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Welcome Thread - v131

crocodile saying hello

Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. πŸ‘‹

Great to have you in the community!

Discussion (183)

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John Liter

Name is John, and I am here to learn a variety of languages from the community and to also help the community and contribute what I will build. Looking to learn more of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, Python.

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Hello =)

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hello John

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Grey Code

glhf John

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Adam Stark


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Sombir Kumar

Hello John :)

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Muhammad Ibrar


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The Interview Sage

Hello Everyone! Welcome to πŸ‘‹


I write articles on preparing for Software Engineering Interviews. I have published two series on cracking the System Design and Behavioral interviews. You can read them by clicking the following links.

Cracking the System Design Interview:

Cracking the Behavioral Interview:

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Its a great help thanks!

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The Interview Sage

Awesome! Thanks πŸ˜€

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Erin Cola

Hey everyone! My name is Erin and I recently graduated from Flatiron's Software Engineer bootcamp. I am super new to the tech world coming from the hospitality industry but I found a passion in creating through code I didn't know I had and am very excited to see where this next step of my career switch journey takes me!

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Andrew Crenwelge

Hello Erin, welcome to the tech world! :)

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Jonah Pickett

I also have a background in hospitality! It's awesome to see so many different people from different backgrounds getting into tech!

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Hello! :)

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Ujjawal Sharma

Hello Erin

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hello Erin

ellysonporto profile image

Hi everyone. I am a Front-end Developer working with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (Modern and ES6), Node.js, React and Ruby. I am practicing the skills of backend at the moment to improve my habilities and get a chance to work in a company.

hedwardd profile image
Heath Daniel

Hey everyone! I'm a (mostly) self-taught full-stack web developer and have been at it for a little over a year now. I was a product manager before and am now looking to get my first full-time developer role.

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Mouhamad mrad

Hello everyone, Mouhamad here .
Faculty of Law and business management. Director of Mr.Twins Formwork Pty ltd "construction". A beginner in the coding world I was looking up ways to support and grow my business so I can support our people back in my country .the care and support I seen in the community was a big motivation to get here so thx U all guys .

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Saeed Tal

Name is Tal, and I am here to interact with and form as many connections as I can with the community. I am hoping to learn more about Python, Java, Javascript and C here, as well as hone my coding skills. Thanks for having me.

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Harsh Karn

Hello everyone! The name visible should be Harsh Karn. I am currently a web dev intern and struggling through React. I was watching a video of Learn With Jason where he searched someone whose article was on this platform, hence I joined it.

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please embed this ;)

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Hi Everyone, I've been a front-end developer for a couple years. Currently I'm developing custom solutions on SharePoint using HTML/CSS/JS. I'm looking to get into a more JS-specific role( thinking back-end) and dabble in some game development.

rupeshpandey profile image

Name is Rupesh Pandey, and I am here to learn a variety of languages from the community and to also help the community and contribute what I will build. Looking to learn more of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, Python.

virginiel profile image

Hi, my name's Virginie. I'm French and very new to dev. I'm changing my career and actually learning web development with a bootcamp school. I started quite 2 months ago, everything is new for me and it's so great! I came here following a link that was interesting me and found it nice πŸ‘.

komfysach profile image
Sachin Lendis

Hi! I'm Sachin from Cape Town. I love working with Go, React, Python and Solidity. I come from a multimedia design background, currently studying a B.Sc in Business and Comp Sci, transitioning into full-stack dev. Looking forward to learning, contributing and growing with the DEV community!

allthecode profile image
Simon Barker

Hi everyone,

I love to code and see all the new people coming to the amazing career but have noticed that there is a gap in help for people between learning to code and getting their first job so have made to address this.

Will be sharing on DEV to get your thoughts and see other ways I can help people.


mclifford profile image
Clifford M

Hello am Clifford. Am new here and looking forward to learn from this community and contribute to projects. I love to code and I have some basics in HTML and CSS and I want to learn more as in React Js, Bootstrap, Java. I just happy to be here...

bhohensee profile image
Bruce Hohensee

Hi! I'm Bruce from Sila Money Inc. Looking to expand may network. Let me know if you have any questions about Sila?

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Omeiza Owuda

Hello everyone, my name is Omeiza. I am a Senior Software Engineer looking to get back into the community, learn more and contribute (especially to open source projects). I am very pleased to here. I work with HTML, CSS (SCSS), JavaScript, Node.js, React, Python and PHP.

devsimplicity profile image
DS: Simple, Not Easy • Edited on


I'm new here, seems like a nice place.

I've been a full-stack dev and sysadmin for 20+ years. I'll be writing mostly about simplifying things in web & software development in general.
My website is

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I'm Max, a code newbie, here to connect, learn, contribute and be part of a community. I'm currently learning JS and React Js (for the love of great frontend design) the past 6 months and so far so good. I hope i'll make great friendships here. +254

valeria27 profile image

Hello!! My name is Valeria and I am studying web development in Freecodecamp and the odin project. My plan is to become a Front-end Developer and get an intership in a startup :) (more working less talking xD)

vinoths143 profile image
Vinoth Subramani Udaiyar

I am vinoth, working as consultant in Jio platforms ltd. I am very interesting to learn data science (Machine Learning, deep learning, computer vision, NLP), statistics, AWS, SQL, MongoDB, Python.
Please ping me if anyone willing to discuss with me in this field.

swvangil profile image

Hello everyone! I'm Stan. My personal tech stack (experience plus aspirational) includes Python, Go, GitHub, PyCharm, Goland, and all things JetBrains, MongoDB, Javascript, JSON, Raspberry Pi, AWS and Alexa devices, and related stuff. I'm also creating new online courses for my favorite tech topics (such as concurrency in Go) and always looking for people to review my courses before launch and provide suggestions for improvement. OR I will trade reviews / feedback with other instructors. Look forward to connecting!

shyhiemgilbert profile image

Shyhiem here, I studied some programming languages in University 4 years ago, HTML, CSS, SQL, C++ and JavaScript, however I was one of the worst performers in the class and this was a deterrent for me, I hated coding. However I stuck with it and enrolled on a bootcamp course for front end and back end software development. Here I learnt more HTML, CSS and JavaScript and what was new for me was making a responsive website and using BootStrap. Included in the course was back end technologies such as ASP.NET and I learnt about MVC and relational databases and how to deploy a website. I completed 3 projects including a website with a CRUD database functionality and a portfolio.

With the correct mindset of believing that I can code, I have been following tutorials online to learn Python. I have uploaded the code to some projects I have completed following tutorials, and my next step is to create some projects without using a tutorial to give myself confidence that I can actually code.
Thanks for reading.

ssalanitri profile image
Sergio Salanitri

Hi, my name is Sergio, I happy to join in this community , I loking for more and better experiencies in blockchain devs , React frameworks and java scripts tips.
I did write article to solidity development to introduce this programming language.

pablobastidasv profile image

Hi all, I'm Pablo, a Colombian Java developer that has been looking for a place where to share his experiences but who always have been afraid of doing it, finally I have decided to face my fears and this community looks to be the best for this. Hoping to learn a lot and, who knows, illuminate somebody with my experiences.

avinashuttav profile image
Avinash Uttav • Edited on

Hi everyone, here to learn full stack development, using, React/Next/Node/Typescript/Golang

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

Great to have you!

ujju20 profile image
Ujjawal Sharma

Hello This is Ujjawal Sharma, Engineering Student at IIT BHU Varanasi. I have interest in tech.I am currently learning MERN Stack and I have joined this to increase my knowlegde of web dev and to share my experience.

ajmalbaba profile image

Hello Folks,
Nice to be a part of this wonderful community where we all grow our skills by sharing and learning with each other .
Anyone interesting in latest services of AWS, please have a look into my blog where I am writing mostly about newly launched AWS Services. My blog link is

Your feedback will be appreciated!


zigrazor profile image

Hi, I'm ZigRazor. I'm a software developer specialized in C++ and Python Application.
I hope to find community support for my open source work.

This is my GitHub Profile

GitHub logo ZigRazor / ZigRazor

My Profile Readme

Hi πŸ‘‹, I'm Zig Razor

I'm a Software Engineer. I love programming, and low level problems. I'm interested in CyberSecurity, Machine Learning, Advanced Algorithms.

ZigRazor StackOverflow


zigrazor Blog Post

And this is my actual main is an header-only C++ library for Graph representation, manipulation, partitioning and algorithms called CXXGraph. All contributions are welcome ( also a simple star if you like it ).

Thank you so much.
Best Regards.