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Streamline | SDE, SDET (Frontend / Backend / Fullstack) | Seattle (USA), Hyderabad (INDIA)

We are a rapidly growing software services company (currently 20+ employees) with specialization in corporate applications for Web & Mobile. We work directly with several Fortune 100 companies and take ownership of their mobile and web-based products. Our clients span a wide range of industries - Aerospace, Telecom, Healthcare, Food, Technology, etc. All of them are well-known global brands!

In addition, we are also working on a SaaS product that will be incorporated within these large organizations.

I am excited to be building a diverse team (gender, race, ethnicity, disability, age, background, etc.). We are looking to hire Software Engineers at various levels for more than 20 roles on my team in the Seattle area over the next three weeks. We are also expanding globally (currently in India, we have a presence in Sydney (Australia) and are considering Estonia as another location).

What we offer:

  • Competitive salary

  • Full benefits

  • Relocation

  • Work with cutting-edge technologies

  • Work with world-class teams at large organizations

  • Visa transfers and new H1-B applications

  • Growth & travel opportunities

Looking for individuals with at least a good understanding of the following core skills:

  • Computer Science fundamentals

  • Data structures, Algorithms, Design Patterns

  • Expertise in at least one programming language (C++, C#, Java, Python, etc.)

  • Test Automation (for SDETs)

How to apply:

If interested, please forward your resume to nick.karnik@streamlinedigital.com listing the specific role(s) you're interested in applying for.

Here are insights into some of the roles we're hiring for:

SDE (Frontend)



  • Javascript including ES6

Nice to have:

  • React

SDET (Frontend)



  • Javascript including ES 6

  • Appium

  • Selenium

Nice to have:

  • Webdriver.io

  • Puppeteer

  • React

  • NodeJS

SDE (Backend)

Required Skills:

  • Web Services & REST API's

  • Experience building distributed systems / micro-services

  • Basic understanding of frontend technologies

  • Experience building low-latency, high-availability, and highly-performant services

  • Experience with enterprise middleware (eg: Kafka, RabbitMQ, etc.)

  • Experience with SQL database(s)

  • Experience with MongoDB, Elastic Stack / ELK

  • Experience with Docker & Kubernetes

  • Strong debugging skills

  • Experience writing unit-tests

Nice to have:

  • Sound knowledge of PaaS architecture

  • Implementation using frameworks like Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Spring Dataflow etc

  • GoLang

  • PHP

  • NodeJS

  • AppleScript

  • Bash Scripting

SDE (Fullstack)

A combination of the requirements for Frontend and Backend requirements.

iOS Developer


  • Experience with Objective-C

  • Experience with Swift

  • Experience deploying applications

Nice to have:

  • Experience with mobile test automation

Is this job still available? Front end or back end positions because I'm full stack

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