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dev.to staff on November 27, 2018

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Hello everyone. I am Jon Luke and I am currently an IT student with a focus in Security. I am learning Java at the University and on the side I am learning python. I found dev.to from Twitter and thought I'd check it out!

I enjoy hacking, electronics, and well basically anything with computers. Feel free to ask me anything! :)


Hello everyone. I'm Mukhtar Azeez from Nigeria. I studied economics in school but programming is now my newly found love,I've learn up to php and a bit of JavaScript,also trying to learn python.I will also love to be an Ethical Hacker. Your career advices and help on how how to maneuver my ways would be gladly appreciated!
I joined via Twitter and am glad to be here.


Welcome! Feel free to reach out with any JavaScript questions.


Welcome! Interesting thing that at first I studied economics too! Then I left that university and got CS degree in another. Follow your passion :)


Hi. I discovered dev.to from my 'corporate' Twitter feed (SW engineer at Gumstix and help out with marketing as gadget guru). I wrote my first 15-minute text based adventure in QBasic at the age of 9 and never looked back. I'm into HDL, HAL, OS, C/C++, making, learning and teaching.


Wow, would totally read a post about what it was like to write the adventure game.


Hello all! Welcome to dev.to! I'm Andy and I learned how to code from a bootcamp and eventually found my way to working on dev.to!

If you're new here, here is a great guide on us:


The is a must read I will definitely go through it.


Hi, my name is Gerald am from Nigeria i stumbled on these wonderful site from an article that was written on these platform. So i went around and noticed that these is a place to be. Am learning Python, am not actually good but am trying. Hope in having a great experience with all of you great minds. Thanks


Hello, I am Fahid and I am working as a Software Architect in a Company making VR Platform mainly focused on entertainment.

I've been using dev.to for a long time to learn. I hope could give something in return to this great community.


Hello everybody! I am new to programming and currently dabbling in Python. I am passionate about Wildlife Conservation and Carbon Management and want to create tools for both.
Any tips on projects/people to follow are welcome.


On that note, IBM with its Call for Code initiative provided several tools and code examples for disaster prevention and nature conservation. Something you might want to take a look at.


Thanks a lot for this info!
I am looking into it right now


Hello, world!

I'm going to school and making a game. I like software engineering.

Is this thing like a dev-only twitter or something?

//apologies if this is a repeat, my post wasn't showing after an edit and a page reload

Hi everyone! my name enes ı am currently student computer engineering in Erciyes Universty.I am interested javascript tecnologies, node.js react vs.I try to improve myself constantly. I think dev.to a nice platform for this


Hello you all super human being! I'm Abhishek, a full stack developer. Started my career as a Visual Basic Developer, coded in almost all the popular Open Source frameworks like Mambo, Joomla, Drupal, Magento ete. Currently, Laravel is a framework I code mostly for backend and I use ReactJs/ Angular for Frontend.


Hello everyone. Paul here from Metro Manila Philippines. Used to teach web development in PHP and did one class in Javascript. Learning more about React and Pytorch. Also was part of the alpha batch of Justin Moon's buidlbootcamp on Bitcoin Programming. Here via twitter.com/helenanders26/status/1... - I've seen dev.to before but never really signed up - Helen Anderson's post got me curious and here I am!


Hello dev.to community! I started making games on the TI-83 to make class more interesting back in middle school. I took a break in college and my 20's to become a rocket scientist. Turns out it only sounds cool. Now I'm getting back to my roots via a Thinkful bootcamp with a focus on the MERN stack. Hope to see some of y'all out in the wild!


Hi people!

My name is Junior. I'm learning Python, SQL, Tableau and Front-end development. I am interested in Data, knowledge and design. I'm self-teaching to work in Data science/analytics and Front-end development.


Hello everyone. I'm a IT major over at MNSU with an interest in Web Development and cross platform Mobile Development.

I've enjoyed reading Dev.to posts for a while now and figured I should probably make an account. I'm sure I'll learn learn a lot here from all of you.


Howdy everyone! I have a background and a passion for(when not spending time with family) working on electronics and trying my hand at scripting/programming. I have a decent footing in Powershell and am learning Python. Right now I work as a backup network/sysadmin and am the senior break/fix tech for a school district.


Hello devs,

I am Ghalib. just joined a few moments ago to reply to an interesting article I was reading it and couldn`t resist replying. I have been reading a lot for the past month and found this community interesting and resourceful. Finally, I have decided to join to share my thoughts and learn from the Developers in Dev.to


Hello everyone! Im two years into my programming career (well, 2 years at school, 7 months on the job). Started with C# then JavaScript and in turn React and fell in love. I work with react and typescript in my day job as a front end dev and have some side projects in ASP.NET Core and React Native. I like programming books and have a main coon named Alfie. :)


Hello, devs! My name's Hassan and I've been building web sites and apps since 1993 using a variety of backend languages. Currently working on a healthcare-related application using Elixir/Phoenix. Always learning. Happy to discuss programming (functional or otherwise), web history, dogs -- lots of things 😀


Hi! I heard about dev.to from the podcast Ben did on The Changelog back in August. I've been getting into Medium lately, and loved the idea of something like Medium, but even more focused on software engineers.

I am a Computer Science major and former kid who loved programming who has worked in various multidisciplinary roles over the past decade, but is now excited about getting back into programming and becoming a full-time software engineer. I have a broad range of experience and a handle over the fundamentals, but am now immersing myself in modern software development tools, frameworks, and practices.


Hello everyone! I'm Keino Eliud a student(software engineering) and currently learning C/C++ and Java I love hardware and enthusiastic about embedded software development. My mission in dev.to is to learn from the experts (how to become a better engineer). I love developer's digital communities.


Hi everyone, I'm Max currently building Web Apps and APIs for MicroSec a IoT Security startup that focus on building end to end security solutions for IoT devices.

Would love to talk to anyone who are interested on Startups and Python.


Hi all !
I'm Sebastien and i work for near one year as manager in a web perf team for an e-commerce website.
I'm very interesting by the google metrics (CRUX and PSI) to monitor our improvements.


Hi everyone! I'm Marissa, a software engineer in the frozen flat tundra of Fargo ND. When I'm not at work (anyone else use Thingworx?) I'm often working on various web dev side gigs. On summer weekends you'll find me running the tower computers for the timing system at the local drag strip.

I've been reading here for a while and finally got around to making an account. Everyone seems pretty cool and I'm looking forward to sharing neat ideas.

My current main side project is a suite of tools for DMs for D&D. It's small but it's cathartic to work on something different from what I do at work.


Hello all, I am a web developer and designer with 3 years experience currently looking for an exciting new opportunity. I am proficient in HTML and CSS and comfortable with JavaScript. I'm learning React and am also fascinated by UX design.


Hello, I am Tom. I am a Software developer on the Microsoft stack (8 years). I am currently using VueJS, .NETCore Web API, Azure, SQL, Bootstrap, CSS etc.

I love building random projects - heres the project I am building at the moment in the stack I mentioned above - listsweb.azurewebsites.net

My two great loves in life are Technology and Football, and I see myself as a bit of a futurist.


I am Tirth Bodawala & am a full stack developer with 8 years of experience. I love to work on my open source project ReactPWA reactpwa.com and am here to assist and learn ReactJS :) #introduction


Hello everyone! I'm Loong from Singapore! I'm a final-year undergraduate student, and a self-taught coder. I love Web Dev, and JS! I'm currently interning as a junior dev working on a web app! Very exciting time!

Here to meet new people and learn new things! Feel free to hit me up!


Hi All

I am using the Facebook Graph API to post the link on the Facebook page.

For that, I have generated the "page access token" which is used as the parameter when hitting the API to post the link on the page.
It is working fine.

is it okay to push the access token in git repository by the security perspective or is there any better way to implement it such as getting the access token from the backend using the API call?

Can anyone please help here?


Hello everyone. I'm Remco Buddelmeijer from Amsterdam, Holland and I am currently a software developer for NEP Group Inc. where I mainly focus on media and broadcasting services.
I am currently in love with making microservice based applications which help the Dutch television branch. Which is gladly enough also my current job.

For the past 7-8 years, I have been a (Java) Developer where I mainly focussed on making anything that came to my mind and anything that I loved. From Minecraft (Bukkit) plugins to big applications running for corporations.

I found dev.to a couple of years ago through Twitter and loved it ever since. And I hope to enjoy this as long as possible (and mostly to help others while being here).

Currently, I am learning more about Cloud-based applications where both architecture and low-level test-oriented programming comes to mind. Working with both CI/CD and Kubernetes has been a blessing for me.
I love to write (sometimes a bit too much) and can lose track in that, which might happen here (oops).
Next to that my passion is in embedded programming where anything is possible (no matter how big).

With being 20 years of age, I am currently the youngest programmer at my company and I am very happy with what I have achieved to this day.
Feel free to ask me any questions about my experiences as a (quote on quote) "young" developer at a corporation, as I will be writing a post about this in the near future.


Hi, I'm a scientist (chemical, biochemical) who has always worked with various streams of data covering a range from various types of spectroscopy and mass spectrometry to data from longitudinal drug studies. Eventually, the data rate/volume became so high with improved instrumentation and other efficiencies that I needed to learn programming to scale my work. I currently do work related to health, including data engineering, data science, machine/deep learning in the health, infectious disease, and weight loss spaces (chatbots for the latter case). I'm very interested in ML/DL projects as well as improving my dev/data ops and signal processing skills. My main language is python, though I have some proficiency in R. Just to keep it real (grew up on the command line in pre-hard drive era of computers), I use VIM as my IDE :).


Hello everyone. I am Raouf. I am a .NET/C# software engineer. I currently work in a company where I am a shareholder. I found dev.to through Google.

I am an aspiring software architect. So, most of my reading these days is about architectural patterns.


Hello. Am a webDeveloper from @Kenya and am soo impressed by this website! Def helping it to beat Google's alexaRank. By that, i mean, i will be visiting more often!Am a computerScience student at Africa Nazarene University btw.



Hello everyone. I'm Samuel Okolo from Nigeria. I studied Mechanical Engr. at school. But today, I am deeply in love with the 21st century trend which I believe is programming. I've learnt up to PHP and I'm presently working on a project with Laravel 5.7; and you know what? It's fun doing the project. I also have the plan of learning Python/Django after my Laravel projects.

In addition, I have the dream of learning Ethical Hacking and Android Development in the nearest feature too.
Your career advice and help will be gladly appreciated.
I joined via Twitter and am glad to be here.
Best Regards.


Hi guys! I'm Dmitry, a software developer from Russia.

I've been coding since I was 10. I had my first Spectrum ZX-80 computer, with no HDD, no Internet and no network at all, only 48kb of RAM and the floppy disks! :)

Many years have passed since then, and now I'm coding on Python with huge amount of data and computing resources.
I also enjoy the world of IoT, such things as Arduino, Raspberry PI, etc.

My second passion is traveling. I've already been to 20+ countries and I'll keep moving forward to the new ones.

I'd love to share my experience with you!


Hello everyone. I am Bahman Alidadi and I am an expert backend developer by PHP and Django and Node js.
I can design and develop web application and I can design database structure very well;
I live in Iran currently and work remote by companies;

Feel Free to ask me anything! :)


Hello All, Chris Morgan here.

Nice to meet you all.

I am looking to learn more new things about the latest trends happening in this mobile apps industry. Hope I will get a warm welcome from you all.

Happy to engage and participate in all activities.



Good Morning Everyone! My name is Zack, I am a seasoned Developer with over 15 years experience and decided to join this wonderful community with hopes of networking and helping contribute content that I hope can be useful to many of you!


Hi there!

My name is Allan, I am a front-end enthusiast developer from Romania. I am a newbie in terms of programming, working with the Angular framework so JS/TS focus lately.

I enjoy programming and I am interested in learning more about game development and home automation - Python and C++

I like old cars and good wine, living my best time.


Hi Tribe,
This is Chintamani Umarani, @chintan4u on Twitter. I worked in Drupal development for long time. Now doing project management/Scrum. dev.to is awesome resource to keep yourself updated.

Cheers. See you around.


Hey Everyone! I found dev.to through a freeCodeCamp Medium article, and I'm so glad I did! I'm on day 6 of #100DaysofCode and I'm excited to be starting this journey. My goal is to be a freelance front end developer and web designer. I really really enjoy working with CSS and I'm excited/scared to learn Javascript! Right now I'm studying full-time on weekdays and dabbling on the weekends, and in my spare time I'm a fiber artist, read lots of books, and hang out with my partner, my cats and my guinea pig.


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Hello. I am a developer who has developed this amazing site - coworkingmag.com


Hello everyone. I'm Kevin Lachaise, i'm a french web developer since 3 years from now.

I study at Centrale Marseille, in 'Passerelle numérique' section which are an accelerate formation of development in nine month to have the degree.

I'm currently Full-stack developer for 'HR-TEAM'.

I'm principally interest by game development, webVR, web design and javascript.
But I admit that i loved development, and discover new things.

I discovered dev.to recently,I think it's the best place to interact with other devs.
I'm exited to join this community and share my experiences and interest.

PS : Sorry for my english, I don't practice it for a while now.


Hello everyone my name is Rodrigo and I'm currently a front end developer trying t improve my skill set, I'm interested particularly in vue.js and three.js


Hello devs, am Olly am a intermediate web developer in Python and JavaScript. I love to support this Community. Thanks you all


Hello devs. I learnt about dev.to from Google's suggested content. Well, I'm taking Economics and by night, just coffee and code.. I really love coding


Hi Everyone,
I'm Arun, developer. Happened to see the nice post from Jason Yu on fetch retry and thought to follow your site to learn more on Javascript, in depth.


Hi everyone. I'm a web developer doing mostly front-end work right now. I love learning and am looking to do more full-stack and devops work. Happy to be here!


Hello community, my name is Anastasio and I’m from Greece. I love coding and making stuff like 3D models ,websites and apps . My ultimate goal is to learn AI and robotics.


Hello everyone I'm from South Africa,I was introduced to programming at varsity ,I'm looking forward to learning more as I have not got exposure to the industry


Hi, guys. I'm new here. Hope you are doing well.


Welcome welcome welcome!!

Feel free to leave a comment here, and maybe check out the #discuss tag and add your first comment elsewhere on the site.


Hello everyone! I'm a front-end developer, currently, I work with React-Native, Redux-Observable.


Hello to everyone! Teaching is never too much, so I hope to find a lot of interesting materials for myself.

Greetings from Poland! :)


Hello, world!

I'm going to school and making a game. I like software engineering.

Is this thing like a dev-only twitter or something?


Hello...I am a dev who designs. I get excited when I find a new way to automate my work flow. Work with Angular but really enjoy React -- and I like to craft...lol


Hello everyone. I started making websites a long time ago. Then stopped for the past few years. Now I'm trying to get the hang of how things are done nowdays.


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