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Complete JavaScript Series to Take Your Skills To The Next Level

The Nerdy Dev
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Hey Nerds and Devs,

I finished with my Complete JavaScript Series on my YouTube Channel. My aim was to curate a FREE series that could help other people out in the learning process along with making a couple of "GOOD" projects to take their JavaScript Skills to the next level, or get an inspiration for your next project, or apply for a job by bringing the skills into action.

The topics that we will be covering are:

⭐ JavaScript Basics

⭐ JavaScript Functions

⭐ JavaScript Objects

⭐ Asynchronous JavaScript

⭐ Promises and its Concepts

⭐ Advanced Promise API methods - Promise.all, Promise.allSettled and Promise.race

⭐ Demystifying Async Await

⭐ Generators and Iterators in JavaScript

⭐ BONUS : Creating your own Async Await Using Generators

⭐ PROJECT : Creating a COVID-19 Tracker using JavaScript and Mapbox API

⭐ PROJECT : Creating a Todo List using Custom Events in JavaScript

⭐ Lots of Exercises to practice your newly gained knowledge or concepts

⭐ ADVANCED : Closures in JavaScript, Higher Order Functions in JavaScript

and tons more...

⭐ Other projects that are a part of this series are made in the video "10 JavaScript Projects in 2 Hours"


I will possibly be adding more content to this playlist.

You can reach out to me on Twitter and Instagram.

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