of things. I would be explaining, contributing and doing all I can to help aspiring career changers like me, or anyone in fact learn, understand and grow. Cheers to a new beginning


Congrats! Learning to code and getting a full time role is no easy task 🎉

Oh, and welcome to DEV! :)


I am here because I really like this website layout, I also loves web development, specially front-end technologies. I'm not the best in english and I think here I'll be able to learn more about this wonderful language. Okay, I want to learn the computer languages too, like JavaScript and the most famous markup language in the world...


Bienvenido Ramires!

I’m sure you’ll love the community, it’s the best place to learn and improve. I’m also learning front-end, React right now, and I can say this community has helped me incredibly to grow and stay confident. Explore the front-end content and feel free to ask questions and leave comments, there’s people from every corner of the earth and everyone is really nice. I hope you enjoy!


I am here to join the community I believe will support my journey of becoming a world class professional software developer. I am interested in Mobile Apps and Web Development. I want to be a full stack developer in both areas and master my skills and languages that are used in building such.


This is a bit late, but nice to meet you! What are you finding the most difficult to learn right now?


So far everything is going well. I am trying my best to understand Java for Android development. I will surely share any difficulties if faced with the learning process. Thank you very much. This response means a lot to me.


I am interested in learning web or applications development however I still don't know where to start or even the standards to be able to commit to the next level. Any ideas where I might start and how to be able to be motivated? (shared experiences would be appreciated too :) ) #webdev #android


I didn't know how to start either... I had a great experience working through CS50x. It's a good introduction to the craft in general and uses a variety of languages, so you can then choose what interests you most after trying it out first.

It is definitely a difficult class, be prepared to spend a lot of time on the problems and get stuck - but that means you're learning!


It can certainly be overwhelming! My advice is:

  1. Hang out around other technical people online. Good news: you're already doing it! DEV is a great place to hang out and find like-minded people.

  2. Read just enough of the docs or a tutorial in order to get the basic picture (that often just means getting setup, and running "Hello World"... which can sometimes take a long time to get going!

  3. Find a personal project that you think you'll really like to do. Make it SUPER simple to start... and then do that! You'll have to google a lot to figure out how to get it to work, but you'll get there eventually! (that's why you have to pick a project that you really want to do :) )

  4. repeat! Learning never ends, but it does get easier over time.

Good luck!



Since we have new folks here from all sorts of backgrounds, I welcome everyone to drop some comments into @peter 's post about your routine.

Everybody's got a routine, what's yours?


Hi everyone! I'm kinda new here. I've challenged myself to write some posts recently. I'm a unity developer and I'll post technical stuff on http methods on unity and creating a simple node and express app to provide data. Any unity developer here?

Wish me luck :)


Welcome aboard Cem. I hope you'll find this platform and its community friendly and fun to interact with.

Your posts are more than welcome; take your time and write as much or as little as you want. If you don't feel like writing, I'm sure you'll find numerous interesting articles to binge on.



That was such a warm welcoming, thank you! I've started already and working on markdown for my first blog here.


Hello guys! I'm Mubin.

I'm very much excited about joining the community.
I'm here to learn new things and become a dev magician.😎Because Developers are one kind of magician.😁

My motto is "Never stop Learning"

Recently I started learning python and also working on a project name face recognition attendance system.

I want to learn about software development.

I finally found a Dev Magician Community😍😍
Thank you.


Welcome! I agree, code is magic :)


Hi gang!

Looong time lurker. This platform is a great resource so decided to finally join. DEV 🤘!!! Working with Angular and C# mostly. Interested in polymer's litElement. Long term Dream learn C and hack my own blasted network drivers.


Welcome Cristian! Network drivers is ambitious :) Good luck!


Hi, everyone! I'm Niken from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I am an end-year student and a front-end developer. I love JS, and currently working on React and Laravel projects. Hope we can share knowledge each other :)


Welcome Niken! I love JS too (funny how some people don't like it, huh? :) )... are you working on any neat projects at the moment?


Yeay, glad to meet people with same interest. Yes, I am, kind of fintech project, how about you? Are you working on project using JS too?

Fintech is neat :) I've done some work there in the past

Yep! I use JS all the time - I do some consulting, and right now I'm working on video courses and writing about it to help other people. It's all fun stuff! (most of the time ;) )


Hello! I have discovered this site thanks to the new "dev" button in Stack Overflow. Some facts about me:

  • I'm from the absolutely best place to live in the world: Mallorca, Spain.

  • I've been working as a developer since 2002, mostly in the C#/.NET realm but now I'm working with Ruby+Rails.

  • My first computer was a MSX. I got it in 1985 when I was 11, and I have been an MSX user (and later, also developer) uninterruptedly since then. I have developed some cool things such as a TCP/IP stack written in Z80 assembler.

  • In 2016 I was hired at Stack Overflow and it was truly the heaven on Earth. Unfortunately, 19 months later a wild layoff appeared. 😔

  • I met my wife on Internet in 1997, so I consider myself kind of a pioneer of e-dating 😁

And that's me. Now the party can begin!


Hello! I'm here to learn redux, particularly and be better in js.

I'm having a really hard time with redux. I know what a store, actions and reducers are and have a general idea of how everything works but I still don't get the big picture and am unable to build up a simple app from scratch without looking at tutorials or references.

But, hey, I won't stop trying! Hello everyone :D


Hello and welcome, there are many interesting articles here about redux so i hope you find what you are looking for.

Mad probs to you btw and welcome!


Hello I'm Yodi a new Dev here. I came here and decided to join with DEv community just because I was trying to learn about Vue framework because I have something to create but I don't have enough exxperience with any front end frameworks, so I decided to read some of articles and chose to learn vue and take vue as my first focus in learning front end framework. THank you for the opportunity to be able to join with the Devs team here. Warm regards to everyone. :)


Here to explore blockchain and its concepts


Love it! Do you have a particular area of blockchain you are interested in the most? Or a particular application of it?


Hi chris ,

I am currently exploring but came across some very good open source projects like Harmony One , IPFS and storj , read their white papers and the solutions they are providing to the current blockchain issues like low TPS and sharding .

Neat :) I've read a few of the white papers too, and I've been surprised at how accessible some of them are (I'm not a crypto expert by any means). Definitely interesting!

exactly i have read kadcast the protocol which harmony one is developing , and IPFS white paper sounds really impressive to me , any thing you can suggest to read

Well the Bitcoin white paper is a classic if you haven't looked at that one yet. I also enjoyed some of the ethereum white paper, though that one was a bit more complex: github.com/ethereum/wiki/wiki/Whit...

ohh yes i want to read ethereum one , i have done one lesson on linkedin for DApp got to know some basics of solidity and ethererum it was fun


I love bringing the physical space and physical things and software together using IoT, sensors, smart cameras etc. (I mainly use raspberry pis, node-red or gravio.com for that.)

I'm based in London, UK.


Please feel free to share tips about hardware projects, etc. Lots of folks here are curious about that world.


Woohoo, another IoT buddy! I'm all about ARM Cortex M-series.


Hiya, I'm a C# developer, currently transforming a Classic ASP app into Core2.2 MVC app with an Agile workflow. Working with some very old tech, very outdated work practices and the entire knowledgebase of the company in one person's head who's been there over 20 years!
Mostly an interesting challenge 😊
Looking forward to keeping up to date here & keeping in contact with peers. Nice to meet you all!


Welcome! I have been a C# dev my entire career, there are not as many of us here. I'd encourage you to share your experiences with such an extreme migration! I started my career hacking VB 6.0 and ASP Classic applications so they would run for one more week...don't miss those days!


I feel you girl, same with cia I'm working, do everything you can to change things, but if you don't have the power run like forest and don't look back :v

Welcome and the best of luck in your job, but most importantly have fun.


I’ll keep my fingers crossed that works out for you :-) And welcome to the dev universe!


Hey There! I'm big on high tier communities and DEV seems filled with great developers who are into the community and building other devs up.

I've dabbled with Go & Python, but am currently a JS focused dev working as a Sr UI Engineer. Mainly my experience on the job consists of React/CSS in JS/Jest & some deployment stuff (typically starting projects through CRA and/or Gatsby). Lately, I've been tinkering into Apollo/GQL/AWS and React Native via Expo.

I'm eager to learn and love to share. Cheers!


Hi, I am Waqar from Pakistan and Web Developer in Angular and Ionic.

I am here to learn more about javascript frameworks and lib and everything related to Web programming. hope this community will help me to learn more and i will also participate in community.
Thanks for welcoming me.


Welcome Waqar! I love javascript and web dev :) looking forward to learning with you!


Thank you...! Good to know about your interest.