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Discussion on: 10 reasons to choose Linux

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Chris McKay

I think sharing desktop setups is always good. I used to frequent desktop customization sites just for fun. For me, my problems with Linux weren't setup issues. I was plagued with software that just wasn't finished or polished compared to their closed-source counterparts. Now, it's been over 10 years, so I realize things have changed. I'm still always checking out the latest Ubuntu and Fedora (my favorite) releases.

It might sound shallow, but I think if nVidia would release drivers that performed as well as they do on Windows, then I would probably jump ship again (I'm a gamer in my "spare" time).

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wolfiton Author • Edited on

Me too, I am also a gamer(when I have time) and Vulkan support plus steam proton really brought gaming to Linux with mods also.

I think, I will write an article about how to play games on Linux soon.