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Crossed 6k Subscribers on my Dev YouTube Channel !

The Nerdy Dev
Building products is my profession, Creating content is my passion. We believe that Education should be freely accessible to everyone and no one should be deprived of it.
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I just crossed 6k subscribers on my YouTube Channel some time back. So if you are looking to learn a thing or two pertaining to tech, I got you covered.

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On my channel you can find content on various technologies and programming languages like.

⭐ Python
⭐ Java
⭐ JavaScript
⭐ Vue.js
⭐ React.js
⭐ Machine Learning and more...

I try to upload new videos almost daily. So if this interests you, make sure to subscribe to the channel.

Here is the link for the channel :

PS: I am also working on a Full FREE course on Modern Web Development for almost everyone where we will be covering HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js and MongoDB in great depth along with cool projects.
Here is the link for the first video of that series. Make sure to give a like 👍 and share it with your friends and colleagues so it can help them too.

You can reach out to me on Twitter and Instagram.

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