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Discussion on: I don't want to be a full-fullstack developer or why division of labour still matters

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Theofanis Despoudis

True. If you want to raise the bar on one particular field of work you cannot simply do lots of things and expect everything to be perfect. You need time to polish your quality of work and time to learn from other peers. Actually learning from other experts is the best way forward.

Take for example Typescript. It can be used plainly as it is just converting the existing JS to TS with the use of extra hacks or escape hatches to get by. But if you want to utilise it completely you have to understand the whole type system and how to properly assign types to components. You get substandard products when you just use Typescript as mere way to say that u use types but don't care about the type inference.

As another example take infrastructure and configuration management. Are you really confident as a developer that you can setup up a solid infrastructure deployment using the latest best practices such as Docker, Kubernetes, Packer, Terraform, reverse proxies, caching, AWS specifics,bastion Hosts, DB clusters, networking, VPCs, failover, backup strategies, business continuity plans, OS hardening, filesystems and volume management, secrets management and many other crazy DevOps tools? Those things take hell of a lot of time to do it properly and securely. You probably going to clone a ready made github project from some unknown dude and use that blindly.

When I see job descriptions blending all of those together I can see what sort of mediocre people they want (or Ninja wanna-bees that they think they know everything). That's BS, they probably have a system that now-one really understands and they want a saviour to help them and also knows how to code.

Rant over.