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Bootstrap 5: Release Date, Major Updates and Latest Tutorial

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The most popular Bootstrap source is coming up with latest version Bootstrap 5. In this article, we will share information about the Bootstrap 5 release date, Important updates in the latest version and Bootstrap 5 tutorial.

Bootstrap is the world’s most popular and widely used open-source framework for developing with HTML, CSS, and JS. Till now bootstrap team has introduced 4 versions of bootstrap and soon going to introduce its latest bootstrap version 5. With the launch of V5, many major changes will be introduced in the latest version.

Initially, after launching bootstrap, the team introduced a 2nd version of bootstrap after 2 years. Again after a year of launching V2, the bootstrap team introduced V3. It took 5 long years to introduce V4 to make bootstrap more efficient and productive. The current version of bootstrap is 4.3.


The team officially announced bootstrap V5 and mentioned many major changes in its to-do list. As of today (30/01/20), 584 tasks are done and 70 are in the to-do category. The bootstrap 5 release date is not yet announced by any officials but the expected release could be in early 2020.


The significant changes expected in bootstrap V5 includes:

  • Moving from Jekyll to Hugo: Hugo is the world’s fastest Static Site Generator that undoubtedly generates static sites in milliseconds and uses Golang language. Jekyll is the oldest static site generator and is dropped in bootstrap 5. The bootstrap team has made changes to their dependencies to support this move, and it is near completion stated by the officials.

  • Jquery Removed: In favor of pure javascript, the bootstrap team has removed the largest client-side dependencies.

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