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Hey there! Welcome to dev.to!

A magical purple dog witch waves a stick-wand in a circular motion over a cauldron, and out comes smoke: "Sup?"

Leave a comment below to introduce yourself to the community!✌️

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment and say hello or ask them a question. 👋

  3. Or answer this question: What single programming book or resource would you recommend?

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The Hitchhiker's Guide to Python is a classic, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to get into or expand their understanding of the language! :)


Oh wait, I just realized I totally misread your comment...


Nice, do you think it's readable for someone who doesn't know Python, but knows a similar language (Ruby, JS, etc)?


Hi there,

My name is Paige and I'm back in the SF Bay Area after spending five years in France and Denmark.

I'm a Computational Linguist with data-science leanings. I work remotely for a Paris-based startup that is building an ecosystem of language tools.

I just finished a master's in the social sciences with a slant towards data analysis. In a past life, I taught university-level English and translated mobile apps. I spend my idle hours as a craftsperson. Feel free to peruse my portfolio for some of my creative and intellectual undertakings: somepaiges.net

After several years of freelancing, I'm pretty sick of WFH and would love to put down some roots. I'm looking to branch out and eventually find a full-time role in SF as a junior Product Analyst, Data Analyst, Data Scientist or Product Manager. I love NLP and data-driven storytelling. Jupyter/Python/Pandas/NLTK/spaCy and sometimes R.

Interested in garage-band startups, companies with a transatlantic foothold, mission-driven products, lifelong learning and growth opportunities.


Welcome Paige! Great to see another Jupyter-loving data scientist coming on board, we're definitely short on #jupyter posts so looking forward to seeing some stories along those lines. There's also a lot of #career posts you might be interested in checking out. What made you decide to go from freelancing to full-time though? I've always wanted to go the other way (full-time to freelancing) and just interested to know why someone would go the other way.

P.S. Love the tiger travel photos by the way! Used to do a lot of bokeh shots myself :)


Hi Wei Ji,

Great to hear from you! Thanks for the recommendations and props.

I've been freelancing for awhile because I was very attracted to the digital-nomad lifestyle: i.e., I wanted to live abroad but still work jobs that were relevant for the SF Bay Area. It was a great experience. I was able to learn two foreign languages and see, smell, hear, taste and experience a great deal of new things.

I'd love to see some of your bokehs!

Yeah the nomad lifestyle is definitely something I'd like to experience at some point. Did you find it hard learning two new languages? I felt like I picked up Spanish well enough before in South America but not sure if it applies to other Latin-based languages in Europe. Trying to apply for a student exchange to Austria next year (fingers crossed!) so that's why I'm asking :)

Not a perfect bokeh but here's one I dug up from my rusty archive:

Young shoot in rainforest

I like it. It is soft-spoken yet speaks for itself.

I didn't find it hard to learn two new languages only because I'm entirely passionate about foreign languages. Spanish is helpful but not necessarily for German lol. You'll find some common threads but not as many as you would between Spanish and French for example... You never know though—sometimes a random skill can come in handy at an unlikely, opportune moment.

Also crossing my fingers for your exchange next year!

Yes it's funny how languages work aye. Best way is always to just immerse yourself into a foreign country! Anyways, thanks for your thoughtful comments and once again, welcome to dev.to :D


Hi, Paige.

Thank you for sharing your experience. It’s very inspiring to read as an aspiring freelancer. Hopefully I have an opportunity to travel as well. Welcome :)


Thanks Sharon! Welcome to you too. What are you interested in and what brought you to dev.to?

I want to connect with like-minded individuals and figure out my way around freelancing/working remotely/working abroad—hopefully getting advice from people with experience similar to yours when I’m at that stage. So, networking is the short answer. 😊


Welcome to dev.to, Paige! Nice to have you here.


Hi everybody! I'm a junior developer from Scotland, been programming about 10 months now and working as a developer for about 3. I work in .net and PHP/JS at work but at home I dabble in a bit of everything. As I'm self taught I'm trying to follow one of the P1xt guides to set myself up really well for the future.

The number one resource I'd recommend is CS50. I think that's single handedly responsible for getting me a dev job. Fantastic lectures by a great teacher with interesting and challenging assignments!


I too recommend CS50. That course was highly informative and entertaining. Made me wish I could have attended Harvard and gone in person. David Malon was a great instructor. It was the perfect introduction to computer science.


Thank you for that recommendation. I’m definitely checking it out. 👍


Hello all! I'm an old school Web Designer transitioning into Front-end Development. I've been leveling up my JavaScript game lately by doing the #100DaysOfCode challenge. I'm currently on day 65. My 100 Days of Code Log


Hello everyone,

First thing first i gonna say that my english is awful, but still i hope we could get along each other.

I'm currently a C# developer. But still... a beginner in programming field because i start programming for about 2 month and still not very confident in my skills much. But still i hope to advance my skill more an become a data scientist, especially machine learning. I really fascinate about it when i first heard about how google assistant work in my class since 2016. And decide to follow it when i join Uni.

For TL;DR I'm a noob in programming and hope i could get along with you guys.


Hi, 1211. 😊
Your English is great! I understood everything you said. I am also new to programming and very excited about this community.



My name is Adora and I'm a full stack web developer and google associate android developer. I work in a digital agency called Neukleos and I also work remotely for 3gis (a software company).

I recently started this thing where I give back to the tech community and it has been feeling so good.

You can check my website adoranwodo.com to know more about me, My blog adorahack.com to read my tech articles or my github github.com/AdoraNwodo to use my shared codes or plugins.

I put up a javascript-fundamentals repository (github.com/AdoraNwodo/javascript-f...) yesterday for people that are starting out with javascript and would like to learn the core before taking on any framework. I plan to update the repo everyday till the year runs out. If you have any specific you might want me to write code snippets on, please reach out to me. I'd be more than happy to.


Hey, I checked your website and i sent you a mail. I would like to learn some a few codes in Javascript. I don know if am allowed to post my question directly here?


Hi there,
My name is Monika and I work as front-end and hybrid mobile developer in a small company in Skopje. We work mainly with marketing agencies and the projects are interesting, short, but with very tight deadlines as well.
I like contributing to open-source society, and also experimenting with cutting-edge technologies.
Currently, I am starting my master studies for Software Engineering and also looking forward to learning Ruby on Rails and Python.

Happy to join!


Hi Everyone,

My name is Tim and I'm a full-stack web developer. I finished a coding bootcamp recently and was looking for a community of like-minded folks in the realm of web development, and found dev.to! Currently living in Florida, but will be moving to Portland, OR in about a month. Excited to see what the future holds and meet new people in this community!


Hey everyone, I'm Daniel. I'm an Australian living in Quito, Ecuador with my wife. I work from home as a Senior Software Engineer for enotefile.com. I'm always open to finding new dev friends and having fun and exciting conversations about new and old tech. I also love mentoring junior developers and helping them reach that point where things click and they start to feel confident in their developer shoes.

More about me here danielparker.com.au


Hello Daniel... Can you please be my mentor? I have been coding just for 1 year and 4 months. Am still having some issues integrating javascript in my project. would love to have an experienced mentor.


Sure thing, send me your contact info to the email address on my website. We can discuss what you're looking for and see if there's something I can help with.


Hi everyone,

My name is Ryan and I'm from India working as a Full Stack Developer.

I love playing the Guitar and an ardent fan of Snooker (an O'Sullivan fan). I love exploring new things that come up everyday in Javascript and also have a great interest in Machine Learning.

I want to contribute and learn from this awesome community :)


My name is Marko. I live and work i Zagreb, Croatia.
I am codin for about 10 months and i love JS and would like to become front-end dev. Its going kinda slow with my college and my job so im looking for ways to learn as much in a short time. Im glad I found this page to help me with my learning.


Hi everyone,
My name is Vanessa. I am a recent engineering graduate interested in learning about web development and DevOps. I've done a few projects in Python and C#. I have also worked with AWS before.
I hope to meet and learn a lot of awesome developers on this platform and share what I have learnt so far.
Thanks! 😊


Hello everyone,
My name is Victor,
I'm currently a python developer. But still a beginner i started programming about 6months ago, and i have just spent 2 month learning python. I want to become a data scientist, especially machine learning and neural networks, so as to fuel my dream of building smarter home systems, i hope i to get alot of support from you guys.


Hi everyone,

I am Shahid from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I like to introduce myself as a JavaScript Engineer. Building web and desktop applications using JavaScript technologies is my passion. When I am not coding I like to spend my time reading blog articles and books. You Don't Know JS is one of my favorite programming book. You can read it too to improve your programming, specially JavaScript skill.

Thanks all.


Hi all, I'm Ion from Israel. I'm an economist looking for a career change in web development. I'm following the freecodecamp curriculum, havong done about half. I'm working in react now and I'm trying to dive deeper into design as well. Looking forward to learn more. My (not so updated blog) is ionv.co.nf



My name is Rouf ur Rehman and I'm frontend developer.

My career is diversified, I have done Master in finance and having 8-year's experience but I feel, I stuck with the same routine work.

After that, I start learning web developing and studied certificate courses of HTML, CSS3, Javascript.

During my learning, A special thanks to Dev community and other online communities to give an opportunity of learning.

Now I am available for remotely working.


Hi everyone, I'm new to web development. Just jumping in here to say that I love JS and Python, and that once I've created a couple of projects on my on, I'll be taking Go for a nice, smooth dance to the stars.


well, i found this community through google and i am fascinated with the interest of this community, i am learning django at the moment...i am a very happy and interesting guy..i love to learn and work hard always..i am open for any new tech stack


Hello everyone! My name is Daniel from Los Angeles, CA. New to DEV and also starting out as a Web Dev. Hoping to be a Front End Engineer soon. A book that helped me a lot was Get Ready for a CSS Layout by Rachel Andrews. Great info.


Hey folks, I am Gleb, a russian guy living in Zurich, Switzerland. I am passionate about web development and did my first steps with python, however lately switched to JS and specialized mostly in Frontend dev. Recently, I got my first dev position as a frontend engineer. I am glad to join the community:)


Hey Everyone!

I am Rajan, I am 17 years old and I am a Software developer.
I've been programming since 2014, and I know Programming languages such as C++, Python, HTML, etc.

As of now I am developing a Database Engine in Python while learning OpenGL for the development of a Game Concept I have in mind.

The reason I decided to resort to this community is because I believe in the phenomenal power of connections one may have with other people belonging to the same industry. Therefore, I'll be happy to connect with more people with a dream and ambition to make a change in this world.

I have a dream and you may too, so let's make it a reality together.



Hello everybody,

I would like to share my excitement about the possibilities NodeJS/N-API opens. All kinds of communication between the JavaScript and the C sides of your app are now possible. More details here:


I would be happy to connect with those who is interested in speeding up their NodeJS app with C addons. Cheers,



I honestly just registered to comment on something. Stack trace: hackernews -> r/programming -> Things Nobody Told Me About Being A SW Engineer -> had to comment on having social skills sometimes backfiring -> signed up


Hi everyone,

my name is Alex (aka Batajus). I'm a junior frontend developer since about 2 years now. I'm mainly using Javascript and Angular at work, but I also try to work with Python, C++ and other cool stuff.
My coding career started 9 years ago at school and I'm very happy about that 🙂

Next to my full-time job I'm working on my master's degree in Computer Science, which is sometimes really tough xD but i hope it's worth it 😇

Currently I'm learning Docker and Kubernetes, but I'm generally interested in every cool technology/programming language out there 🙂


Hi, I am Nilesh, working as an Engineering Manager with ecommerce platform, Snapdeal, based out of Gurgaon, India.

I am a passionate problem solver. Without a challenging problem to solve, it becomes a little boring over a period of time.

Mainly, a Java server side engineer. Have experience with Spring, MySQL, git and Linux. Have experience with CPP as well.

Have started learning Rust. Am here to learn, read, add to my knowledge base. Am very much interested in getting my feet wet in ML.


Allo, welcome to dev.to :)

I'm sure someone's going to recommend Sandi Metz OOP books because they're great, so I'll go with David Bryant Copeland's Rails, Angular, Postgres, and Bootstrap, Second Edition. This book really gave me a solid foundation of working with the front end and Rails, as well as a ton of Postgres tips, both general and specific to Rails. I recommend it as a book for anyone finishing a bootcamp and plan to stick with Rails.


Hello all,
I'm here to learn about the newest development tools that are out there, as well as learn about project collaboration and container-based technology. The posts I've read so far have been amazing. Thank you for having me.


Hi everyone!
I'm Yassine KLILICH, I'm attempting to be a full-stack web developer based on JS/Node.js. And what brought me to this community is there are good articles that person could take benefits from them.


Hey, Nerds,
My name is Brhane. I am currently working as "Threat Analyst - Cybersecurity analyst" in the stream of most open source projects.
I am here to share and learn what is in the world of programming and development. I am interested in python, and Javascript. And also frameworks such as Django, VUE, and other more staffs.

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