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My 🅰ngular FREE Course is almost done !

Hey guys,

Recently, I just finished working on a full Angular FREE Course that will cover all of the major topics that we have in Angular. We will be covering topics like :

Alt Text


1. What is Angular ?

2. Angular Basics

3. Angular Components

4. Event Handling in Angular

5. Services in Angular

6. Input and Output decorators in Angular

7. Angular Forms (Template Driven Forms + Reactive Forms)

8. Angular Pipes

9. Angular Directives

10. Angular Routing

11. Route Guards in Angular

12. Understanding HTTP and Rxjs Observables

13. RxJS Operators

14. The Real Difference between Promises and Observables

15. Styling in Angular

and a lot more..

If you want to understand my teaching style, feel free to check out my other videos on the channel. Here is the link for the channel :

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