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Data Structures Video Series : Part - 1

The Nerdy Dev
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Few months back I had started working on a FREE Data Structures series on demand of my viewers. Data Structures is something that most of the developers I find take lightly. It's not an absolute necessity in order to become a developer but IMO it helps you in sustaining as one. Having strong logical and programming skills along with knowing the right data structures to use in a problem can be a game changer. Big companies like Google, Amazon etc. have a couple of focussed rounds on Data Structures and Algorithms.

This series is an attempt to help people who are looking for new jobs but lack the knowledge of data structures and algorithms. It is also for those people who are preparing for interviews to land a job in FAANG companies.

There are a couple of videos on my Channel on Data Structures using Java Programming Language (though you can use any language of your choice). I am working on lots of videos which will be out in a few weeks.

Here are a couple of basic videos that you can follow to get started. This covers a detailed introduction of various data structures.

⭐ Stack

⭐ Queue

⭐ Binary Trees

⭐ Binary Search Trees

For code related videos, check the channel link in bio.

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