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Front End Project Examples For Beginners👨🏻‍💻

Beginning your journey as a front end developer? Well then, here are some of the best Front end projects examples that you can check and learn from. These projects will help you get a better idea about beginner level projects.

Most of the people believe they know everything after viewing tutorials. Although, they are making a mistake. The best way to learn any skill is to put it into practice by working on projects. This way you don't only learn the coding but sharpen your skills, too.

All of these criteria apply to Front-End Web Development as well; if you want to be a great Front-End Web Developer, building projects on your own will not only boost your confidence, but it will also gradually build up your portfolio by adding projects that you will develop.

In this collection we have gathered some of the best project examples that you can learn from.

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Front End Project Examples For Beginners

Whether you're a beginner programmer or a seasoned programmer. To stay up with the quick changes in this business, it is necessary to acquire new concepts, languages, and frameworks.

In this article we will discuss some Frontend beginner's projects. These Front end projects for beginners will surely help you to kick start your journey as a front-end developer.

While working on Frontend Projects, you can check some Front End Tools For Web Development that will help you boost the workflow and productivity.

Following are some of the best Front End Project Examples that you can check for inspiration.

Landing Page with Bootstrap

Bootstrap 5 HTML Admin Template

You must be familiar with Bootstrap if you want to design great websites. It makes your web pages easier to design and style. You'd have to construct a lot of landing pages as a front-end developer. As a result, the focus of this project will be on creating one using Bootstrap.

A landing page contains a variety of data, graphics, and even movies. You can begin with a simple text and image-based landing page, using inspiration from the various landing page ideas available on the internet. You may spice it up by displaying the user's current time and name from local storage. Bootstrap can be used to recreate some of your favorite landing pages.

On the other hand, if you want to make this project fully functioned web app, you can check the Sneat Bootstrap 5 HTML Admin Template. This is one of the best Bootstrap admin templates. It comes with an awesome landing page as well. You can try imitating its design and create a beautiful landing page of your website. Apart from that, you create any kind ow web apps using this admin template.



Front End Project Example

First one in the list is a calculator. A Calculator project that includes basic arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division will be quite useful to a novice who knows HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You'll need to create a user interface with data entry buttons and a display screen to show the findings.

The CSS Grid can also be used to arrange buttons and a screen in a grid-like layout. At the very least, you should be familiar with if-else statements, loops, operators, JavaScript functions, event listeners, and so on.

Coding a calculator is good practice for your JavaScript skills. Create a clean interface with HTML and CSS, then add new features with JavaScript.

Start with just a few basic operators and buttons for:

  • Additions
  • Subtractions
  • Multiplications
  • Divisions


Notes App

front end project example

You can create a simple notes app to keep track of your thoughts. You can use Vanilla JavaScript or a framework; the choice is yours. You can also utilize cookies or local storage to preserve notes in the user's browser so that they remain accessible even when the browser is closed.


Build a Clone of a Website

Front end project example

Creating a website clone is an excellent method to learn the fundamentals of page structure, colors, fonts, media, tables, and other design components. Get as much detail as possible if you want to build an exact reproduction of the original. Make a copy of a website that you like to visit. To get the most out of the source code, avoid looking at it as much as possible.

The benefit of cloning a website is that you may customize the difficulty level. A simple website that simply requires HTML and CSS is a wonderful place to start if you're just getting started. Look for a website that employs JavaScript or React if you're more advanced.


Simple To-Do List

front end project examples

A simple to-do list where you can list all your tasks for the day with the ability to remove them. Again, you have the choice to choose between Vanilla JavaScript or a framework.

One of the most popular starter applications is the to-do app. While creating a to-do app, you can conduct experiments. Normally, we either finish a predetermined number of chores on time or fail horribly. Although the success rate is affected by a variety of circumstances, there is one consistent feature that may be found in a variety of use scenarios. That is the purpose of to-do list apps.


An Audio Player App with the Quasar Framework

Image description

Making a JavaScript Music Player for Front-End Web Development is a viable option. This project will help you understand application's functionality, design and user-experience considerations as well.

You can try building audio player using the Quasar that's a developer-focused front-end framework. It is useful to make Hybrid Mobile Apps, Single Page Apps, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), and browser extensions. Quasar is a relatively new technology in the market, so understanding about it will help you remain on top of the latest developments.

Soundcloud can be used as inspiration for the design of your audio player software. You should be familiar with Android Studio before starting this project. You may make a mobile app this way. This project will require the use of Wavesurfer, Cordova, Vue, and Quasar.


Portfolio Site

Front End Project Examples

One of the most easy yet difficult front-end project ideas is to create a personal portfolio website. Start by use your website as a resume. This means you can submit information about your experience, talents, and expertise to the website. Many freelance web designers and developers have excellent personal portfolio websites as a result of this.

You'll need to use your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills to keep the website fun, unique, and interactive. You should be able to use HTML to arrange a webpage, CSS to style its elements, and JS to make the website interactive.


Chat app with Vue

Front end project example

Another great project for you is to build a chat app using one of the favorite JavaScript library VueJS. Vue.js and CSS framework underpinnings should be familiar to you. It will take some effort to create a fully engaging software, but it will be well worth it in the end.

You may take it a step further by combining voice recording, file sharing, and image sharing into one platform. This project concept may appear challenging at first, but it is definitely worth your time and effort. You'd get a sense of the user interface and experience as well.

Talking about Vue, we suggest you to use Materio VueJS Admin Template. It is one of the most developer friendly and highly customizable VueJS Admin Templates. You can create any kind of web apps using this VueJS admin template.

VueJS Admin Template

What you will learn:

Following this project, you will learn how to set up a Vue app from scratch, creating components, handling state, creating routes, connecting to a third party service, and even handling authentication.

Tech Stack & Features:

  • Vue
  • Vuex
  • Vue Router
  • Vue CLI
  • Pusher
  • CSS

This is really a great project to get started with Vue or to improve your existing skills to tackle development in 2022.


A CRUD Operation Web App

Front end project example

As a front-end developer, you’ll need to be familiar with CRUD (Create-Read-Update-Delete) operations because they’re a common feature for most websites (including blogs, e-commerce, dashboards, and so on). A To-Do List or a Notes webpage are two examples of CRUD applications.

Having one of these projects on your website demonstrates your knowledge of data structures. It’s also an excellent chance to show off your frontend framework skills. Recommended technology: Because CRUD apps require the usage of reusable components, it’s a good idea to develop them with a framework like React or Vue, depending on your level of experience.


QR Code Reader

Image description

The use of barcodes and QR codes has changed the way we shop. Customers may now scan a product with their cellphones to get information such as the pricing or where they can buy it. It also eliminates the need to type long codes, such as activation codes or model numbers, onto a website, making their shopping experience more straightforward. Contrary to popular perception, you don't need a native phone app to scan QR codes.

This may be possible with websites that run on a smart device with a camera. The most important aspect will be the use of a JS library that can decode the QR code. HTML and JavaScript will be utilized, but the most important element will be the use of a JS library that can decode the QR code. The good news is that you won't have to create it from scratch because there are numerous fantastic libraries available.


Weather App Using Angular:

Angular Weather app

HTML, CSS, and JS can be used to develop a weather application. To upload weather data, you can utilize the Open Weather Map API. You may also utilize Angular in this project. You can utilize design-oriented libraries to make your website seem great.

The Open Weather Map API will provide you with the necessary weather data for various areas, and it will be your responsibility to present that data in an appealing manner. You'll be familiar with numerous JS, Angular, and AJAX components after completing this project.

This project will teach you vital skills such as building an application from the ground up, starting with design and progressing through development to a production-ready deployment.

Tech Stack & Features:

  • Angular 12
  • Firebase
  • Server-Side Rendering
  • CSS with Grid Layout and Flexbox
  • Mobile friendly & responsive
  • Dark Mode
  • Beautiful UI

What really make this about this comprehensive project is that you do not learn things in isolation but the whole development process from the design to the final deployment. You should really do this one!


Build a JavaScript Quiz

JavaScript Quiz

When you first start learning JavaScript, figuring out how to put what you’ve learned into practice and choosing a project that fits within your skillset might be difficult. Building a little quiz game is a great place to start. You’ll have to deal with highly abstract logic, and it’ll be up to you to control and/or expand the range of quiz difficulty.

Begin by creating a simple game with four multiple-choice questions. While making these questions up, assign correct answers to each of them. You’ll learn a lot about data management and creating a scoring system while programming.



So here are some of the best Front End Project Examples.

As a beginner you should focus on basics instead of direct jumping on complex practices. This way you can learn from the scratch and eventually sharpen your skills.

Learning is a constant process. So, by no means you'll be expert after learning only these mentioned projects. To become an expert you will have to begin with scratch. These projects are helpful in this case. Once you master the basics you can start developing complex projects as well.

We hope you find this collection helpful and noteworthy. Do let us know which one is you are practicing with. Also, Don't forget to share this article with your colleagues.

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