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Welcome Thread - v107

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Creepy Raccoon Welcome

Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!

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olsha100 profile image

Hi All, I started to learn web development a few months ago and I'm really into it! Looking for new inspirations in web design and exprertise of dev community :) I'm mostly into frontend but I'd like to dive into backend technologies soon.

gtamp profile image
Giannis Tampakakis

Enjoy the journey!

brojenuel profile image
Jenuel Oras Ganawed

welcome 😁👍

mjan123 profile image
alolimad4 profile image

Welcome brov

k_norful profile image
Kristopher Norful

Hello Olsha!

sakshams1ngh profile image
subzero1 profile image
julienmcoding profile image

Welcome Olsha100 !

hassanismailtech profile image

Nice, same here

drobb2020 profile image
David Robb

Hey everyone, Looking to learn from the talent here. I'm working on multiple languages such as Python, Django, Javascript, node.js and React.
Looking forward to learning more from the community.

brojenuel profile image
Jenuel Oras Ganawed

Nice To Meet You 😁👍

coffeesquirrel profile image


sdocanto profile image
Silvana Do Canto

Hi all from Montevideo, Uruguay.

I am starting my way in programming.
This year began with a challenge with 3 friends to develop a survey website for companies.
Being new I'm going to need help.
On Twitter I follow Anubhav Singhal @anubhavitis .
This is how I discovered this community.
I am happy to get to know you better.

anubhavitis profile image
Anubhav Singhal ☃️

Welcome to the club!

tanaypingalkar profile image
Tanay Pingalkar

Bro I have saw you on Twitter.

rehan124 profile image
Rehan Jamali

Hello! I'm Rehan Jamali from Pakistan. Basically I have much graphic designing experience, now I started to learn web Development through a Bootcamp.. I'm trying to have some friends specialists to learn about Coding.. we'll keep connected... Hope, this community will be best and inspiration for me...

brojenuel profile image
Jenuel Oras Ganawed

Nice To Meet You 😁👍

harnarayans profile image
Har Narayan Singh

Hi All,
I have been programming for 7 years in In-house technologies of SAP( like ABAP, SAPUI5, HANA, SCP) which are developed solely for the business apps.
Recently started exploring the open source world and developed few cool apps in Flutter-Firebase and now learning React to develop their Web-counterparts because flutter web is still experimental and not very satisfying.

brojenuel profile image
Jenuel Oras Ganawed

Nice To Meet You 😁👍

brojenuel profile image
Jenuel Oras Ganawed

What a wonderful day to all of you, I am a web/software dev. I am Jenuel Ganawed or just call me Bro Jenuel, I just want to say thanks to the dev community for sharing your thoughts, ideas, and others here in,, I joined DevTo to learn new ideas from the dev community. You can also check me here

davidbyttow profile image
David Byttow

Hello! Long time lurker, but just now joining. I've been working as an engineer for over 20 years. I started in the video game industry working on console games for Xbox/PS2 and then went on to work at places like Google, Square, Snapchat, Postmates, etc. I'm currently a Senior Architect at Bridgewater. I occasionally post on YouTube and on my blog (see profile). AMA or feel free to reach out.

kengara profile image
Geoffrey Ontiri

Thank you will definitely zoom in

theshakeabhi profile image

Hey, good people of the internet! :D
Been recently trying to upskill myself and here I am, to learn a lot of things from you people!
I am currently a software developer inter who's learning ReactJS.
And I guess (most probably) I would be jotting down my tech path here as weekly blogs!
Looking forward to learn and grow!

gtamp profile image
Giannis Tampakakis

Greetings people!
Enthousiastic DevOps person here! Can't decide into what I wan't to dig deeper first: Linux and Bash, Python, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, AWS and GCP... I wish there were more hours in a day :)
Hope to learn a lot from AND give something back to this community.
See ya around!

optimbro profile image

Someone said lower down your expectations is best. As I'm also stuck between cs50 and TheOdinProject, but not anymore 😁

jordypena profile image
Jordy Pena

My name is Jordy and a fellow friend/mentor recommended that I immerse myself in the dev world. It's not enough to graduate from a bootcamp, and practice code, build projects. But I want to read articles stay current on new tech and see what others have to say. I'm here to learn and grow as a new dev.

moutasim profile image
Moutasim EL Ayoubi

Hello everyone,
I am a 1st year software engineer who have a wide variety of information in many fields of computer and it's science, I got my hobby of programming long time ago when I was 14-15 years old, and now I am 18, It firstly started by mistakenly formatting my sister phone, from there I started developing/Designing website front-end, with publishing apps in play store and other leading Stores in the web(currently stopped), till now I am trying hard day by day, to self develop my knowledge and my career experience to reach the best I can be

kamalnrf profile image

Hey all, Now mostly I am working on improving my skills with Animations in React Native. I have been taking notes from William Candillon ( youtube and I also subscribed to his course on react-native-reanimated.

alegarciy profile image
Alegarciy 🇨🇷 🤖

Hi, I started on social media like Twitter.

I am in my second year of college. 🔥 I have enjoyed Twitter because I met awesome people that helped me grow as a programmer. Love web dev and UX design 😍.

I hope I can meet new awesome people like on Twitter and also I can help people too. 🙈

shridhark_dev profile image
Shridhar Kamat

Hello 👋 , I started web development during the lockdown period, gradually shifting from Arduino to the Web. I currently know about React.js, Bootstrap, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS and I am looking forward to explore the world of front-end development and about.

nishikant007 profile image
Nishi Kant

Hi All,
I am an aspiring full stack developer. I have majority of my experience in back end and Database development. Recently i have started my hands on web technologies e.g. Angular, node.js, react etc along with expanding my tech horizon into Python, Pyspark, AWS etc. I am here to collborated my learning journey with this tech community.

devpool3000 profile image

Hey everyone, my goal is to help beginners and juniors to succeed in the tech world! So I created a youtube channel that helps to accomplish the goal. Have a look and I wish you all good luck!

vishkid84 profile image

Hi all, I recently started stepping into the web development world through a full stack web development course. I have been learning both frontend like CSS and JS, and backend like Flask, MongoDB and Django. Looking forward to learning more from the community.

santinoka profile image

Hello everyone! I am from Sudan, this is my first day in dev community here. I just finished my full Stack developer's course on another community called sololearn, a great place too. I worked on Angular + Nestjs and I really enjoyed my journey through out the course. I am currently learning TypeScript as you might know its the core language in Angular. I am just very grateful being here and hope to learn more. Thank you all!

brpgit2020 profile image
Bruno Pereira Alves

Olá o meu nome é Bruno Pereira, Sou de Minas Gerais - Brasil, tenho 36 anos Sou cadeirante. Sou novo na área da programação estou aqui para aprender e compartilhar um pouco do meu conhecimento, eu tenho muito que apreender.


Hello my name is Bruno Pereira, I am from Minas Gerais - Brazil, I am 36 years old I am a wheelchair user. I'm new to programming and I'm here to learn and share some of my knowledge, I have a lot to learn.

adilsher profile image
Adil Sher

Hello, I hope it reaches more people out there. Since, I am new to this platform and having a passion to write code. I am learning to code in java these days.

Hoping to learn more from this platform and join common people to grow as a community.

Happy learning everyone!

belyakov_petr profile image
Petr Belyakov

Hi everyone!
I am backend developer and teamlead from Russia.
Usualy I work with Java but I'd like to dive into Python and Golang.
Big linux fan!
I started learn english (sorry for my grammar :)) and come here for dive in language environment and learning more from the community.

Nice to meet you!

debrode profile image
Debarun Roy

Hey developers, I am a senior year CS undergrad from India, passionate about web development and ML algorithms, also I love competitive programming and a 4* coder at CodeChef(beginner!!), I am here to gain experiences from developers before jumping into a fully professional world from college, very happy to be here.

guiheurich profile image
Gui Heurich

Hi everyone,

I've been a dev for a year and an anthropologist for a long time. Currently, I write ruby and research the ruby community as well. Let me know if you want to know more about my research.


williamfullsta1 profile image

Hi, My name is William. I am new here. I started to learn web development. I enroll in Full Sail University as a Web Development and I am part of codecademy. I am grateful to be part of this community too. How are you doing?

optimbro profile image

Hello everyone 😁

I'm a self taught fullstack developer from future. Right now struggling with tutorial hell. Stuck between cs50 and TheOdinProject. Though today decided to continue with TheOdinProject, let's see how it goes...

Cheers 😊

prasanna28devadiga profile image

Hi everyone, I'm Prasanna, a CS sophomore. I'm into AI and love reading about it. Am trying my best to get into a writing habit ( new year resolution). I recently wrote my first post. Looking forward to meeting lots of new people :). Feel free to give me critical feedback.

lindart92 profile image
Linda Reyes Tovar

I am Linda designer looking for new paths so I began with CSS and HTML
I would love to ask for:

  1. Some great books that I should read to fall more in love with programming
  2. Some advice on how to perform in Github as a beginner?
  3. Thanks for reading and share with me your knowledge
learntocodequickly profile image
Learn to Code Quickly

Hi everyone, my name's Nate, and I recently decided to change career paths. I stopped working my previous job and am dedicating myself to learning to code 10 hours a day, 6 days a week. I'm focused on front-end, CSS/HTML/JavaScript at the moment, but I appreciate the tsunami of what I don't know yet, so we'll see where this takes me.

My fun fact would probably be that I've planted over half a million trees by hand.

I'm document my coding journey at if you'd like to check it out!


biancaguzenski profile image
Bianca Guzenski

Hey, everyone :) Nice to meet you all!
I'm Bianca, from Brasil. I've been studying computer science for the past eight months at home. I'm studying Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL right now, and i'm enjoying every second of it! I'm interested in collaboration, open source projects and any other way of learning more and practicing my skills.
Feel free to contact me if you want to :)

sudipto05 profile image

Hiya. Hobbyist web Dev here. I love Ruby and working in new tech. Though on the day job, I implement supply chain on ERP for clients. Would love to meet new folks here and I also love anime <3

Will post on what I am working. So do follow me