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re: 🙏 Please Add .gitattributes To Your Git Repository VIEW POST


Seems to me like the linter could worry less about something that's no fault of any developer on the team, and more about ...


Actually, why do we have tools that make our codebases more opinionated about formatting than the languages themselves are? Do we not trust that we – or our coworkers – are grown adults, with a basic grasp of readable source? How did linters come to rule the world?


How did linters come to rule the world?

Our "grown adult co-workers" used to go to war over things like tabs vs spaces, semicolons in JS, and a lot of other stuff. Prettier came along and made an easy to use tool that said "THESE ARE THE RULES. Now be quiet and get back to actual work" I don't think it was even configurable when it came out (or at least severely limited as to what could be customized)



What a stupid thing to go to war over in the first place. They've heard of "writing style" and "aesthetic", right?

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