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Welcome Thread - v138

Welcome Jurrasic Park

Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!

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Overmind Wiki

Solo dev here with a story as old as time - I quit my job after saving up about 16 months of runway. So I've got a healthy amount of time to try, pivot, and try again.

My current best bet is Overmind - a knowledge-sharing app for projects and teams.

I truly don't know exactly what I'm doing, so hoping to learn from the community as much as possible.

Wish me luck!

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You've got this! Good luck!

matjs profile image

Good luck! I hope you can do it, keep updating us about your progress :)

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Veli Uysal

Good luck!

massgh profile image
Abdul Saboor


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Prem Singh Rathore

Would you like to share your plans for the future?

borgesguerardidev profile image

that's awesome. wishing you all the best, you absolutely got this! best of luck.

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Marco Damaceno

Hey! Marco Damaceno from Brazil! I'm a developer since 2010 and always learning.

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Michael Tharrington (he/him)

OOoo Jurassic Park GIF — love it! 👏

Anywho... welcome to everyone new and not-so-new to DEV. 👋

Hope y'all enjoy it here!

If you're wondering how to get started with posting a post, then consider checking out this article here.

If you're wondering anything else, don't hesitate to reach out and ask. 😀

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Hello All,

I am veteran IT professional, having experience more than two decades of application Dev Ops, now learning new languages and frameworks started with Python, Django and now working on Odoo Framework and applications.

Hope to have good time in this wonderful and supportive community of developers.

Happy coding.

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Ravi Krishnappa

Happy to see someone with similar past and present. Hope to chat with you soon to laugh at all those high tech things we did in the past and at current trends in web application technologies, Python, Django, Odoo and well maintained ERP and CRM software

bageorge profile image

Hello All,
I came to this space through a link on Ansible by Mr. Mwenda Harun Mbaabu. I am an old timer who saw the evolution of client server from early thick clients to the last century 2-tier/3-tier J2EE model. Now I am learning the same in Cloud especially development. deployment and monitoring cloud native applications in the most popular containerized form.
Wish me good luck

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Felipe Gustavo Braga

I was at "medium" and someone told me:
Hey, why do you do not use
and i: ????
someone: Yes! A very good blog plataform.
and here I am.

I'm a brazilian junior developer.
skills: Django, React, NextJS and a lot of non sense things

mmeurer00 profile image
Maxine Meurer • Edited on

Hi, I’m Maxine!

I joined the DEV community earlier this year, as a way to learn from others and start my own technical blog.

I absolutely love DEV, the community is superb. Almost everyone here is friendly, informative about something, and/or looking to collaborate.

I also really enjoy the listings section, as it gives you a great chance to meet new developers.

Thanks for maintaining such an awesome site!

therceman profile image
Anton • Edited on

Hello Everyone,

My name is Anton and I have recently joined the community.
Already created 3 posts and will be happy to do more soon.
My dev stack: HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL + VueJS


thedevxinitiative profile image

Hi everyone,

We are the DevX Initiative bought to you by the Blockchain project Concordium.

The DevX Initiative is a support program for developers who want to grow in the Rust Ecosystem.

We will publish a blog post on here introducing ourselves and our ethos soon. We're looking forward to connecting with you all.

mozzarellamonster profile image

Hi there!

I'm a newbie to programming with a huge desire to learn all about Computer Science and game development! I'm currently learning Python and Computer Science through Codecademy.

My dream job is to work on game development and I hope to land a remote developer job soon! I'm also a huge horror fan!

Thanks for reading!

luardemin profile image

As a beginner myself, I hope you get there as well. Good luck on your programming pursuits!

mage_ai profile image

Hey DEV community!

Mage is an AI tool built for developers. We'd love to engage with this community and provide any helpful resources along the way.

You can check out some of our blogs on Medium:


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Tommy DANGerous


drilon305 profile image

Drilon here from North Macedonia, im 26 and learning ReactJs

jefferson1104 profile image
Jefferson Soares


My name is Jefferson Soares, i am web developer, i have experiences in javascript and PHP languages, actualy i working with front-end development using reactjs, sass and design system, in alsome works i am use nextjs, gatsbyjs and graphQL.

I am passionated about web development and how to transform people's lives positively, i’m currently studying TypeScript, NodeJS, TDD, DDD and Server side rendering.


dev_geos profile image

Hello, Iam Evrard, self-educated since 5 years.
I used Java, nodejs and angular and now python from 2years. I like it.

I got here via google. I found the community cool. I wanted to register.

Currently, I work on personnal set of html/css components to speed-up frontend of my projets. if it's not too rotten, I would surely share to the public. I remake almost all components from zero and design new.

So, sorry for my bad english.


brandoncharest profile image
Brandon Charest

Hello all,

Iv been coding professionally for ~5 years now. I consider myself a lifelong learner and always looking to learn something new.

I have been thinking about the benefits of starting to blog about programming where I can not only share my learning but also things I find useful/interesting. I think this would be a great way to not only increase my own learning but perhaps someone else will find the information useful as well.

DEV seems like a great area to begin and I look forward to meeting the community.

alwaysherewithme profile image
Wenming Zhou

Hi there 👋, I've just landed 🛬 the DEV community and I'm so excited about the exploration 🧭. It is definitely a great place for me to create and share thoughts 💭 as well as learn from every talent like you 😁!

notwyn profile image

I'm a beginner here! Love coding but don't have much experience. Currently, I‘m working in blockchain industry, but not as a developer. Will always keep learning. Please feel free to communicate with me:)

kees_devreugd profile image
Kees de Vreugd • Edited on

Good day all,

I wanted to know the difference in performance between set.has() and array.includes() in JavaScript and Google was kind enough to bring me here.
As I suspected, set.has() is way more performant, if you're interested.

I'm working in the Maritime Industry, responsible for the safe operation and technical integrity of 20+ seagoing vessels.
Writing code, creating and learning algorithms, is my hobby (almost an unhealthy passion) and although I'm getting quite proficient in JavaScript and just started to learn Python, I still consider myself a noob. Still having difficulties wrapping my head around generators, go figure.
So, I'm sorry to say, I won't be able to contribute much. Just eager to learn as much as possible. You look like a friendly bunch to me, so I'm sure I'm forgiven.

laidah profile image

Hi, I am QA engineer. I've started my blog here just yesterday but I am full of inspiration and dedication.
This is my way to expose my journey of learning Golang and microservice architecture . Hope I can show that making mistakes and not knowing things - is ok. Tha is the best way to learn.

aleecodes profile image

Hi, My name is Alee. I just joined today. As of now I'm trying and struggling to build as many projects as possible and become better.

My portfolio is one of them and soon it will be live. I would love to get ideas and tips from senior devs out here coz I really need it 😅.

mellen profile image
Matt Ellen • Edited on

Welcome to the site. Write a post about your portfolio when it's live and I'm sure people here will be glad to give you ideas.

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kloudja • Edited on

Hi all.

I quit working for companies, with full-time job contract, for about 5 months.

I felt I was just doing stuff that was required for the company but that I had no pleasure doing that stuff. Working most of the times with old technology and working with old-messed-up code from others.

I'm trying to go as a freelancer and learn different technologies doing different courses and reading blogs (like DEV =] ).

Just did my first certificate, AWS Cloud Practitioner. Nothing much but was a good starting point.

Hope I can learn a lot here with all these experienced developers and I hope I can have fun implementing my ideas and getting some money (that is also important :D )

_arnoldho profile image
Arnold Ho

Hi there!

I'm a beginner here in London about to quit my job in finance and start my bootcamp journey. Very little experience coding in MATLAB in university.

Just completed my Ruby tree on codecademy and got to 6kyu in codewars. Am planning on sharing my journey here from day 1 so we can learn together! Also mainly to write notes down that I/other people in my shoes can refer to and find helpful in the future :)

Wish me luck!

khornecoder profile image

Hallo meine Name ist Sascha und ich war 10 Jahre ein Soldat.
Nun nehme ich meinen alten Beruf als Electroniker wieder auf.

Um auf dem Arbeitsmarkt bestehen zu können besuche ich aktuell die Technical collage. Um einen Abschluss als staatlich geprüfter Techniker zu bekommen.

Schon immer interessierte ich mich für Computerwissenschaften.
Im Rahmen meiner Ausbildung muss ich nun programmieren, hauptsächlich in C und Python.

Darüber hinaus interessiere ich mich sehr für it security.

Ich freue mich schon sehr darauf, was man hier alles lernen kann und über spannende Theme aus der Welt der Software Entwicklung und den Computerwissenschaften im allgemeinen zu lesen.

Kurzum ich freue mich auf eine gute Zeit.

voyager_ll profile image
Boštjan Pišler

Hi from Slovenia!

I'm the founder of Space Invoices (, a developer first invoicing API that reduces time-to-market and provides a new revenue stream.

Stack: Docker, MongoDB, Redis, Loopback, Angular 2+

peoplefirstengineering profile image
John Durrant

Hello, I'm John...

I've have been in various Software Engineering and Managerial roles and am currently documenting my thinking about the various factors that make the experience of being a Software Engineer a joyful one, or at least the best it can be.

I'm pulling all of my thinking together into a website which will include protocols for 'People First' Engineering as well as blogs and podcast interviews with Engineers.

I'll be sharing some of my thinking here and am interested in thoughts, feedback and suggestions to improve our collective understanding on how to navigate the 'people' side of Software Engineering.

Website: peoplefirstengineering

beduturgus profile image

Hey, I'm web and cloud developer with 4 years of experience. In the past was quite focused on building things, but recently got interested in community side of software. Looking to share ideas and contribute on topics like node, aws, devOps and engineering in general.

kabidev profile image

New android developer coping with depression and homicidal thoughts. Currently working on my school project to solidify my graduation. I don't know if I am the only one struggling with learning programming.
Decided to look for a community with similar interest to help me grow on in my journey and become a better version of myself. Hopefully we can all be in this journey together.


balint_gyimesi profile image
Balint Gyimesi

Hi Everyone,
I’m a SW dev with 20+ years of experience working for medium to very large companies. Haven’t worked for a startup yet but very interested in keeping the “startup culture“ going in any organization. Left Google after almost 10 years for a variety of reasons but the growing overhead and lack of flexibility was certainly part of it. Curious about where this community is headed, so I’m here :)

neonle96 profile image
Quang "Neon" Le

Graduated a year back with a computer engineering degree. Been QA in both my current and previous position. Always wanted to get a DevOps position but haven't had much luck.

Cluelessly doing LeetCode questions and taking random "devops" tagged courses right now but doesn't seem like a good plan. I'm not familiar with either but I hope I can get some guidance here .

mtefer profile image

new dev here! I just got around this community because of an article that pop up on my google news, talks about devOps. I went through and read all after that i created account and ended up here.
By the way i am a new Java fullstack developer for one of the biggest banks. On top of that I have good experience in mulesoft.So i am here to learn more.