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Learn React with one BIG Project [NOTES included] - Demo and Video Link

Hey guys,

I created a full fledged video to help others in learning React with ease.

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The video includes :

1. Whiteboard explanations for every concept that we use in the video.

Alt Text

2. NOTES will be also be given for future reference and I believe short notes help in recalling the concepts easily because they are short and to the point. Isn't it ?

3. CRUD features (every app that you see out there uses CRUD at its core apart from other features that they contain)

Here is a quick demo that can help you decide whether you should watch the video or not :

⭐ Link for the complete video :

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See you on the other side :)

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kashyappandya profile image
Kashyap Pandya

Subscribed :) still learning js once I'm bit more confident I'll start react.