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Discussion on: Alcohol and developer culture

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Tiago Romero Garcia

I am sober for 3 months already (and stopped with beer for 1.5 year already) and my to-go drink is Kombucha, I even make my own and drink every day in the morning mainly for its probiotics properties.

But what I do sometimes is to bring my own kombucha when I want to mingle with people that are drinking, and it works fine for me.

Like you just said I recently came to realize the effects of the collective pressure on consuming alcohol at the tech industry of today. I would like to recommend this great podcast episode for those which would like to learn more about this:

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Sophie The Lionhart Author

Congrats on three months!

I normally go for a cranberry + ginger beer(NO ALCOHOL FOR THE LAST GOD DAMN TIME PEOPLE) or a coke and grenadine, or I just do some soda or sparkling water. Never really saw the need for Kombucha in my life but if it helps, keep on doing it! :D