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I teach software engineering and web development online (mostly to people looking to switch careers or those that have attended bootcamps and are clueless!). A relatively new trend that is a myth IMO is that you must have a portfolio website showcasing your school/bootcamp projects, etc.

I have seen many people get consumed with the notion that you cannot get a job interview if you don't have a portfolio. This isn't true.

At the end of the day, a solid resume is what will land you the interview. Now, this can be in the form of a portfolio website, but it is not a must.

In order to get through the screening rounds, you need to learn your basics well (core CS concepts, languages, etc.) and be able to speak clearly and present yourself. A portfolio will not help there.


At least where I went to school all the instructors heavily pushed the idea "you must have a portfolio website". So much so that when projects were graded they were expected to be display as part of your portfolio.


I confess after 4+ years, I couldn't shake this notion. But every single job I have ever landed, my portfolio website isn't "ready" mainly because Im a snob and I can't see myself using a CMS. I keep wanting to write a CMS just for the 100s of challenges it brings. I need professional help!


I have to agree with this, though I do have a Github account which acts the same in this context, I still don't have an actual portfolio website showcasing stuff I've built and I've still gotten jobs.

That said, I don't disagree with the notion, it can help and can allow you to show your creativity that you couldn't with say github.


I don't agree, in my experience. Either you have experience or you have a huge portfolio, but if you studied a lot and you master a technology but you have non of the above, then all the recruiters will just ignore you.

For a recruiter, 1 year of experience worths like 10 years spent learning, and I discovered it too late

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