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re: Having moved from Canada to Europe, this confuses me. Apparently software engineers make more in the states though, so I would say on this topic a...

Perhaps you're right about this for full-time employees.

In my case, I have to work $4k worth of extra hours just so that I can afford to buy insurance each month. If I moved to Canada, I'm assuming I wouldn't have to bother with that extra work because my taxes would cover that benefit. Does that sound right?


Not sure on the numbers, but that sounds aboot right, and the wage difference is easily 4k (from what little knowledge & research I have and have done).

Basic health care is covered so you wouldn't have to worry aboot it, full or part time, and the only expenses are for elective surgery and probably a few other things (again, someone else probably knows more). I don't really know the ins and oots because the few times I needed a doc it was just in and oot without thinking aboot it.

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