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Discussion on: My Journey To Golang

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Mike Levan Author

I just read that article. It was an awesome read and all of the content definitely makes sense! Thank you for sharing.

In terms of stepping up to mid level - it's an interesting question. As you mentioned in your article, Go isn't one of those languages with thousands of frameworks. It doesn't follow the "new hotness". There's typically one way to do something and that's it, which makes it a language that's easier to learn than others.

There's also the fact that Go has great features, like low-level capabilities (points for example), but reads easily like Python (when written correctly).

With that, I would say the best way to step up to mid-level will vary. If you've already written in other languages, it won't take you long. If you're completely new to programming, I would imagine it'll take you double the time. Not because Go is Go, but because learning how to be a developer is more than just writing code.

In short, it'll depend on the person. How much time and effort they put into learning Go :)

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great answer! Thank you