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dev.to staff on March 04, 2019

Hey there! Welcome to dev.to! `var developer = magician` Leave a comment below to introduce yourself to the community! ✌️ Here are some ideas... [Read Full]
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Hello All,
I am Tresor Kazadi beginner to the world of frontend developer.
I love programming and I am here to learn more and enhance my skills.

Thank again and I hope that my journey here will be just a new adventure and let play it.
"Knowledge is shareable"


Great slogan. Knowledge is shareable and nobody can take out from you.


Thank Ribeiro on my keyboard I can only write your second name lol.

"ã" can be typed with Alt + 0227, if you have a numberpad or numberpad emulator. Welcome to the community!



Welcome to this community. I hope you have a great full conversation ahead.



My name is Shannon and I'm an application developer. Currently learning ruby on rails and trying to connect with other developers.


Hello everyone! I'm excited to join this community. I came here after seeing some developers on Twitter talking about it and hearing an interview on the Learn to Code With Me Podcast talking about this site.

I'm currently working with React and hope to move into Node and/or another back end language soon.

I look forward to some great conversation with you all!


Welcome, Jonathan!

You can learn a lot from the Node docs, especially if you want to build a small webserver for a side project.


Hey Jesse! Thank you for the great tip and I generally like to start with the docs when learning a new piece of technology so this is great news!


Hello there everyone!

Brief blurb on my then-to-now: I've been on a programming journey since early high school. I made some 2D and 3D games in engines not meant for game development (Java Swing and Python Tkinter) and feel in love with making things move on a computer screen. Around college I decided I wanted to find a better direction; many podcasts and tutorials later I fell into the lap of front-end web development.

Worked in AngularJS (the first one, not the fancy TypeScript mini-verse) after an internship and started figuring out / struggling with JavaScript. Then I found ReactJS and something about the component based system just clicked with me. After that I started branching out with Hackathons and personal projects, then got a little more serious with organizations on campus at Georgia Tech.

Today I'm tinkering with SvelteJS and loving every minute of it. Happy to join dev.to to share my story going forward! 😊


My brother! 😉 Welcome to the community!

Have you ever tried Xenko? I haven't gotten around to it yet, but I enjoy C# and thought it might be fun to experiment with.


Hi, I'm Dash. I'm currently on my 65th day of #100daysofcode. I had a small amount of coding experience before #100daysofcode, but I'm definitely much more comfortable now that I'm serious about my daily coding routine.

My main focus right now is front end web dev, but in the past I tried my hand at ruby on rails, swift, and arduino. In the future I'm interested in learning full stack dev, progressive web apps, react native, and machine learning.

I joined because I'm trying to figure out how I can give my time to code newbies who need help one-on-one. While stackoverflow is great, I found it intimidating as a newbie and really was looking for one-on-one interactions. But I was often afraid to ask for help thinking I'd waste others' time or look stupid. I would love to help create more opportunities for people to get and provide help. I want to encourage others' to rid their fears of asking for or offering help.


Hi all,

My name is Prabu. I'm been doing this for a little over a decade. From Haskell/C/Java/php during my university days to JS/C#/{name your FE framework} mostly during my career.

I'm currently working in a team, building and designing web applications end to end. Mostly working in JS/TS, React and C# these days.

I'm still very passionate about this stuff - looking forward to learning lots here!


Hello! I've dabbled in HTML, CSS, PHP, and more recently and extensively, I've been having fun with Python and Jupyter.

I'm interested in data science, security, cryptography, and much much more. I'm just a physics student at UCL, exploring potential avenues.


Welcome, Byron!

I've been living the Python/Jupyter life for a few months for a project at work. Have you seen Cookiecutter Data Science?


Oh wow, this is great. Thanks for sharing! I'll try to understand how it's implicated. It's to make it easier to share Jupyter files on GitHub, right?

It’s just an opinionated project structure for doing the work, that’s all. 😊

Thanks for sharing Jesse! It is an awesome layout for Data Science project structure!


My favorite project is... working on dev.to! 🙃 My secret side project is a close second though.


Hi All,

My name is Andrea. I'm the author of codingwithflutter.com. I created this YouTube channel and Medium blog to help people learning Flutter.

I'm just finding my way around here. But it looks to be an amazing community, and I'm looking forward to connecting with many of you.

My favorite language? Markdown! 😉



Welcome Andrea. Looking forward to some tutorials!


Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to introduce myself, and say that I'm excited to be a part of DEV, and to take advantage of the learning and networking opportunities here.

I'm a full stack developer, but I've been out of the game for a while. I had been working in Web Analytics for the past few years, mostly just writing JavaScript for marking tag implementations, but my passion has always been web development.

I'm hoping over the next few months, with some intense catching up, I can start a web dev position somewhere, or start my own freelance/company.

Right now I'm diving head first into Laravel and VueJS, and pretty much anything that is frontend related, since that has been my weakest area. I had never really used a CSS framework, so I've decided to start getting familiar with those. I'm also learning SCSS now, which I'm totally loving.



Welcome Hernán.
What are your favorites languages?


Hey all,
I'm Granze an Italian living in Amsterdam passionate about javascript and web standards in general.
I just published my first article, let me know what you think. ;)


Hi guys!

I'm an Italian Frontend Developer based in Bologna. I'm obsessed with web performances and User Experience oriented products.

I'm currently working hard on the path to learn Rust because I think it's an incredible language for incredible performances.

Write to me anytime! Cheers!


Hello everyone

Just chiming in to say hi!
Hoping to get involved with an awesome community of awesome developers.

I work as a frontend developer / consultant in Denmark, where I also do my very best to keep our internal FE team up to date on the web platform. (so dev.to is perfect, right?)

Currently getting into more testing and my ever growing passion for web components.
Hoping to write more this year and speak at meetups.

Hoping to learn a lot here!


Hello people,
I am Shad and I am a JavaScript Developer working on React Native.
Coding is one of my hobbies which I have turned into my profession.
One of my friend recommended me this community and I am looking to have an amazing learning experience over here.


Hello World! My name is Ashley. I'm trying to break into the Front-End Developer world. I am self taught because college is too expensive(still paying off my psych degree).

I'm hoping to learn as much as possible from this community and looking for any advice/direction. Hopefully someday soon I can pay it forward.

def welcome(name):
  print(f'Welcome to the community, {name}!')


Hello All,

I am Tarun Nagpal, By profession I am a Full Stack Developer and having 8 years of experience. In the free time I travel and write blogs while listening to Radio.

I am here to learn new trends in JavaScript/Frontend


Hi, all!
I'm a looong, looong time developer, from scientific programmable calculators eras, mid 80s.
Moved from MS and DR DOS, to several Win*s, User/Server space, worke for several *nixes, falled in love with Linux, from pre-1 to present.
Developed on COBOL, Fortran, Basic (I admit that), Bash, Python, Ruby.
Worked at integration, setworking, securing, architecturing, keeping alive almost every platform and app I've found.
Currently al BPM (Oracle, Bizagi, JBpm).
Backend/Frontend, AppServers or standalone apps, x86/Arm/RISC/older 80xxx experiences.
Curious and studying AR/VR, AI and deep learning.
I'm ALWAYS curious about people's experiences, always learning about them.
I felt this is an amazing place for personal and professional experiences sharing.


Hello, World!
My name is Joel and I am an Angular developer, converting to the more popular React library!

I have done a lot of development with the Ionic Framework and I want to get better with React so I can show people how to integrate Ionic into React projects!

I would love to connect and work with other react and angular developers to explore where Ionic can take us!



I feel like a broken record saying it again, but I also went from Angular to React. It's been a great journey!



Hey thanks for the reply!
have you worked with Ionic on either?

I never did, though I toyed around with a project for a few days, an opinionated scaffolding built with Angular-CLI's schematics that included ionic and had the structure separated for mobile, web, etc. I can't remember the name.

Oh ok. I was solely using Ionic with angular for a while just because all the native style heavy lifting was taken care of

Its in beta for React now since v4 has switched the Ionic components to be written as web components instead of Angular, so all those features are here/coming soon!


Hello All,

I am Edward Muller, I'm generally @freeformz everywhere on the internet.

I've worked in pretty much every area of tech: from a PC tech, to a LAN tech (think Novell's Netware or Windows NT over 10 and 100BaseT), to a network engineer, to data cabler (Which I'm terrible at), to a software developer (everything from shareware distributed on 3.5" floppies to open source software), to a software engineer, to a business owner, to a startup employee, to working for large corporations.

Given ~30 years of amateur and professional experience, I have a love/hate relationship with technology. But I got into it because I had itches to scratch and that is what largely keeps me in tech. It's a rather "easy" way to make a living and provide for a family.

When I'm not doing "tech", I can be found playing Overwatch, cooking, helping out with Go Bridge, hanging out with my family, reading a book, riding a motorcycle, or watching a movie/tv.


Hello everyone!
My name is Atul and I'm currently studying as an undergraduate in Computer Science. Besides college I'm trying to finish the freeCodeCamp curriculum on web development. I'm done with the responsive web design part and hope to start learning JavaScript soon.


Hi Atul! Nice to meet you! Welcome to Dev.to! 😁 let me know if you have any questions!


Hi everybody,

My name is Lior Messinger and I'm the creator of Servo, the smartest conversational AI framework to date (well, at least I think so...). it's open source and very visual - just check it out at github.com/servo-ai/servo-platform (and star it, of course :-))

many thanks!
-- Lior


Hiya folks! My name is Andrea and I'm a freelance developer. I like to make stuff in my spare time and atm I'm learning node after working for a long time with rails.

I was sick of medium and all the bloody popups and read about this platform on twitter. You guys have a good one ahead 👋



I came across your site through from Benjamin Dowen, in a LinkedIn post by Angie Jones of Test Automation U (testautomationu.applitools.com)

To increase my skillset and knowledge base, I have been taking Lynda.com courses (free through public library), Udacity.com (also free courses) as well as Test Automation U courses.

All 3 sites have excellent testing courses.



I am literally just beginning to learn development. I have played with GitHub and WordPress with little success. Obviously my lack of knowledge is the reason ha. Will be starting The Odin Project promptly.
Need help with how to take notes and what software that all beginners need.


Hola Dev community,

I’m Christopher and I’m a Full-Stack Web Developer. I like all things OSS and Linux. Currently running Pop!_OS, working mostly with Node.js and standard web languages. Looking forward to learning from this community.


Hello fellow devs,

My name is Chris and I just started my software journey 5 months ago. I self-taught myself a bit of front-end on Freecodecamp before growing my skills towards back end Software dev.

I am currently in a fast track program geared towards object oriented programming and I have really been enjoying myself. Comfortable in the. Net environment along with C#. Learning Java and Android Studio. Also on the side doing some small projects on Flutter.

Thanks for having me, hopefully I can contribute to meaningful discussions to what seems like a great community. I've always enjoyed reading the posts on Dev.


Hello everyone,

I'm Akarsh; I live and work as Junior Software Engineer in Berlin, GERMANY.
I am learning Java and Swift. I co-organize Swift Co-learning meetup group in Berlin. I dance swing. I listen to every kind of music. I am here at dev.to to get motivated from other developers and to get connected with other developers.

I believe anyone can do anything.


Hi everyone! I'm Suta from Bali, Indonesia. I'm a Physics and Math teacher in high school. I just started to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript hoping someday I can build and publish my own website to share knowledge and ideas about Science and Math for kids and teachers in Indonesia. Thank you!


Hola, everyone!

My name is Andrew and I'm passionate about Linux, open source software, and teaching tech! I specialize in making tech seem accessible to those who might believe they'll never be smart enough to learn this or that. You can do it!

I don't really believe in "smart" and "dumb". I believe in hard work.

If you're willing to put the work in, you're going to be just fine...and I'll help you get there! :)

I remember what it was like to know nothing in any given subject. I try very hard to keep that in mind when I teach. There are no stupid questions or stupid people. I will never look down at a learner, teach "above their head", or let them feel like they can't do it.

I'm excited to help everyone see what they can do!

I look forward to being a part of this community of teachers and students! :)


I'm PrinceCEE, I'm an aspiring full stack developer. I'd like to have a mentor. I'm open to more learning.

I'm currently doing nodeJs with express framework.


Hi all,

I'm Andrea, and I work in the intersection between computer science and maths, mainly implementing solving algorithms for industrial combinatorial optimisation problems. I just love solving problems!

I also love coding, been doing it for 18+ years now, working mostly with Java and C++. I'm particularly interested in clean coding and best practices, but I also love to play around with new technologies, trying out new libraries, most recently in Python.

Are there any other math lovers around? :-)


Hi All,

I'm Daniel, Its good to be here. I'm open to learn and read as I understand development is a journey.

Fomally a frontend designer but at present a Business Intelligence Developer in a tech company in Lagos, Nigeria.
Looking forward to a Product managemanagement role as I love to see through products.


Hey guys,

I am Vikram Sahu and I am a developer advocate at pepipost.com an Email Service Provider.
I believe in learning and sharing whatever knowledge I have.
I love programming and designing.
Happy for getting connected with skilled tech guys.

Currently working on GOlang, Linux, and DevOps.

would love to have good conversation further!


Hi, name is Jaco, currently software engineer at Traveloka.com working on web engineering team, most fav project? React x xmpp webchat! Shout-out to wesbos & scott tolinski for their free courses that took me here!


Hi everyone! My name is Aishwarya but you can call me Ash. I'm here to start over and become the front-developer I've always wanted to be but without constantly comparing myself to others. I plan on prioritizing a foundation in basic JavaScript concepts, avoid getting overwhelmed by the plethora of JS frameworks & libraries out there, and documenting my progress.

I can't wait to get started on this adventure! :)


Hello world!

This is Koch, from Mali studying in NYC.
I have been teaching myself Android development ( Android SDK and Kotlin) for the past 3-4 months.
Had no programming experience beside knowing some basic JavaScript.

Learning Kotlin has been fun and exciting so far. Still a long a way to go, but I feel very positive about it.
I recently read somewhere that in order to learn to code, the best way is to build an app that solves a personal problem.

I have found an issue that's been bugging me and I couldn't find any app that solves it. I understand what I need to do as I broke down the problem.
Then I had no clue how to implement my idea into code or a data set. When I googled "coding problem-solving concept", you guessed it ? I saw an article from Ali about beginner not understanding the different concept of implementing solution to their problems.. anyway, took a lil tour around the website, and felt like home. SIGNED UP!


Hi everyone!

I'm a software developer. I'm here because I'm looking to surround myself with as many knowledgeable developers as possible. I'm trying to increase my skill set as I'm looking for new employment. I learned about the dev.to community after listening to an episode of the Software Engineering Daily podcast that featured Ben.

I have about 5 years of software development work experience. However, all of that experience has been with one employer. I primarily work in a somewhat obsolete technology called PowerBuilder which was pretty popular in the 90s (or so I'm told). I'm currently working on taking the next step in my development career because I fear working solely in PowerBuilder is hurting my marketability. I'm currently learning Ruby on Rails. There's a pretty large Ruby on Rails community in my area. I'm really enjoying it so far! It's my first venture into web development in general, so I've got a lot to learn.

Looking forward to participating in this great community!


Hi everyone! My name is Natalie and I’m an aspiring developer that enjoys HTML and CSS and is diving into JavaScript. I’m currently working on Colt Steele’s Web Dev boot camp on Udemy and hoping to revise my portfolio and get my first dev job.

I was brought here by links I’ve seen shared on Twitter and friend in the Google Women Techmakers community.

Feel free to say hello!


Hi Everyone,

I am Sanjiv Soni, working as a Data Scientist at Montane Ventures based out of Bangalore, India. Happy to join this community ! I work with Python Open Source Stack (Jupyter, Numpy, Pandas etc. )to solve problems at work. I hope I can contribute and learn from the amazing community here.

Thanks !

Cheers :)


I am Isaac Krementsov, a student and developer from Vermont. I enjoy building both web and mobile applications. I also have dabbled in robotics programming as a part of my school's robotics team. I am currently learning about Machine Learning and Java's Spring framework.

I look forward to sharing and gaining useful knowledge here!


Hello Everyone,

My name is Hashim Shafique. I am a beginner also. I have started off with Java/Android. I am trying super charging my programming skills through different sources like online tutorials, books, blogs and sometimes using Udacity Android Nanodegree program. It's been a great learning experience for me. Most of the time I feel like I am banging my head towards a brick wall and sometimes it feels like I am the King of coding.

Importer Syndrome has always been a good friend of mine but I never stop trying. To me learning is very important and I think that's a good part as they say Learning process always goes on!


Hi everyone! I'm excited to join this community. My name is Mohammad am an iOS developer working in Dubai. Currently am learning about serverless, Node js and Go lang. I write blog posts on medium from time to time. 👋


This is a bit late - but good to meet you Mohammad! I'm excited to be on DEV too :)


Hi Friends!
I am a self-taught Web Developer at a little video game studio just outside of Atlanta. I work on a small development team of 3. My team works primarily on the React platform with some php for the Wordpress side, which we have set up for content creators to publish blogs and news.

I love learning about where Web Development is going, and I really enjoy learning and understanding new things! I am currently focusing my efforts on better architecting of my code, and I hope to start learning Python soon!


Hi! 👋

I'm a dev who wears many hats, but I mostly write in PHP, SQL, and PowerShell. Some of my other hats:

  🧢 Everything Drupal
  🧢 Office 365 administration
  🧢 Identity management
  🧢 Navigating my way through the wide world of OnBase
  🧢 Helping others learn more about the tech they use every day

I'm usually a bit shy in public forums, but this seems like a friendly community, so I hope I can both learn and participate here!


I discovered this community by accident, but I liked it so much..
My name is Houda, I'm a data engineer and gdg casablanca organizer also a WTM ambassador this is my profile womentechmakers.com/ambassadors/ho... .
happy to learn and share with all of you!


Hi Houda! Welcome to Dev.to! I’m excited to see what you share. Let me know if you have any questions!


Hello everyone.My name is Winnie...my first ever post here..
I have an immense love for frontend development and tech in general..
Looking forward to learning and as well as sharing knowledge and resources😀


I'm Badr , Moroccan software Developer /Designer . I found the platform few days a go and i really appreciate the community and the interactions .

Hope will passed a good moments !

i'm working around Java & OSS technologies , making some API , crafting codes , deploying to the Cloud ....etc

Discuss soon :) !


Hello world! 👋

I am Liz, a full stack developer who cares deeply about design, UX, and accessibility... and who also spent 10 years as a strategy consultant.

I am interested in code, design, data, business, and have been a long term lurker of dev.to. I decided to finally sign up for an account today after reading a lot of the #shecoded posts.

Happy to be here and coding a better future together!


Hi everyone.
I am Sagar, from Delhi, India, in Tallinn, Estonia now.

I want to improve the safety of online environment for businesses to operate in. Learning Python to enable that.

I like connecting to people. And I like being helped and helping.


Hello All,

I'm a front developper. I love to discover new ideas and to exchange about it.
I see every disagreement as an opportunity to find a better solution .

Hope to have a lot of interesting discussion on this site


Hi All,

I discovered this place from an interview with Ben on Indie Hackers podcast.

I am from Azerbaijan and living in Amsterdam. My profession is a Software Developer and I am doing some side projects to create my own profitable business one day.

I am working on the foodieadvice.com together with my wife, which helps travelers to discover new foods in cities.


I am Kaja and I am a web developer (mainly backend in Ruby) since 2 years.

Things I like:

  • Dancing
  • Bacon flavoured chips
  • Lambdas in Ruby

I would love to contribute more to open source code (did once at Discourse) but I have trouble to find time for it.


Hi there!!! Happy to be a part of such wonderful community.


Hi Patricia! Welcome to dev.to! 👋 I see you love data. If you haven't already, consider giving Helen a follow.

helenanders26 image

Here's her latest article



Perpetual learner, currently enjoying being a beginner at OpenBSD.

Home is where the tmux, git and Vim are.

This year is whooshing by fast, but hoping to add Perl to my toolkit, develop WP2Static into a great product and grow a digital agency with a friend.

Looking to add some articles on OpenBSD, particularly to help beginners while I can still relate to being one. Also, with a focus on WordPress, both hosting caveats on OpenBSD and all the ins and outs of converting and hosting a WP site statically.

10 year plan - learn Haskell.


Hello all, I've jumped into Dev, self taught Angular & Ionic for the past couple of years. Designed my first app (TrimAlly) and always want to learn more and grow. Know this when I see some beautifully clean code and always wonder "man, wish I could write like this" 😀


Hi everyone!

My name is Keith. I'm a 26 year old MSc Economics student in Scotland but I'm from the US (fun-fact: I'm a dual national - Belize, Central America).

I joined because I've always been interested in tech, hardware and software and briefly studied computer science but didn't think I had it in me to finish the course so I switched. Life took me a different route and although I am passionate about Economics, and how it can help people, I'm working for a tech company, as a salesperson while I study and I'd love to move into product development/strategy in tech in the public or private sector.

I recently read a story of a former classmate of mine who quit everything to study coding. A couple months later and after following a bootcamp she landed her first job as a developer!!

Sufficed to say, this has inspired me to look into this again. Admittedly I still have to finish my studies but in about a month I'll be trying to learn and would appreciate ANY tips the community can provide in this respect.



I am Feisal Ibrahim, a Full Stack Developer and IOS beginner with an interest in Blockchain .
I love programming and I am here to learn more and enhance my skills.

Thank again and I hope that my journey here will be just a new adventure.
"Sharing is Caring"


Hi All,

I am Bharat Mhaskar. I have been working on the frontend, typically JS.

I got to know about dev.io while looking for resources on React-hooks.

Looking forward to being a part of the community. Thanks !!!


Hello everyone!
Glad to join this community :-) My name is Francesco and I am a medical doctor and software developer from Italy. I started coding at 13 but I am never tired to learn new things. Some months ago I met Dart and Flutter and now I'm very enthusiastic about them :-) I also like writing (tutorials, short stories and novels) and playing guitar.


Hello everybody!

My name is Edouard, I'm from France.

I've been a project manager, a scrum master, but I recently realized there's nothing I enjoy more than spending my days thinking about testing, react, node, and getting better at those so I'll be switching asap :p

I'm here to share my passion for those things and hopefully give a hand.

Sooo, see you soon ! 😀


I kept getting dev.to articles in my Google 'news for you' feed and am impressed with the quality of the content here. I've coded in languages like FORTRAN (IKR) and Pascal to Java and C# and concentrating in cloud topics now.


Hey everyone! I'm Diego, from El Salvador. I found this site through LinkedIn, I think. I recently lost my job and I'm job hunting. Now I'm learning about blogging and Tensorflow. It'd be great to know more people and share some ideas!


Hello all! We are DEITY, a startup providing an Open Source Progressive Web App! You can use it for webshops, blogs etc, it's fully platform agnostic and using ReactJS, NodeJS, GraphQL etc.

We love to share what we are doing and if you love it too, please join us on Github and Slack!

We are both on Medium and Dev.to now, and will be posting regularly

Find our code here: github.com/deity-io/falcon


Hello, world.

I am Michael Lamb. Originally an English major, I switched to Software Engineering after attending an NSF-funded summer program designed to convince me that this was an excellent career opportunity. It's proven truer than I thought and has challenged me more than anything else I've tried.

Jackson, Mississippi, is my home. C Spire is where I hold gainful employment. I look forward to connecting with the community here!

My mantra for 2019: "As within, so without"


Hi, My name is Ezekiel and I'm a web developer(everything Javascript though). I am currently learning more about Javascript and Nodejs. I am really excited to be here, to learn and meet other developers. I am open and wiling to coonect



My name is Sercan, I'm an open-source addict and passionate developer who're open to learn anything new. Currently trying to learn react and trying to write some tests for my ultimate project nosqlclient :)

Don't hesitate to contact me, I'm open to meet new developers and discuss new technologies together


Hi everyone!

My name is Nikiya Simpson. I was able to find Dev on twitter. It is nice to be here. I'm learning more and more every day.

I have done web app development for the last 10 years in ASP.NET. I'm interested in developing a career in Product Management and User Experience Design.

I also want to learn more about Data Science and designing in CSS.


Hey all!
I am Matheus Ciappina! I was really unhappy studying music for a bachelor's degree and I decided to take some time off of it. I tried coding early 2018 and while I enjoyed it, a lot of mental health issues got on the way of it. I got back at it in December 2018 and I've been going hard ever since!

I'm taking freeCodeCamp’s courses and managed to get 2 certifications so far.
I'm really excited about this new opportunity in my life to do something that both challenges me and brings me joy, things are still rough sometimes, but the coding experience sure have been an improvement for me.

I'm joining this community to try and get myself more and more immersed into the tech world.

Thank you all for the amazing support for aspiring devs like me!


Hi All,

I am Josh and Currently working as a Full stack developer in Melbourne. For most of the working related projects I am using C# and dotnet core. But I am also using NodeJS and Python for my side project.



My name is Misha, I'm frontend dev with 3 years of experience in React. Currently looking for opportunities to dive into backend position since I feel that I hit a plateau and stagnate on current React dev position.

I love to compete on codewars (almost 3d kyu), solve difficult problems and I've started preparation for algorithm interview (with interview bit and leetcode).


Hi! This website popped up in my Google suggested cards and I've loved the posts! People are so friendly and helpful in sharing their knowledge and experiences. I'm excited to join in!

I work as a freelance software developer mostly writing educational interactives and games for museums, and for fun I use JavaScript to animate public domain art!


Hi guys,

I am Sam. I work with front-end development and changed my career path from working for boring consulting firms and TelCos and Banks to a startup that works with image recognition and it is experimenting augmented reality 🤪
I'm currently learning a lot of stuff at the same time but I'm definitely more interested in career discussions, time management, productivity and people skills 👍


Good Afternoon 😃!

My name is Shir, enthused progressing and evolving programmer. I recently completed a high intensive technical programming course in C#, .Net, HTML, CSS and touched on some other programming languages. My current goal is to finish getting my certs in HTML, CSS, JavaScript. I welcome help, suggestions, advice, and resources. A personal project I am working on is a hangman game that I am reinventing into a word game to help my son who is ADD. Keeping him on task is challenging, but will sit still for a video game.☝🏽😁

I am current teaching coding to Middle Schoolers, Apple Swift, in an after school enrichment program.


Hey all,
I am a first year Master of Information Technology Student. I have a bachelors in Economics so kinda new into the coding world. I work mainly in Java as part of my uni curriculum but I am also improving my JavaScript skills and plan on learning React.

I quiet recently discovered this platform and I'm so excited to be a part of it. :)


Hi everyone,
I am Byungjin Park from South Korea. And I'm currently working on the backend development and the infrastructure automation like DevOps. My favorite languages are Node.js and Python.

Looking forward to learning lots here!


Hello devs,

I’m Terence (TC for short) and I am a JR software engineer. I reside in Ohio and I just started my first DEV role about a month ago and I’m learning so much about code and myself! I look forward to learning from you all as well as sharing knowledge and my personal tech experiences.


Hello everyone :)

I'm Andy, a 31yo developer from Australia.

I like building (up) people, as well as building software!

I'm a hopeless language dilettante as well, so I expect to write a bit about esolangs and less-successful projects too.


Hello all. I imagine I got here like many of you from Reddit or HN. I'm a computer science mentor with some dev experience working to transition back into dev/infosec. Currently learning Flask to get onto the codementor.io platform. What's up people!


Hey all,

Just exploring the community after being stuck on the "big three" social media channels. Looking for a more focused experience and fun community around programming and tech.

Looking forward to connecting with other developers.


Hello All,

My name is Emmanuel Nwabudo, a beginner in Javascript. Found an amazing post on object destructuring here and had to join not to miss out on important stuff.

Looking forward to learning more here and I have been bothered of late about a thought "...that I am wasting too much time focusing on pure JavaScript when there are frameworks to learn".

React scares me - too many terms to understand, Vue is sort of appealing to me. Any resource available for me.

Thanks Again


Sup, tech fam? I'm Njeri, but plz call me Coop. I'm a frontend web dev. I like minimalism and sustainability. I'm here so I don't get fined. Lol. (Pop culture reference). I've just thrown away all the tech stuff I've learned over the last 10 years and am currently re-learning EVERYTHING I need to be a dope javascript developer. I think I'll have plenty of questions in the near future.


Hi everyone, I'm very excited to join this group.

I'm from Colombia, I work mainly with angularjs, Html, Js (Frontend things) and recently begun to "play" with React Js, Node Js.

Hope learn a lot with you guys.


Pd. Sorry my english, I have to step up my vocabulary.


Hi guys, I'm Abdirizak and i'm here to become more engaged in the dev community. Additionally, I'm here to learn more and connect with developers : ) .


Hello I'm Thomas Overlin, I go by Thom or Thomas. I'm a longtime legacy application developer. I'm always looking to learn something new. I'm currently learning Javascript and Salesforce Apex. Would also like to really learn Java too.



My name is James and I'm a teenager trying to get into the basics of frontend development. I know a bit of CSS, and even less JavaScript, but hopefully, I'll improve after lots and lots of practice.

Dev.to seemed like a very nice, friendly community, so I signed up.


I got into the crazy idea to make a PWA Angular-NgRx-Firebase powered app for my undergraduate Thesis having just learned a bit of Node, JQuery, ES6 and Android Dev in other life. Just three months and I've learned a ton.
My degree is in Electronic Engineering (EE) and I've always liked to understand both the Design, Frontend and Backend and the really really back of the Backend as hardware (obviously inspired by my college degree).
Honestly, In my future I'd like to be involved in both IoT, UI/UX, frontend (Vue is totally flirting with me), Robotics (ROS has always been on my list) and maybe AR or IA.
Let's go


Hi Everyone,

My name is Anthony Bartolo and I am a Cloud Advocate at Microsoft. I am more on the operations side than on the developer side but I am eager to learn. I do currently dabble in Python from an IoT perspective and I have some experience on the security end from an operations perspective.

I have participated in numerous projects implementing everything from IoT to Cognitive Services which has peaked my interest to learn more.

Let me know how I can also help as I usually learn hands-on and I'm always happy to help.


Hi All, my name is Aaron Reisman. My most recent successful project has been building the front end of hired.com in which I built a CSS Framework called Fortitude which we used internally at Hired. I’d love to teach about my experiences and if anyone has interest in helping me develop a course on CSS please reach out! I’m looking for people who are getting into code or seasoned developers. Thanks!



I am Charan a full stack developer. Just read an interesting post by Maciek Chmura and thought I have to be on this community.

So Shout out to

maciekchmura image

Hey all,

Shawn Mealey here! I am a Frontend developer at rocketsofawesome.com! I am trying to enhance my Rails and Postgres chops. I was brought to the site here by one of my fellow colleagues who posted an article in our dev chat channel.

Hope that I can learn a bunch with you guys and hopefully share some of my knowledge with all of you!


Hi All,

I am SiteAnalyticz -- also called as Jv, passionate in web analyticz tools and have developed quite useful web analytics and seo tool in one place..you all are free to test your website or anybody's and provide feedback and suggestions.


Site Analyticz


Hello everyone 👋️

I'm Peter. Currently I'm in Bangkok, but originally from Germany/NZ. I'm coding mostly in PHP (Laravel & SilverStripe) and JS (Vue and related projects). Let me know if you got any questions! :)

-- Peter


Hi everyone :)
My name is Mark, am a tech lead in a software product engineering company. Am passionate about coding and building software solutions that help people and companies... hope to increase my knowledge in this forum, as well as share/contribute from my experience :)


Hey all 👋

I'm Steve, lifetime learner 🐣 . Heard about dev.to from a random LinkedIn post - excited to join!

Current working in Product for RapidAPI

Personally just trying to brush up on JavaScript (React, Node) and immerse myself in the community to learn more from others! (and it also happens to help me with my day job which doesn't hurt 😉)


Hey, everybody!

I landed in dev.to(gether) via a link to Matt Reyer’s article, “A JavaScript-Free Frontend,” (dev.to/winduptoy/a-javascript-free...) in the Sidebar newsletter today (which, I guess, is actually yesterday’s set of links: sidebar.io/). Anyway, very interesting article and it’s pretty cool to stumble into this great community!




Hi girls and boys :)
I am Eldin and I got here while reading article about VUE. I like frontend and this looks like cool site. I try to connect with other developers and find full time job as Frontend Developer.


Hi all,

I'm Bob Walsh, an experienced/older/senior Rails/js/Vue developer. Nowadays I work for others implementing HubSpot and on my own SaaS, LearnShortcuts.dev.

LearnShortcuts helps make you a better developer by helping push the keyboard shortcuts and syntax you need into your longterm memory. Ever watch a really skilled developer code as they use every keyboard shortcut to make code? I want to help you become that person.


Hey Everyone,
I'm Chandresh, Creator of ReportBugz.com and software engineer at Simplifii.

My experience is mostly in Laravel and iOS but as part of my side project i'have been working on multiple things.

I wanted to start writing from a long time and share my knowledge with other. I published my first post recently on medium but felt like it was too much crowded.

So, I came to know about dev.to on twitter and thought it might be a good place to learn from people with similar experience and share my knowledge as well.


Hello everybody!

I found this site while reading an article about React Hooks. I have been learning front-end and back-end programming over the past few years after spending quite a while in the C++/Windows applications world, and it is amazing how far Javascript and web programming has progressed over the last decade.


Hello everyone,

There are some excellent articles on this site, so I'm excited to join.

I love programming and I am most interested in programming language features that help to write reliable and safe code.
I'm also studying document markup languages and pondering about how to improve them.

Looking forward for being a member of a great community.



I'm Vab and I'm a Computer Science student who loves the web and machine learning.

My friend referred me to this site saying it's like Medium for developers, so it's the perfect place to learn and discuss about the development world.

My favourite project is probably SmartBrain (on GitHub.com/vaibzzz123). It was part of a full stack web dev course I took and I learned so much on how to make full stack web applications!

I look forward to talking and hanging out and learning from all of you here!


Hi everyone! I'm currently experimenting with a lot of CSS and javascript - my favorite current project is rebuilding my favorite book covers in CSS as a way to get more comfortable. Check that project out at codepen.io/desilove/pen/PLGOEQ if you want!


Welcome! I see you're a big fan of Pizza. Bring us some! lol

The only Chicago style pizza here in Annapolis is maybe at an Uno's, and almost everything else is NY style. I just don't do big, floppy pizza. I like mine crispy, straight out of a brick oven and loaded with interesting toppings.

Cravings like these can't be good at 0830. 😂


Murathe made a landing, so new and violent in perfecting the switch from accounting to the code world. To quench the thirst, am looking at all directions to get any form of help as the waves are so strong compared to the tiny me.


Hi All,

I am Utpal N. U; an excellent article on Javascript Free Frontend brought me here and I found this site quite comprehensive, and thus became member of it.

I am working on an expressjs project which is my start-up. Would want to keep myself updated with the latest happenings in the world of web development.



Hi everyone,

I'm a web developer based in Manchester. I recently started an Instagram account to post about what I was learning and give my take on webdev. instagram.com/dan.developer/

I was looking for a platform to publish longer-form content to expand on my Instagram posts and thought dev.to would be ideal :D


Hello All,

I am Dipen Shah - 8+ years in the world of frontend development. I love learning new things and look to challenge myself at every step.

I am here to learn and discover many new things plus share any new things that I come across.


I am Joseph Elbakri and I just want to learn anything i can find :v (specifically back-end stuff tho).

I was told of this site from someone that I met from a "work week" thing that my school forced me to do.

I hope this will get me to become more productive than what I am now (basically no productivity) and learn more about computers :)


Hi everyone, I am Hash and only have ever been exposed to a few languages like C++ (which is how I got introduced to programming while doing a BTEC level 3 in IT, but couldn’t complete the whole course sadly, although I am a strong believer in self teaching and taking my time to learn) JavaScript, CSS, HTML and I’ve seen tutorials on .NET MVC, React, Angular.js, Node.js, Angular Core/2.0, Typescript,
C#, Ruby, Python, and more, all languages I’d love to learn and master to the point where I’m paid to do something that I know how to do well and have a passion to succeed in.
I’m currently going to be studying Computing and IT at Uni of Derby this September so I hope to build on my programming skills. In the meantime, however, I am looking forward to learning from everyone’s experience and benefiting from the evidently supportive community at Dev.to!



Call me W.I. and a learning language lover! When I was about 10 years old I wrote an extensive Basic language program to create random labyrinth mazes on an Atari400. (The keyboard was a big pain in the @$$) Which gives ya a clue - I am about a half a century old now. After high school I wasted much of my youth (up to about a year or so ago) on an unfocused aimless destructive way of life doing most everything except coding.

I'm happy to announce, I finally know what I want to be when I grow up. (But don't call me 'mature', phtht!)  Now that I know, I'm overwhelmed! There is SOOOoooooo.... much out there to learn! (That's wonderful!!?!!)

Current learning is in JS.ES6, Node.js, HTML5, CSS3, Babel & Webpack, RESTful APIs, RegExp, and tid-bits of other stuff. Any of you have suggestions? Suggested Udemy courses?

Thanks,     and may the coding flow through you,



Hello everyone! My name is Manuel Sayago. I'm a Web Developer and I'm learning a lot of stuff right now. I'm working on a project with Laravel and Vue.js.

This project is a website for teaching English language. I'm also doing some courses such as, PHP and also Laravel.

My goal is become a Full Stack Web Developer and solve more problems and have way too much experiencie on the field!

There are lots of things to learn out there and a good support is being here on DEV.

Do not hesitate.


Hello there! I'm Nina and I'm new to the world of programming! I started in November of last year and now I'm aiming to be a front-end web developer. I started learning Ruby from a friend, and now I'm doing a lot of javascript and react. This place looks friendly, happy to join!


Hi! I'm Marvin

I'm a mid forty-something embarking on a journey of self-learning web development. This process has lifted me some from a dark and scary depression. I'm really excited about the process, meeting like minds, and being a part of this community. I just launched a blog in which I communicate my web dev odyssey.

Check it out if you wish
My Web Development Odyssey


Hi guys! I heard about this site from a blogging community I'm part of. I'm the author of explainhownow.com, where I write concise (and funny, I'd like to think) tech tutorials/guides. I'm keen on sharing my content here too (in a respectful, hopefully not spammy way!).

My main interest is security, particularly web applications. Looking forward to connecting with and learning from many of you :)


Hello World,
Happy to be here, I feel like I'm at home. I'm excited to learn from the community and to contribute and share my knowledge and experiences in any way I can.
I've been working on my personal website developed by react as a side project to learn this amazing library and I would love you all to let me know what you think and give me your feedback.
I've learned a lot and conquered many challenges along the way and I'd love to share it with you.


Hello everyone!

I'm Dianna, I've been a frontend web developer for 20 years. Yikes! I believe in continuous learning and that's why I'm here. Currently learning Vue.js and upgrading my JS skills to modern JS with ES6.

Yay for learning and sharing knowledge!



My name is M. George, I'm a self-taught web developer with a passion to learn and build cool things on the web. I have rarely written anything public, but I was inspired by Rachel Solderberg's article and would love the chance to share and connect with other web developers on here.



Hey folks! I've been on here a year or two but am trying to get more involved. I'm from Upstate NY, where I love to bike the country roads and ski and ice skate in the cold winters.

I've done this web dev thing for eight years now - I worked for an agency for years, building hundreds of website frontends and dozens upon dozens of custom programming projects - website translation system, donation forms, spreadsheet data imports, etc. Now I build REST APIs for a remote company specializing in ERP systems for trailer manufacturers.

I mainly code in Coldfusion. I'm tired of being told my language is "dead", so I'm committing myself to blog about it and hopefully dispel some of the rumors. CF is just as viable as any other backend language, only it's usually a lot quicker to code.


Hey y'all!

I am Brent Soles, currently in Portland, OR and learning FP w/ Elixir. Been writing and learning full stack JS for a bit while finishing up my CS degree. I found this site by my twin's recommendation and love the community!

I am excited to learn alongside everyone!


Hey there,
I'm Shauna, interested in data, python, tech ethics, and currently learning a bit of machine learning. A few years ago I was completely new to programming, starting at the beginning with html and css, through some javascript, node, sql...

I'm here to join the community, learn and hopefully share my knowledge.

Also, I'm new to collaboration and would love to find other newbies to work on a project together!


Hello there!

We're Factory.hr - design and development of native mobile & web apps people can't stop talking about!
We're here to share some tips & tricks for marketing your app, behind-the-scenes while developing apps and bespoke projects we work on!

We love to communicate with everyone passionate about new technologies, and programming languages especially PHP, JavaScrip (React, Angular), Magento, Pimcore, Kotlin, and Swift :)

For every question, feel free to say hello@factory.hr :)


Hi Everyone !!

I'm so excited about all the new things that I could learn from the community. I'm a first year IT developer and I think that maybe one day I will be someone who's known by the world. Until that day, I will do all my best to make our planet Earth the best it can be.


Hey @all,
My name is Usman and I'm an Software developer. Currently learning new frameworks of JavaScript like React ,Vue and other also trying to connect developer community over internet. I just found Dev.to so i decide to contribute and learn from fellow developers :)


am so happy to join this large community
Of programmers..am a beginner to the world of programming.. I want to be a full stack developer...and this will play a big role in achieving that Dream am here to learn.. And also share experience and have fun..
Thank you so much


Hello Everyone,
I am Yogen Patel. I have over 9 years of experience in various fields of Web development using HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript, JQuery, Node.js, ReactJS, Redux, Apollo GraphQL, AJAX, JSON.

I am tech-savvy - always wants be upgrade with new technologies.

In the recent, I have learnt and adapted ReactJS technological stack since last year. Trust me this is my first time working with JS libraries frame work and I am excited to work with and leveraging cool features of react.

I am looking forward to learn various javascript frameworks and enhance my skills in the direction of development.

Thank you again and looking forward to connect with you all smart people. "Self-motivated web developer passionate about building beautiful web products with the latest technologies".


Hello everyone.

I am Abhijeet Kumar, I am a highly passionate child (currently 15 years old) who loves to do coding.

I love to make games in Unity by using C#.

I also make games in HTML by using Canvas.

I will love to meet new people here because most of the people here are very knowledgeable and I will love to learn from them.


Hi all,

I am Daniele, a self-taught developer who works as Junior Full Stack Developer in London.

I am here as I'd like to progress and move to program full-time as Front-End Developer using React.js and Angular 2+.


My name is Lev. I am a software engineer with a broad experience working in start-ups. Currently, I work as a full-stack Javascript developer at Tastewise. I've joined this awesome company as the first employee about 8 months ago. Recently, I've started writing technical tutorials for the Javascript world.
I hope to learn a lot from DEV community! :)


Hi everyone! I'm phil🖐.
I'm an admirer of all things code. Javascript in particular. I'm currently playing around with phaser 3! I'm still fairly new to phaser but am loving learning game development. I'm looking forward to learning more! Thanks for having me!


hello everyone,
Career changer here and it's been quite the journey so far. Currently digging around in Java/Angular and building simple web apps. Looking to see if I can further build my skills by doing projects.


Hi 👋,

I am a remote developer working on large React apps with ASP.NET MVC backends.
I enjoy learning about different technologies and new languages so in my spare time I’m trying out iOS development with Swift.

This community seems pretty cool and I’ve stumbled upon it a few times so I thought it best to take the plunge.


Hi everyone!

I've been here for a while, but I hadn't introduce myself yet, so I think it's about time!

I'm a recently full-stack dev having working on MERN stack and a math's student. I still think I have a lot to learn!

Other than that, I like reading (fantasy & historical novels in particular), love painting, anime and animation movies in general!

Nice to meet you all!


Hello All,
I am Oluwafunmilayo Dada,I am a neonate to the world of front mend developer.
I love programming, though am currently teaching myself CSS, I am here to learn more and connect with other developers with guidance and tips on the right path to an amazing programming career


Hello all,
My name is Didik, a backend engineer at a software company in Indonesia. I've interested in web programming and project management and since i've joined this awesome site as silent reader, i've found many amazing content that boost my knowledge. I hope i can contribute too sometimes.

Cheers, happy coding!


Hello people, my name is Jhonny I'm starting to learn to code I did a short course about cpp something like 10 years ago and well I wanted to learn more so I started my journey as a self apprentice developer, any advice?


Hi there everyone,

I'm just a life-long learner. I had been interested in web development for a while but it wasn't till recently that I finally took the plunge.

I'm currently completing freeCodeCamp's Front-End Curriculum and having a great time learning with it. I'm also building my own website using Jekyll and Github Pages hosting. I'll share it once done!

Glad to be a part of this DEV family!!!


Hi all!

I'm Marguerite, a designer and developer. My current side project is developing a site using a process of Figma -> Gatsby/Netlify CMS -> 🥳.

I work on frontend teams developing analytics products, so I am also working to continue to level up
my data viz skills.



Hello everyone!
My name is Siddesh, I am into mobile application development (Java|Android). I landed on to this platform while looking into stuff related to Flutter development. Currently learning Flutter and Python, hope to connect with all developers here and share knowledge.


Hi, guys!

I'm here because I want to get into software development and I heard this site is a good way to document the progress of my projects. I'm a BS Biology graduate in the middle of a MS Comp Sci major. I have not found software development internships yet, but I'm actively looking. I'm currently trying to master Java since it's my favorite language. I love anime and EDM!

My favorite project is probably a chess game I was working on in high school! There's so much thinking involved in making a chess game. I already had all my pieces' behaviors done, but I was stumped on how to make a check and checkmate work. I don't have the program saved anywhere anymore, but that was my favorite project. Currently, I'm working on a calculator GUI program.

If you have any advice for an aspiring software developer, please let me know! All advice is welcome! Thank you!


Hello All!

I'm an application developer writing scripts to automatize work in Python and VB. Although I don't feel like this is something that is my dream job.

After I started my path into WebDevelopment I immediately felt like this is something what I would like to do. I'm enjoying every second while learning. I would like to connect with other developers to master what I'have been studying and have many chances to have conversations about interesting topics!

I look forward to speak to you! Have a nice day!


Hello All,

I am Yashraj Paralikar. Android Developer by Profession and logical thinker by nature. I love everything be it Humor or be it programming which lets me use my logical mind. Also I am big time admirer of Open source.
I hope I will find like minded people in this community.
"Open Doors to Openness"


Hello everyone!
My name is Pranav Pandey. I am a professional software developer and a little bit designer from India working on Android since 2011. I am still learning new things everyday and want to share my experience with others.

I am also working on various open source projects to make the software (especially Android) development easier. Please read my complete introduction here:


Hi Everyone. My name is Everistus Olumese. I am a fullstack JavaScript Developer who has passion for clean code, GraphQL, testing, learning and contributing. I am a recent writer and hope to share knowledge and learn as much I can here.



I am a beginner in the world of software development (an aspiring career changer). I can build simple things with JavaScript both in front-end and backend. I saw the platform on an Instagram post, and I am happy to see that there is a great community here I can learn a lot of things from and hopefully contribute to with the near future.

Have a nice day!


Got here somehow while researching Windows IOT. Looks like a cool place to be.


Welcome Ron,

You're right. It is. This is one of those fast loading sites that provide you nice content from the non-technical AND technical point of view. e

Grab a bag of potato chips and enjoy! ✌🏻


Hi guys!
My name is Idan, and coding was my favorite thing to do.
Things changed and now my favorite thing is leading others to code better.

Looking forward to taking part in this great community!


Hello everyone, I am Gabby, a frontend developer, currently learning JavaScript, I got to hear about this community from a friend...surely I can harness my craft here.. Thanks guys


Hello, my name is Pedro and I am a tech enthusiast and aspiring to be a developer.


Hey Guys,

My name's Joseph. I'm a beginner/intermediate in the world of Frontend Development.

I'm here to learn and enhance my skills. Javascript is my weak point at this point in time, so any recommendations for articles or tutorials and tidbits are welcome.

I hope that I can also help to add value to everyone's experience.


Hey Everybody,

My name is Xavier. I currently work as a Linux SysAdmin, and looking to make the switch to a front-end dev! From what I've read, everybody here is extremely helpful and friendly :)


Hello everyone,
My name is Rodrigo Silva, I'm a Computer Science student at the moment, thriving to become a Back-End Developer, and become a teacher one day!
I love programming and learning new things about all the technology around us.
"Talk is cheap, show me the code".



I am working as a software engineer in Istanbul, Turkey. Also, I am currently studying master degree in software engineering. C# and python are my favorite languages. I describe myself as "life-long learner".


Hey guys! Really cool site and community! Happy to join.

Interested in all things front end.


I am sheyun i am a beginner to front-end development
I am here because i want to join a community of programmers to sharpen my skills.

Thanks and i hope i enjoy the journey.


Hello All!
My name is Amber, and I'm learning Javascript and more to be full-stack developer.
Hopefully this community provides a way to learn from each other. I'm excited!


Hello all, I am Govind KP, a student who's really into learning new stuff.

My motto is 'To live is to learn'


Hi everyone, am Semiu biliaminu. Simply call me a learner and technology enthusiastic young man. I enjoy good learning environment and I believe am in the right place.


Welcome! It'd be really neat to see a blog post on how programming used to be compared to now :)


Hi guys
So pumped up to be here.
I can't wait to learn from you all and start writing tech Articles.

Ruby on Rails developer here...


Hello World!

Well, I'm super interested in web dev (HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT) and I came here to hunt some wisdom and improve my skills =]

Although I consider myself pretty much a 'noob' I hope to become a NaN (Not a Noob, get it?? JavaScript jokes :O)

What a lovely community this one is! <3
Hope to make lots of progress with you ;)

Peace o//


Hi All,
I am a front end developer
Now I use Angular to build web pages, that's awesome!

Thanks again and I hope I can learn more from here.


I am Matt, and I am a self taught developer. I have had a couple different development projects, but work on developing my own side projects.

I have had lots of experience in linux and sysadmin functions, as well as build experience across the full stack (web proxies, application stacks, database stacks, and their configurations).

I hope to further build on my dev abilities here with the community. Currently I have been working in Python (and with Django), I also have interests in Node and enjoy DevOps.


Hello everybody.
My name is Gabriel and I'm a front-end developer from Brazil.
I'm here to learn from you all and share all I can get.


I'm Nick. Currently working on connected products (toys) at Mattel and sslhound.com in my free time.


hi thank you all. I like Academic research too. Hopefully i will get to read a lot about microVMS


Hello, World!

I am Brehanu Bugg, a computer science student & mathematics enthusiast. I am currently learning about machine learning, and I am building in C++ in order to learn the language.


Excited to be a part of this awesome coders