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Welcome Thread - v26

Hey there! Welcome to!

A snake wraps around Batman and says "sup"

Leave a comment below to introduce yourself to the community!✌️

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment and say hello or ask them a question. 👋

  3. Or answer this question: what was your first programming language, and what may be your next?

Discussion (143)

andy profile image
Andy Zhao (he/him)

Hello! My first programming language was Ruby. Think it really was the best starting programming language for me because it is:

  1. reads kind of like English
  2. doesn't require understanding too many symbols to start
  3. has an overall wholesome and kind community

I have high hopes for my next language, but it'll be fun to play around with either WebAssembly (I think it's a language?) or Rust.

biros profile image
Boris Jamot ✊ /

Hi Andy, welcome on DEV ;)

andy profile image
Andy Zhao (he/him)

Gee thanks 😅

mangesh142sh profile image
Man • Edited

Hello! Andy

sofyan44 profile image

Hi, Andy it looks awsome! I am interesting.

donnacamos profile image
Donna Amos

I just became certified as a full stack developer @ Free Code Camp. My first language was HTML, of course, but I'm currently working on learning JavaScript in depth and seeking my first dev job on the Front End. On that note, what's the best way to find a remote job?
Thanks for all the great advice already. Keep up the good work!

bowlendev profile image
Ryan Bowlen

Did you use anything to supplement the React portion? I feel like I need something outside of the curriculum to get up and going on that cert!

donnacamos profile image
Donna Amos

I just tried looking for help on the FCC forum and then googling the sections if I couldn't find the answer. What really got me through a good portion of FCC was Colt Steele's Web Developer course on Udemy. It's only around $10 last I checked. Also, I just thought "If HTML and JavaScript had a baby, it would be React." My mind is funny that way. :D

Thread Thread
bowlendev profile image
Ryan Bowlen

Haha, that is a really funny and apt way to think of it. Thanks!

dylantientcheu profile image
Dylan Tientcheu

Hello and welcome

donnacamos profile image
Donna Amos


bheshrajcr7 profile image

i just want to be a react native developer?? if you can assist me with the resources then i ll be grateful. i have some sort of knowledge of es6..

donnacamos profile image
Donna Amos

Hey, I'm sorry I didn't get back to you. I haven't been on here that much. I don't know many other resources that are free other than Free Code Camp. I'm currently taking Flatiron School's online Software Engineer boot camp. It has a React section I'll be working through. If your looking for concentrated courses, I'd check Udemy courses. They're affordable with great content. Also, check out Free Code Camp's Youtube channel. Good luck!

bowlendev profile image
Ryan Bowlen

Hello everybody!

My first language was Java, but I am working diligently on JS right now in the hopes to become a full-time Front End Developer in 2019. I'm moving to Austin in May and want to start my new career then!

I am here to learn from and interact with awesome people in the community!

miloslavcv profile image
Miloslav Cvetkovic

Hi 👋,

My name is Milo, am an architect, who got sick of doing architecture, and decided to return to my first passion, coding and design, and am currently learning js and react. I'm originally from Serbia, but I lived for a long time in Milano, and am now based in Berlin :)

manueldevjour profile image

Hey Milo! Nice to meet you.

Serbia looks good, what city are you from?
I was in Berlin 13 years ago, it was good but I don't really like for living there I think. How's the life there?

samuringa profile image
Bruno Adell

Hello there. I was introduced to this site by a friendly WebDev who gives me advice sometimes. I'm currently studying HTML/CSS/JS, did some courses in person and will begin watching online ones to carry on with the learning. I pretend to work on the Back-End too someday, maybe with PHP, but right now I got my hands full.

Hope to have a good time here and not be a pain in the ass.

geekowll profile image
Geek OwL


I am from Turkey. I started programming with c++ and still it's my best. Also I am related with mobile so xamarin - c# and android - kotlin are in my menu. I like reading code :)

I am here to follow community as much as possible.

denisepen profile image
Denise Pen


I am a recent bootcamp grad. I've been reading for a few months now but not participating but I will become more active. I've learned so much from this community already so I hope to be able to give back in some way!

I'm trained to be a full stack developer but I hope to build my UI/UX chops. I love making beautiful things...

amm4108 profile image
Alexandria Mack

Hey guys. I found this site through people talking about it on Twitter. My first language was Java in college. I'm currently mostly working in Lua for a WoW add-on and C# for a few other personal projects relating to game development. I'm not sure what my next language will be but most likely learning more about C++. I've learned the basics but get discouraged when I get to things that don't quite make sense to me.

xiaket profile image
Kai Xia(夏恺)

Hi everyone! Kai here :)

My first language is C, I learned it back in uni, but I'm a parseltongue these days. I've been using this wonderful language(Python) for more than 10 years and I love it deeply.

I was browsing through my RSS items and bump into an article and realised that this is the 3rd time that I've visited today, so here I am. :D

gannochenko profile image
Sergei Gannochenko

Hey everybody! It feels so cozy here, like in old times :)

So, I am a software engineer from Berlin, originally came from Russia.
I like everything about IT, especially JavaScript. I could spend hours on studying something or solving puzzles.

Currently playing with Serverless, will do some brief study of Kotlin soon! But actually, my "to-learn" list is written for ages ahead:)


alyssagdotme profile image
Alyssa Graham

Hello! My name is Alyssa. As an early-career dev, I'm looking for opportunities to continue learning and maybe even start publishing posts (eek!). My first programming language was JavaScript. I recently accepted a job helping to build custom WordPress websites, so the next language I'm learning is php.

jkbiggs profile image
Joshua Biggs

Hi all!

I started my career in 2008 as a backend Java developer, and I've been slowly migrating towards full stack ever since. I'm excited to learn more about React, Node, and Angular.



kubadlo profile image
Jakub Leško

Hello everybody 👋

My first programming language was Pascal (am I too old? 😅).

I'm full stack developer focused in Java and TypeScript. My hobby language which I'm learning and using in my hobby projects is Rust.

I'm here to share my knowledge and to learn something new 😇

deznorth profile image
David Rojas Gonzalez

Hello, World!

I just stumbled upon this site and decided to join. I am currently looking into Frontend web development although I like to mess with Backend technologies as well. The first programming language that I messed with was C++ but I haven't used it in a while so I'd consider Javascript my first well-known language.
Currently, I am learning Reactjs in hopes of finding my first web development job.

whoisnnamdi profile image
Nnamdi Iregbulem

Hey all!

To introduce myself: I'm a first year MBA student at Stanford currently, coming off of a five year career in tech finance, most of which I was a venture capital investor investing in enterprise software and consumer internet companies. Prior that I graduated with a degree in Economics from Yale University.

I have always been a huge tech nerd - building desktop computers, coding up websites as a kid, and most recently self-teaching myself Python and the various machine learning / deep learning packages (Sklearn, PyTorch TensorFlow).

I am passionate about using software and machine learning to make human beings more productive in what they love doing.

To that end, while an investor I lead investments in incredible developer tooling companies like GitLab and Epic Games (known for both Fortnite and the Unreal Engine).

Look forward to interacting with all of you!

ashokkumar1409 profile image
Ashok kumar

I am Ashok Kumar from India. I am new to this community. Actually am beginner in programming language. My friend suggest me about dev. I am here to learn. I started my programming with c Language.

pretzelhands profile image

Hey everyone! I'm Richard, 21, freelancer by trade!

I was brought here originally by another member of when I was launching jinx, my nginx wrapper, and I received absolutely amazing feedback on it.

I'm currently working on a few site projects and trying to take up blogging as a habit. You know, growing an audience and all that jazz.

My first real programming language was probably JavaScript. I learned it when I wanted to make cool interactive things happen on my website. My next language will most likely be Go, because I'm oddly fond of its syntax. :)

prasadj28 profile image
Prasad Jadhav

Hello, I am a Java full stack developer, Java is also my first programming language, I am currently working on Spring, Struts2 and JPA. I am also learning Hibernate.
Happy to join you all, and looking forward to some interesting projects.

echiericato profile image
Emanuele Chiericato • Edited

I'm not a developer but a web marketing specialist.
I'm interested in connected topics between dev and web marketing, such as a lot a good stuff here about UX, web performance (loading times), crawling.

pirate723 profile image

Hello all! I'm Mike, new to the development world, but eager and very excited to learn all I can. I hope to learn from my time here, develop some friendships and maybe even teach someone else something new in return.

illphilosopher profile image
Phil of the Future

Hi. I began programming almost a year ago and recently completed a programming bootcamp and General Assembly. While I'm still very much an amateur, programming, the web, and computer science fascinate me and I'm eager to learn as much as I can (and hopefully get a great job in the process!). Most of my experience thus far has been with Javascript, but right now I'm working on learning Python. My academic background is in international studies and human rights so I'm also interested in how to secure our data and make the internet a safe, productive space for everyone.

zainab_white1 profile image
Zainab A Salam

Hey am Zainab, I have been learning HTML/CSS for a while now with video and online courses.. on and off I hope to do better this year and actually start a career with it by the end of this year and also very Intrested in python from some video tutorials I have watching

darraghor profile image
Darragh O'Riordan

Hi All!

I've been lurking for a while but love what I see in the community here so decided to join. In my career I've been a dev working on control systems, hardware and lots of web. I've done a bunch of hiring and team building in the past couple of years as team lead and dev manager in but I still love coding.

I've learned loads about modern stacks, new language features and better ways of working from articles on here so happy to give back if I can.

Thanks for creating a positive place to learn!

mattgood profile image
Matt Good

Hi everyone

I discovered this platform via Twitter and I've already read a lot of interesting articles here, so I thought it's about time that I become part of it.
I've been working as a software engineer for about 7 years, starting with Java and now working on NodeJS/Angular projects.

I just started to learn Kotlin in my free time and I love it from the beginning (is anybody else here also using/loving it?).

My plan is to publish some articles here on about Kotlin to get a deeper knowledge of the programming language for myself and to hopefully give something useful back to the community here.

Looking forward to exciting discussions with you guys.

darey_gr8 profile image
Damilarey Stephen

Hello! am Steve and it lovely to be here, am a UI/UX designer my new area of interest is Front-end web development(new bee) and am enjoying it because the learning seems never to end, also in need of a mentor if any one is ready to help out will be glad


htmlghozt profile image
Thomas Dillard


Long time watcher first time caller! I'm a Lambda School alumnus. JavaScript was my first love, though I'm intimately aware of its faults. I've been focusing on improving my technical documentation and testing.

Recently I've been playing with Elixir and Reason to produce awesome applications.

wahyualfarisi profile image
Wahyu Alfarisi

Hello my first programming is php, and now im learn node.js and step by step i want to know and get started to be MERN stack (mongodb,express.js,react,node js) i think best part moment when i see some errors and try to fix it .

kurakste profile image

I want to be a react developer. Start to learn React + Redux using YouTube & building
training project ( .
I fill like i need somebody who help me with code style & best practices.
If your can help me i will be thankful. If i can help community some way i'm ready too.

arvindsrinivas1 profile image
Arvind Srinivas S

Hey! Ever been through that phase where you want to learn everything and there is so much you want to do but you're terrible at planning and eventually end up not doing anything.

Bit of a negative introduction, I know. But wth.

I'm Arvind and I want to know a lot of stuff. But first, I want to become proficient in Web Development.


jonazcy profile image

Hello, My first programming language was PHP, then when I started I don't have much knowledge on programming and I decided to try PHP because It the only option I had back then.

I am currently learning Ruby and I hope I gat friends here on who're Ruby Dev.