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Discussion on: as a generic blog?

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Theo Armour


  • if you are writing software dedicated to genealogy, then might be interesting
  • Your choice of tags would be crucial


  • you may not get a lot of hearts let alone readers if you stray far away from coding
  • there are a ton of blogs and forums already devoted to genealogy (and other specific topics) where you can get lots of readers

I did a search on for "genealogy". There were four hits. One of which was your post. you might consider searching on to prior to posting to see if there is any interested what you are writing about

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Raphaël Pinson Author

From what I could tell, most people who blog about genealogy use individual blogs, on blogspot, WordPress and the likes... offers the advantage of a markdown approach, with a possibility of doing series, etc. I could not find another blogging platform with these features, besides hosting it myself (e.g. on gh-pages)...