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Discussion on: Whats your daily routine?

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Chris McKay

I get up about 7:00 and start getting my kids ready for school (make lunches, make sure they get dressed and eat breakfast) About 8:00 I get in the shower. By 8:45, I'm running the little kids to school (the older ones are already gone).

Three days a week I have a commute immediately after, so I roll into work by 9:15-9:20. The other two days I get to work home, so I have a quick breakfast and start work by 9:00.

After that, I start checking email and Slack before our daily standup at 9:30 (I need to be up-to-speed with our build status and other items of business before I lead the standup). We then have a quick team refinement meeting on Mondays. Next is our Scrum of Scrums meeting at 10:30 for all team scrum masters. By about 11:00, I'm finally ready to start coding. And by coding, I mean pair programming. I'm a senior dev so a lot of my coding time is actually spent mentoring other developers and teaching them how the product works. It's actually quite rewarding.

When lunchtime hits, I have to get away from my desk. When the weather is warm, I'll go out for a run. We have a nice trail that follows a creek that is usually full in the spring. If it's colder, I'll walk the trail. Sometimes we do a team lunch or I run errands. But, I always get away from my desk.

By about 4:30, I get ready for the commute home. On work-from-home days, I close my laptop at 5:00. From there, I'm getting dinner ready, making sure my kids get home from their various activities (my wife gets them there). 9:00 rolls around with me getting the kids into bed and squeezing in my side work while my youngest goes to sleep. Usually after that, I'll get some time with my wife before we go to bed.