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dev.to staff on January 17, 2019

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Heyow I'm Michael, right now I'm a fulltime web developer. I want to get into freelancing and writing about my experience!

I would love to give back to the community by writing about my experience.

Right now I'm posting mostly on Instagram @lampewebdev.


Hi there, nice to meet you! Your instagram feed is awesome.


Thank you! Much appreciated!

Nice to have so fantastic people like you here too!


Hello! I'm Arnelle, a fulltime Web developer (mostly focusing on the frontend). Right now I'm into VueJS, and recently started learning React as well.

I have a personal blog, but looking into posting more here in the future.

Looking forward to learning and sharing more cool stuff here at dev.to! ❤️


Welcome Arnelle,

I look forward to reading your thoughts on the transition form Vue to React. I'm making a foray into React from Angular. I enjoy Angular 2+ and now I'm at a point where I'm ready to check out other frameworks. A few customers in my market have asked about Vue and so I think that will be my next look after React.


Thanks Stephen!

Will definitely write about my experience with React. I am rebuilding my personal site with React and have learned a lot from it. Still needs more practice though to get comfortable with it 😆

Vue is cool as well in its own way, totally worth checking out 👍


Hi Arnelle, 👋 to dev.to~

I can see how much effort you have put by how constantly your have shared you posts on your personal blog 😃.

You can also cross post your personal blog posts in dev.to by importing your Medium feeds (blog.arnellebalane.com/feed).

feed setting


Hi Sung Kim! Oh wow that's really helpful, just updated my settings to also publish from my blog's RSS. Thank you for the tip! 👍


Hi, I'm Phil. I am a 39 year old undergraduate studying Computer Science at Sacramento State. I'm about half way through my junior year. I love math, puzzles, and solving problems in general. Starting this Spring I'll be learning about database management systems, computer organization, and software engineering, as well as linear algebra.

Outside of school, at the moment, I've been spending allot of time teaching myself about web development. Things like the basics, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and some other topics that fall under that umbrella, such as Python and Django and Flask, React, Sass/scss, etc.

I don't remember how, or where, but somehow I stumbled across this site and it seems pretty cool. For a while I was just lurking, but I though what the heck, why not sign up? So here I am!


Welcome, Phil!

What were you doing before Sacramento State?


Hi Jesse,

Before Sacramento State, and for most of my adult life, I was doing varying types of trade work. Carpentry, house painting, handyman work, etc. I owned a small business for several years doing this type of work. A few years back I was presented with the opportunity to attend school for training in any field of my choosing. I've always had a thing for computers, so I decided to give CS a go. Initially the plan was to just attend a local community college for an associates degree, but once I got going in academia I really enjoyed it. I decided to take it to the next level and go for that four year degree.


Hey there Phil, welcome!

Hope you find a lot of value with this community. I just started trying out some Django today as they use python at my work, maybe I can hit you up for pointers.


Hi John, thanks for the warm welcome! There's definitely allot to learn when it comes to Django. I'm a beginner myself, but if you ever run accross something that you could use an extra pair of eyes on I'd love to help out to the best of my beginner's knowledge!


Hello, I'm Longhi, I'm a fulltime backend developer, mostly .net. Right now I'm all into kubernetes and docker, also learning about AWS.


Welcome, Longhi! there are some people that are really into docker around here, I'm personally a fan as well e_e


Welcome, Longhi!

Who do you look to for .NET inspiration? I am a fan of Jimmy Bogard, and I often find myself digging around in Damine Bod's articles and repositories.


Well I don't have one in particular but I often check Scott Hanselman blog. Also I follow Elton Stoneman for docker on Windows and I like Nigel Poulton pluralsight courses. Other authors that inspire are Martin Fowler and Robert Martin.


Hey, All! I'm Ryan. Formerly a data analyst, currently a software engineer. Working on a personal project that uses Python, Javascript, React, Flask, SQLAlchemy, PostgreSQL, jQuery, Jinja, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and D3. Any tips? I'd love to hear them!


Hi Ryan, 👋 Welcome to dev.to~

You can subscribe tags for technologies of your personal projects to learn
(& share your experience, as well 😉).


You can easily subscribe by clicking on "+follow" button.

follow button


Hi everyone! I'm Lauren, I'm an undergrad CSE student and Android Dev for a research lab. I just started working there a couple months ago, and it's crazy how much I've been learning. My brain feels like mush at the end of every day, but I love it! It's so cool to find this site and read about everyone's experiences, I'm bummed I didnt know about it before now. Anyways, nice to meet you all!


Welcome to the community, Lauren!

I live for that mush! Learning something new every day is the way to thrive, not survive.


Thank you, Jesse! Yes it's a great feeling!


'#include '<'suhasis'>'
using cppspace;

int main()
LinuxDev* pL = new LinuxDev;
Java* pJ = new Java;
JavaScript* pJ = new JavaScript;

if (Algorithm == good && DataStructure == good)
return 1;

return 0;


Hello everyone, I am Harsh, currently transitioning to mobile and web development from Data Warehousing technology. Hold a bit of experience in website development and currently learning android development.

Looking forward to learn with the community and share to the community at dev.to!



Hello folks,
I’m Fakhrulhilal, a .NET developer. I love to code in Microsoft stack and javascript also. I see many tutorials from this site. That brings me here. If you want to talk about azure devops and selenium in .NET, please bring me in. Let’s share experience together.


Okay! Hey everyone! according to my bio, that's who I am and what I do :).
I joined dev together so I can be able to reach out to many people as possible. Ehh! planning on writing some topics on design and the web generally. I am currently dating 'React' I broke up with 'Bootstrap', and yeah 'Vue' is my EX so we still meet. CSS>JS>SASS>AdobeXD>Photoshop are my good buddies. I'm planning on chilling out with 'Gatsby', 'webassembly' and random stuff. Nice to meet you all!!! you are wonderful and I'm AWESOME :).


I look forward to following your posts and learning more about design topics.


Hello all!

I'm Bogdan, a frontend web developer at the moment, but throughout my career I have also done backend work.

My tools of choice: Laravel, vue, angular.

What brought me here is the desire to better myself in these fields, and learning about others as well.

Could someone tell me what kind of platform this is? Is it supposed to be a mix between stackoverflow and medium?



Hello to all! I'm Danny.

I'm currently a sys admin wanting to focus more on dev ops side of things by following a web developer learning path to see how everything is tied together (front-end, back-end, dev ops, etc.). This seems like a good place to get exposed to a bit of everything and share my own experiences on my personal development journey.


Hello! I’m Lorenzo. I’m a big data engineer / programmer / computational scientist / tech geek.

Here you can find some more information about myself.

I hope I'll find the time to write a bit more about what I do and what I like here on dev.to

See you around.


Hi Lorenzo! Nice to meet you!

I'm excited to see what you have to share. Let me know if you have any questions about DEV.to or anything else!


Hi, I'm Walter from Mexico.

I'm a 26 y/o PM.

My main goal for this year is to learn to code so I can deploy my own products. My current stack is nothing fancy, just HTML and CSS.

Before I move into JS I decided to do a real project and that is my personal website, you can see the work in progress here.

I've been lurking the Dev community for a while, mainly reading some awesome posts, but now I'm going to interact and maybe publish some stuff too.

If you guys want to connect on Twitter, please let me know :)


Hello, everyone! Peace be upon y'all! My name is Mansoor Ahmad, but my online pseudonym in Crescive Delta! I'm a teenager who really likes front-end development and am doing my best to learn it as well as I can. Currently, I know HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript (up to ES6, but not all the features).

Currently, I'm learning React and planning to learn CSS Grid & Flexbox as well. I also plan to finish learning all the new JavaScript features, like async & await and so forth, so that I don't have too much trouble developing UIs in React. I also plan to start writing on publications like Medium & Dev.to so that I can expand my knowledge base while teaching others as well.

I love programmer humor, food, and coffee. If you guys have any of those at your disposal, feel free to tweet me @Crescive10.

Happy coding to everyone!


Hi, everyone!

My name is Alina and I’m a full-time frontend developer. I work with React for about 2 years.
As my goal is to become a very strong senior developer, l’ve started learning computer science and listening frontend podcasts. Also, I’m going to learn some other frameworks with other paradigms.

Hope to get a lot of useful information or even connections in this community. Also, I’m open to share my modest experience.


Welcome! Hope you find what you're looking for here!


Hi all, I'm Reem!
I'm a data analyst wanting to dive deeper into web development.
I've worked in data for nearly 2 years but I'm ready to move on, as I want to learn something more exciting and concrete!

Looking forward to starting this journey!

P.S. Any suggestions from anybody out there on how to start? :) I've looked into Freecodecamp and Codecademy, and some Udemy courses!


Hi everyone, I am Sumit, currently working as Data Engineer in Postman. I have very exciting experience in Back end development from previous organisation too.

I am hoping to write more about my experience with data inclined towards people who are just learning the technologies.

I primarily write on Data Engineering topics.


Hello! I'm Srikanth, I'm into Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platforms. Most of my work revolves around C#, Javascript, D365 customizations, Flows and Power Apps. Currently, I'm learning Azure.

I love to share my experiences and learning here.


Hello Devs,

I am Janoš, I am a software engineer focused on writing web services. I've been reading cool stuff on dev.to for quite some time, and I decided to join and contribute to the awesome community.

I really enjoy and love writing in Go and creating web products from infrastructure to web ux. I currently work on Ethereum Swarm project by day, and play with my side projects by night.

One of them is NewReleases, a software releases tracker for various platforms like GitHub, GitLab, NPM, Yarn, PyPI, Gems, Maven, Packagist, Docker Hub that sends notification to Email, Slack and Webhooks.

If you are interested to see more about Go stuff that I've been doing, check my GitHub repos.

See you around in comments and posts!


Hi there,

I've just discovered this site thanks to NustJS Changelog :D They published a tweet about the new features, and I came here by accident. Thanks NuxtJS team!

I'm a fullstack developer focused on crowdsourcing. I code in Python, VueJS, and do data analysis as well.

Looking forward to know more this community and share with you my thoughts.


My name is Lancer Kind. I’m an author, developer, and podcaster. I’m passionate about coding and using test automation so the functionality is durable.

I’ve a series on Why Devs don’t do TDD (Test Driven Development) starting at episode 14 of the Agile Thoughts podcast.
Agile Thoughts


I'm Daniel. I'm a senior dev/consultant that's doing their best to live up to the title.

I'd love to solidify my skillset and streamline my workflow. At the moment, everything feels 'effortful' (oppose to being effortless).

Trying to balance work & fun in developing, I'm losing passion my passion for problem-solving. Everything feels like a task, instead of something I enjoy.

I wish to resolve this. Would DEV be helpful? We'll see!

Hope to get to know you all!


Hey all, I'm a new devops engineer coming from the systems/networking side of the IT world. I am seriously motivated to expand my knowledge into development to both further my career and get some of the hundreds of ideas in my head created. I am currently trying to learn Javascript and expand on my PowerShell knowledge. I would also like to learn some Ruby just because I think its a useful language and can do a lot of great things.

Stumbled upon this website doing a quick google search for general dev forums and it looks like exactly what I was looking for. I am usually quite active in communities that I enjoy and hope to help and learn from everyone on this site!


Hi my name is Ger and I am currently juggling, studying, working and being a dad. Loving all of it but feel the pressure time wise with the study.
Joined here for insight, help, others experiences and hopefully to be a contributing member some day.

Want to work as a programmer soon but have to finish my studies first.

Hope everyone is having a good start to 2019, best decision I have made today to join Dev.to.


Hello world! I'm Si Ying, I came from a traditional Computer Science background and went on to work as software maintenance developer working on an existing codebase.

I went on to a sabbatical trip around Central Asia after resigning and now I'm back home trying build up my personal portfolios and ready dip into the world of Javascript, Ruby and Python!

Looking forward to learn more stuffs and share my experience to the community~~🍎



I'm Tenny. I'm quite a shy person and my curiosity brought me here. I read an article on this platform (5 small tips to grow in your career) and said "Well, this is where i belong".
Ultimately, I know nothing and i'm here to learn.



I'm Sid Maestre, long time developer. I've been working in developer evangelism/advocacy/relations for the last 8 years. Just stumbled across this site and looks like a nice community and opportunity for learning and sharing.


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Hello, I'm Dinesh, right now I'm a full-time web designer and developer. I'm Exploring the world of React and Vue and also studying web animations.

I would love to contribute to the community. looking forward to making awesome connections here❤️


Hi all,

I'm Max, a long time freelance developer, used to be web development, but now I'm primarily involved in back-end python development for data management, devops, and privacy/security, with bits of web on the side. I'm wanting to learn javascript, and generally up my game, so this seemed like a great community in which to dive in.


Hi there, I'm Femy. I am a WordPress Developer looking to improve my JS skills for the new year. I work at a design studio building WordPress websites from their design mock-ups.

I am on Twitter:twitter.com/femkreations
Instagram: instagram.com/femkreations/

My website is femkreations.com


Hi Guys !!
I Saurabh from mumbai currently working as Fullstack developer using laravel and react !!!
learning and exploring react and hoping to find awesome bunch of people to share and learn knowledge.
My hobbies are stock Market investment and financial planning advisor


Hello, I'm Bruno and am a full-time backend developer, recently in Cobol Language and Java, I eventually tapped into some web development technology.
Now I'm taking a Big Data course, updating myself in Java and starting build a Ghost template for a personal blog.


I am Sandip. I am a technology enthusiast. I fond of learning different programming paradigms and improve programming. Currently, I am exploring Scala.
Interested to learn from everyone over here. I would love to discuss agile methodologies and programming paradigms.


Hey, I'm new to coding. I've got a WordPress blog but I want to use my web development skills that I build to apply to my blog. I'm currently also taking the 100daysofcode challenge and am using freecodecamp.


Hello, I'm Arno and I'm a fulltime software developer in a humanoid robot company. I'm mainly responsible for the dialog and speech part of each robot. I'm a student after hours in enrolled in a postgraduate Applied Artificial Intelligence.

I like reading all kinds of posts here just to learn something new or read about other devs experiences.


Hello my name is Adam. I'm actually not really a dev (well I dabble) but I am a technical SEO who is looking to reach out to the dev community.

I want to help web developers create awesome sites/apps but let them be discovered in search engines.

I also want to learn more about JavaScript (particular Angular and React).


Hi everyone! Started a year ago to code. Left my job and many un useful things and just concentrated in programming and marketing. Launched two months ago stokednomads.com 300 supscription. Still beta version. Working with python, javascript, php. Front end, a bit of backend, scraping,... Created chat rooms, geolocation. Importing thousands of posts of Google sheets data about extreme sport info like spots. Working with Leaflet and openstreetmap. Hopefully soon finnish and move to next project.


Hey Everyone!

I'm Jeff. Working full time as a front-ender with an amazing dev team. I'm self taught, then attended a bootcamp to fully take the plunge and change careers. Best decision I've ever made! I definitely still feel like an "imposter", but I'm learning everyday.

Happy to be here and contribute what I can.


Hello! My name is Jonathon. I'm a software engineer for a small e-commerce company. I just now found DEV and am excited to poke around and read some awesome stuff and hopefully contribute, likewise.

I am currently working on a (hopefully) awesome Laravel package as a side project.

I'm also currently reading this book (highly recommend): SICP


An article called 'dead simple python' got me here. I'm actually a project manager, former programmer, who never quite let's go of my technical interests. Mostly SQL now and being able to read code to help solve issues.


Hello everyone I'm rodrigo a full stack developer, currently matching all the incoming calls for a call center with Google ads.

I was always afraid to join a community, make comments, or contribute to open source projects, but I'm looking forward to learn and help others 💓


Bienvinida a la Comunidad, Rodrigo!

Have no fear; we're glad you're here!

I also used Angular before moving to React. Have you found yourself trying to do things the Angular way? It's been long enough now that I'm not even sure what that means anymore.


Hello Devs. Myself i am Lavan, right now I'm a full time Contractor working as analyst. I want to get into algorithms world and most likely to FAANG!

I would love to give back to the community by sharing my interview struggles.

please follow me @newlavan.


Hello Everyone,

I'm Patrick. I am a (f)unemployed / freelance web dev / designer. I graduated from ASU in May 2018 and spent the time since in tutorial hell and learned a little about a lot. Moving forward, I'm focusing my efforts on js, iOS and vue.js.

Perfect job: HTML, CSS, and more of the same...

Twitter twitter.com/azparrotthead


Hi! 👋I'm, Gulshan Saini, a full stack developer.

I transitioned from SDET(QA) profile to full stack developer in 2018. I am playing with Web Technologies(HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP) since year 2004 however seriously thought about moving to new role(dev) in 2017. After preparation(learning modern JavaScript) for almost a year I applied for IJP in my current organisation where I got as selected Staff Software Engineer role. I must say JavaScript has matured in past couple of years.

I would like to say thanks to everyone who, made free content available on sites like dev.to, medium.com, youtube.com, egghead.io to name a few, that helped me in grasping new technologies and clearing my doubts.

Why I joined dev.to?
I thought it's time to give back to the community by sharing my knowledge/experience while I still keep learning from you awesome folks on web.

I even write at my personal blog
you can follow me on twitter



A-Yo! I'm Lok Lok from Hong Kong. I'm a Front End Developer. I want to build remixed / different Developer Experiences lately. I try to make Graphics Programing Easier and More Fun with Flow Based Programming at my side project. Hope you like it >v<




Hey I'm Andy, I'm a Cyber security software team lead and developer in Embedded systems, for a major Automotive supplier.

My main personal learning area is currently Grails among many technologies.

Been lurking from afar for a while, felt it was time to join.


Hello everyone. I'm Antonio! I'm a agronomist that loves edaphology and microbio, and I happen to be currently employed as a full-stack engineer. Working on learning Go, and Redis currently.

If curious about my biology background, feel free to check out my stuff.


Hey there!
I'm Dimitry and at the moment running a small studio in the field of CX research and teaching interaction design. I'm interested in IoT and Data art and trying to mix data flow from Particle Photon with P5.JS.
Happy to join your community:)


Hi all have been a mail administrator on the lotus notes domino platform for nearly 17 years and coder in lotus-script ,formula, and cobbled JavaScript. Am now pivoting to full stack developer and onward by starting with RoR and structured JavaScript .


I have been a 'developer' since 1980, the word loses meaning and depth with every passing day, in a tangent... ;) We have become slaves to an 'agenda' of data (habit) mining, marketing, McJobs and 'trending'... As John Dvorák said, the only important thing that happened in the automobile industry is the automatic transmission - the rest is just gadgets - although I like my '4-Matic' and 'AWD' with voice controlled GPS ;)

Today EVERYTHING is developed, if at all, in India, China/Russia and Eastern Europe - the rest are just consumers.


Hey, I'm Paul and I'm a senior software engineer currently focused on UX engineering from Cork, Ireland.

I have a simple blog and my aim for 2019 is to read, write, and design more often.

Really delighted to learn from you all here at Dev.to 🤗



I'm a senior software developer working with server-side Java technologies - mostly, with all these 2-3 letters JEE acronyms like JPA, JMS, WS, relational (and not-only-relational) databases and so on.

I'm running several open-source projects on GitHub that should make Java a better place to code. And I hope to find here Java devs who are passionate doing crazy stuff with Java -- like continuations, or C#-like async/await or whatever else that looks seemingly impossible. And I hope that someone even join me as a contributor, because it's getting harder to manage this zoo alone))


Hey everybody! I'm extremely excited to be here!

My name is Tenyson Partridge AKA instagram.com/codesthetics on IG and my current love is JavaScript, Vue, and Firebase. I love Unity3D and C# too but my current focus is web development.

Definitely looking forward to sharing my thoughts and learning more from other amazing developers and designers.

~ Tenyson Partridge


Hello! Everyone,

Nice to meet you all.

Would be 2nd person intro :)

He is name is Jitendra Singh, Currently he is working as a product engineer. He write mostly backend code in nodejs.
How he end up here, to connect awesome community.

he got a chrome extension "daily-source-for-busy-dev" link from one of my colleagues & one of the article brought me here.


Hello! I'm Constantinos, i've started learning web development 1 year and a half ago, and now i'm working full time as a web developer, mainly backend. I'm currently working with Laravel and a bit of Vue.js.

I love learning new things!

Before becoming a web developer, i worked as a musician, and composed music. I've also dabbled a little in composing music and sound effects for video games (played with Unity and FMOD).
Looking forward to learning and contributing!


Morning all. James here. Currently doing Systems Integration. Kind of a cross between Dev/Sys Admin. Working on building skills to bring DevOps to my workplace. But always interested in new opportunities. Check my LinkedIn or my Gitlab for things i've been working on.


Hey y'all, my name is Pav and I'm a full-time graphic designer who was more or less forced to learn a thing or two about front-end, and fell in love with it.
Currently learning React to rebuild a Tinder like application for the company I work for, and because it's absolutely amazing.
Looking forward to meeting you all, interacting and maybe writing about my experience as a designer becoming a dev.



i'm from Mauritius, a small (paradisiac) island in the indian ocean. i have my own IT biz. our main investment is in py.

saw great python posts in here. really looking to contribute some nice hacks. looking to learn more from you!


Hi everyone! I am Morgan and I am a young developer working to build my skills. I focus mainly on HTML, CSS and JavaScript and am in the process of building some JavaScript-based projects. I have my blog up at morganlpurdy.com where I talk about what I am learning and working on as well.

Looking forward to learning a lot here and getting involved in this community!


Hello am Mina. I’m a passionate web developer. I love building web systems. I hope to start my own HQ this year


Hello everyone my name is Jason.

I enjoy trying to stay up to do date on the newest technologies. I have been a .NET (primarily vb.net) develop for the past several years. I am currently trying to improve my webdev skills. My personal/professional goals for 2019 are to become more involved in the development community. I would also like to contribute to an open-source project this year so if you know of a beginner project or need some simple help with your project let me know.

I was initially drawn to this site from the article:


Hey, I'm Andy, a full stack software engineer. I enjoy writing about tech and learning new things. I'm at my happiest when I have my headphones on, working through a problem.

Here are some of my medium articles:

Nice to meet you all 😀


Hi, I'm Robb, I currently or re-learning HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap.

I hope I could see my path here to reach my Goals as a Frontend Developer to Full-Stack Developer.

I wish someday my dreams came true.


Hi everyone, I am Sumit, currently working as Data Engineer in Postman. I have very exciting experience in Back end development from previous organisation too.

I am hoping to write more about my experience with data inclined towards people who are just learning the technologies.

I primarily write on Medium.

I also want to recommend a read which I like the most What are Bloom filters.


Hello fellows,

I'm JD. I've been there since October of last year (found this website randomly), but I finally decided to make myself known to the members here. Strangely, I've submitted my first post here, before introducing myself.

Currently learning (or trying to improve on) JavaScript, and interested in React and Vue. Fun fact about myself: I'm mostly self-taught, and my learning process is slow.

Anyway, pleasure to meet you all. :)


var ClicheSalute = function(){ console.log("Hello World!");}


Hey people! My name is Sebastian and I am trying to get my CS degree and learning Full Stack Web Development on the side.
I am an immigrant in the United States working on getting my residence status and hopefully someday become a full fledged American Citizen!
I am passionate about politics, non-profit organizations (specially those dedicated to education), and Artificial Intelligence.

I came to this site after reading an inspiring piece by Maribel Duran in Medium titled "My journey from first generation college grad to Software Engineer" where she recommends various great communities like this one. I recommend her articles if you're struggling with motivation or looking for some basic resources to tie concepts down.

I know it's a long introduction, but long story short, I have been trying the "lone wolf" approach to learning and it has been hard and frustrating, so I decided to beat the shyness and language barrier and put myself out there, and I cannot wait to share my experiences and read about everyone else's around here!

Thanks for reading!
If you have advice, or are going through a similar situation do reach out and let's talk about how to make this exhausting path we've chosen a smooth ride!

You can follow me on Twitter @sebasduranonap and Instagram @sebasduranona


Hello there,

My name is Martin and I am ex mathematics competitor and full stack web developer, currently using JavaScript (Angular.js) and Java (Spring, Hibernate, MySQL) at work.

I joined dev.to because I want to get to know more people from the community and become part of it, learn more things about DevOps and stuff around it, learn React.

Not last, I would be extremely happy if I can share some of my knowledge and help someone. : )


Hi, I'm a junior front end developer.
I'm learning React.
Nice to meet you!


Hello. Am a front web developer and like to mess around with CSS.I was redirected to an article here and due to it fell in love with the massive community response. Am hoping this would be a nice place to learn from great developers.


Greetings from Malaysia. I found this site while looking up how to create a plugin on Vue JS. I am a senior developer and partner in my (small) I.T. company. I code mostly in PHP and Javascript in general, or more specifically I use a lot of (but am not limited to) Laravel and Vue JS.



I am ScottW. I am the co-founder of KickoffLabs (Ruby & Rails, Postgresql, Sidekiq, Redis, Elastic Search and more).

I have spent much of the last seven years heads down building KickoffLabs wasting too of my community energy/effort on just Twitter and hoping to change that now.

My blog is at scottw.com.


Heya!!! I am Arko Mallick here from India . I am currently unemployed and looking for a job but I love coding and currently still learning . Would love to contribute to the community here and ya thanks ...


Hello all,
I'm coming from an IT systems consulting background and am currently focusing full-time studying for a career change to front-end web dev. Been using Treehouse, FCC, CS50 and more, focused mainly on vanilla HTML, CSS, JS to get a good foundation. Just starting React and plan to spend some time on WordPress as well - hoping that this set of skills will help me land my first dev gig and looking forward to learning/participating here!



Hello. I'm Sunil Kumar. I came here by reading this article - dev.to/dechamp/25-years-of-coding-... which is trending on Hacker News today. I'm currently working as a developer at Plivo, India.

Apart from work, I keep working on my side projects. In the long term I want to leave my 9-5 job and depend solely on money earned through my side projects. I don't have any project which is bringing in the money right now but I'll definitely get there. Are there people here who earn from their side projects?


Hello everyone. I just learned about this platform thanks to this post. I'm an economics professor and a big data science enthusiast. My main tool is R. I hope to learn more now that I am a part of this great community.


Hello all, I am Kalyan working on Android and Rails. Found interesting articles here on programming through search engines. Interested in learning about new concepts in Android, Rails and any other technologies.


Hi everyone, I'm Samantha Ming 👋 I'm a Front End developer who loves learning new things and sharing them with the community.

I've been mainly sharing my weekly Code Tidbits series on my Instagram (@samanthaming). But I'm super excited to start knowledge sharing here on Dev.to 😊👍


Hi there,

I'm Marton I was just listening to the indie hackers podcast with Ben, while plaining wood at a wood yard in the Hungarian countryside.
: )
That's how I heard of dev.to.

My creative path is:
Photographer--->videographer--->hand drawn animation creator--->graphic designer--->webdesigner--->frontend developer (no JS)--->hustler of web creations.

Besides our creative family business I became an employee (after 4 years of entrepreneurship) doing woodwork outdoors mixed with process and overall development of the wood yard. I love wood, and dealing with people and processes, so am enjoying this adventure too.

I would really like to know some more coding languages, so I could create some more stuff more easily, and therefore live this life more freely. I haven't yet been able to spend enough time learning because honestly, covering our basic needs as a family is quite a task...but that's the challenge I chose to overcome.

This is my first time introducing myself to a community... and finally taking some steps towards sharing my knowledge and experience, and in the process learning from others.

I love the site design, and the feel of the whole community.
I'm grateful to be here!


Hello! I am Antonio, I am a Frontend developer mostly focused on ReactJS at the moment.

I would like to share and acquire knowledge within this community.

Right now I'm publishing mostly on medium and also started publishing on my Twitter account @antonio_pangall .


Hey people!

My name is Zeljko. I am a computer science student from germany. Currently I am focusing on machine learning, deep learning and data science. I am reading post/articles here on dev.to sometimes but have never replied to any of them. So I am A long time lurker here on dev.to. I have not been ever active on "social media" platforms anywhere so I wanted to give dev.to a try because the community here looks nice and friendly.



I'm Rik, a full-time indie product developer dad from The Netherlands. 🧔🧀

Been working as a web developer and designer for about 15 years. A couple of years ago I decided to start freelancing and save some money so I could take a chance at making a full-time income from selling web plugins. I work from home so I can spend lots of time with my kids (a 1-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old son, crazy times). Also, I love snowboarding 🏂

Mid 2017 half my income came from selling web plugins on Envato, and the other half from client work. Near the end of 2018 I released Doka.js and it's starting to look like Doka is raising my product income to almost enough to stop client work and focus on products full-time.

I love writing about web development and have a dusty own blog. To compensate for the commercial plugins I sell (it always makes me feel like I'm promoting my own work) I also build fun and useful open source plugins like FilePond.js and Shiny.js.

I'll most likely write about little tips and tricks I use in my products and how to use my open source products (and maybe one of my commercial products) in your projects.


Hello guys! I’m Daniel from Budapest, Hungary.
I’m going to finish university this semester where I’m studying computer science. I’m also working for a small startup as an iOS developer.
I started to read this site a long time ago, but today is the day when I decided to create an account :)
I’ve read lots of articles here, maybe it’s time for give something back :)

In my free time I’m learning Português:)


I have had web development experience during the old days when javascript was at infancy.PHP MYSQL were my forte.

I am back to learn the latest drastic change in web development technologies.

I hope I can learn and at the same time contribute with the little knowledge I have to this group



Hi there. I'm Dan, a developer in the South hoping to gather knowledge and share the trade within my area. I'm a full-stack developer but would love to learn C# one day.

Right now, most of my free time is taken up by my little silly game I'm making github.com/delaford/game


Hi!, my name is Justin. I have experience in Data Engineering and Web development. I use python and javascript to create solutions. My tool belt includes Flask, Django, NodeJs, React, Postgres, MongoDB, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS... I am a tech community lover.


Hi all.

Been trying to find work as a Front End Web Dev since getting my college degree, but relocation is not an option and there aren't many companies in my area hiring for it. So I've been working other jobs while trying to get established as an independent contractor... but it's tough doing it on your own sometimes. About once a year or so I get into a funk where I try to find remote work, thinking it'd just be easier to work for someone else, but my lack of experience makes it impossible to be seen or given a chance.

I've seen a few people I follow on Twitter sharing things here on DEV, so I figured it was time for me to check it out and start sharing some of my own stuff.

Most of my projects are on bitbucket.org/sunfireweb, and I'm on Twitter @chillsunfire

Looking forward to learning and connecting.


I have always been passionate about computers. At first, they use to look like magic boxes that could do things based on the desires of their owners.

The first time I got to touch one, I realized that it wasn't that ready to do what I wanted. It made me understand that there are steps in order to talk to it. Our first date was awful. I could not make the lady talk much. Then I asked myself the ultimate question:

How, on earth, can I make this stuff work?

This question changed my life.

It helped me set goals. It guided me here today. I am still in the quest to answer the question. Because of it, I had to learn:

  • many languages(to talk to the lady lol)
  • graphics designing
  • web designing
  • web development
  • frontend & backend stuff

This was helpful. I was able to make her say some words. But as we exchange some words on a daily basis, I am starting to understand that there is still a lot to know about her.

So, I decided to make a dissection of her body(yeah) so that I can understand the basic components and functions. And there is a science for that. I had to learn it. Then I learned:

  • physics
  • mathematics
  • electronics

Here I have started to see why she couldn't talk to me anyhow.

I kind of know how to go about talking to her now. Her sub-components are extensively many and complex. It's built on top of a fantastic logic. It takes a lot of time to study them and how they relate to each other. In fact, if I am to understand them well I need a bit of chemistry... well it's deep.

I am zooboole, I study computers and along do what people do with computers.



Hi dev.to 👋
I’m excited to join this community to learn and share my experience.

I’ve been a software engineer for nearly 20 years. I’ve been a mentor and coach for the last five years.
You can follow me on Twitter @drm317


Hi everyone. Have followed dev.to for a while now and am interested in writing up some posts as it's something I've never done. This looks like a great place to start! I'm current working as a full stack developer using Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Jenkins, Java, ReactjS and AngularJS. Interested in automation of deployments and automated testing.


Hello, I'm Matheus, a Computer Science student and Python developer in a research lab at Brazil.

For two months I read daily dev.to and finally created my account, the content in this website is great and with a ton of practical knowledge. My plan is to be good enough and make awesome projects to work at Silicon Valley in a big tech company. I'm studying about TensorFlow and JavaScript in the moment. Any tips will really be appreciated! Have a great day everyone!


Hello, I'm Oluwatimilehin from Nigeria. I'm new here and a Ruby on Rails beginner. I hope I can get some help here from experienced Ruby on Rails developers.


Welcome, Oluwatimilehin!

About Ruby … me, too. It's been weeks since I've opened a project in Ruby. I never had a real interest until the source code for dev.to was released!


Hi there.

It's a pleasure to be here, I hope to learn a lot of things and share mine.


Hello, I'm Asma a full time IT applications analyst - mainly web development with php - currently focusing on MERN stack on one hand and some data analysis on the other.

my goal this year is to overcome my fear of writing and publish my first blog post, hopefully here.

Looking forward to learn with this community and share.


hi someone recommended this site and i figured i'd check it out. i'm a fullstack dev, trying to get back into freelancing after taking some time off. hello.


Hello! I am Rita. A beginner in Java development and Android Development. I've built a couple of basic android applications and currently working on being proficient with Java. Nice to meet you all


Hi, Everyone I'm new here and I hope to learn a lot fo everyone and share my knowledge too. \m/


Hello everyone I'm stanley from Kenya. I'm looking forward to sharing with you follow me on twitter @StanleyMasinde_


Hey folks! I am Ravinder, a professional web scraper ;) and learning Python here. Currently I am following Dead simple python series by Jason.


hello i am shrinivas , right now automation tester. I want to get into development and writing down about the experience!

I also intend to start writing more frequently on medium where i have a profile with a few blogs written over a period of time. Want to be more consistent in this section
Link: medium.com/@isShrinivas

Looking forward to learning and sharing more cool stuff here at dev.to!


Hey all, I'm Paulo from Brazil :) - System Engineer/Humanitarian Maker and ICT4D advisor, current living and working in TIMOR-LESTE,a small island in southwest of Asia.
Right now I'm acquiring acknowledgment in Data Science

Let’s share the experience together 👍


All the best!


Okay, so here is the place where dev fun is...


Hey all! Im on a mission to be able to turn my designs into code and have more control o er the final product.


Hey, I am Nuwan and I'm currently learning computer science online at edx Harvard cs50 aiming to become a freelance...

I am on instagram @therealkodekedo


Thanks, guys. I'm here because you guys can help me to grow up in my knowledge of the web and how to build sites using different framework and php.


Hello I'm Nico, right now I study CS in Winterthur, Switzerland. When I don't have to study for School, I'm usually learning Rust.


Hello everyone, I'm starting web dev from scratch and I read some articles from this great community and felt like I should start by signing up here.

I'm here to learn and I don't think that there is a better place.


Hi 👋! Experimenting with using dev.to as something of a public technical journal to 1. share random stuff i learn and 2. record things i want to note for the future.


Hi I'm Thiyagarajan, Java architect, also Working in Devops tool


Howdy? Luca here!
I'm a System Engineering Lead working in Ireland who's also interested in development :)


Hi everyone...I a developer, an architect....I usually share my thoughts (prorgamming, science, techs etc) on my blog teknosains.com. I like working with JavaScript.


Hello! I'm Flavius, fullstack web developer, writing js and php. I wanna start learning graphql. In process of learning nodejs and working with nosql dbs.


Hello folks, I'm glad to be here!
I'm fulltime web developer right now looking to get my career boosted with your help!

Thank you


Awesome to be here, easy to post, took about an hour to post the first one. I also have a personal blog. AWS Junkie all the way


Hello, My name is Pedro Dias Vicente. Developer and Co-Founder of Gleentech at Portugal.

I love being developer and being taught by programming. Our daily basis are Computing.


Hello Everyone, I am starting with programming. here to learn from you all & ask silly questions


Hello! I'm Joan passionate about mobile development more focused on Android, but trying to find time to learn ios too. I'd like to help and learn joining this community, happy coding to you all guys!


Hi Everyone,
I am Senior Software Engineer. Working and exploring new technologies. Like to help others with code and learning or teaching new stuff.

I would love to share knowledge with community.


For #3, this post about how to keep your phone from trying to take over your day:


Hello I'm Diretnan Domnan, a python developer and fledgling artificial intelligence engineer. Currently trying to get my calculus up to par so as to boost my AI experience, also learning React and C++


Hello everybody. I'm Ricardo and I'm not a developer.


Hello there! My name is Heather and I’m currently learning Python. I’m also looking for a place to share my journey and get to know others that are learning too.


Hello everyone! I'm Alex, and I'm learning JavaScript.

Looking forward to learn with the community and share to the community at dev.to!


Hello! I'm Alpha, currently in the process of completing a 12 weeks software development Bootcamp at Makers Academy in London. Now preparing for my Final project.


Hello, I am Fredrick I am good in html and CSS and aspiring javascript dev. If you need a contributor for html and CSS pls hit me. Thank you


Hello! I'm Abduselam, I'm a web development student and I'm currently learning react with gatsby. _^


Hello, my name is Crystal. I am a test automation developer who enjoy fooling around with all the different test frameworks. Currently using howitzer/ Ruby.


Hi I am Ramasamy from India, I am a full time Java developer. I am a learning Linux Docker.

Looking forward to learn a lot and share whenever possible from you guys


Hello! I am Tayormi, a full-stack Web Developer working with .NET Core, Angular and React. I am currently playing around with Flutter and I will be documenting my journey.


Welcome to the community! I look forward to reading about your journey as I've been on a similar path.


Hi I am Piyush Patel, working as a full stack developer in Gujarat, India. Right now I'm into Reactjs React Native, Nodejs and recently started learning Vuejs and Go as well.


Hi All,

I am Manish,working as DevOps professional. I would like to provide my best knowledge to the community.


I have a dog, Husky named Taiga. I love tasty food, I study and enjoy my work.


I'm a Senior Dev, and I love music, Javascript, multi-culturalism, and RxJS. Hit me up!


Hello everyone i am kyanij. I am a junior front end developer.
I am currently learning React.
I am glad to be part of dev.to. looking forward to learn cool stuff as well as share awesome idea.


Hello, I am Chris Daniel, web developer working in Magento and react js. Glad to meet you


Hello I'm Saad, I'm a backend developer and these days I'm learning Docker and Database Migrations. I love to actively participate in community discussions with empathy and open mind.


I am Ahsan an E-commerce expert working a Home Textile Website beddingssets.com


Hello! Im Ben!
Long time reader and scroller, but finally decided to join the community and check whats up from the inside!


Hi, I am John and I want to build on my knowledge of programming

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