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Check out my React.js Tutorial series [more videos coming soon...]

The Nerdy Dev
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Hey everyone πŸ‘‹πŸ»,

So a couple of months back, I started working on my React.js Tutorial Series on my YouTube Channel but couldn't continue with it due to my strict work schedule. But I am back with new stuff on my channel and gonna continue uploading more videos and new projects using React.js. I have some very good ideas and cool projects that will be coming on my channel very soonish...
Make sure to subscribe to my channel. You can find the link down below in this article or in the bio of my Dev Profile

If you want to check out the tutorial series, here is a link for it. It currently contains 15 videos but more will be coming soon.

Here is the first video if you want to check out :

Complete Playlist Link :

PS - If you are looking to learn Web Development, I have curated a FREE course for you on my YouTube Channel, check the below article :

If you have spare 2 hours, then utilize them by creating these 10 JavaScript Projects in under 2 Hours

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