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Angular Project Ideas For Beginners 2022

Looking for Angular Project Ideas for practice? Then here is the collection of the best Angular Project Ideas For Beginners.

Before we start the collection of Angular Beginners Project Ideas, let's know what Angular is.

What Is Angular?

Angular is one of the elite JavaScript frameworks developed by Google and based on TypeScript, Angular is capable of delivering great web applications with high web page performances.

Furthermore, it is fully extensible and works well with other libraries. Besides, every feature can be modified or replaced as per your need for development workflow and feature needs. With consistent updates, Angular has rooted its place in the list of best web development frameworks.


Angular offers following features:

  • Two-way Data binding
  • Modular development structure
  • Ease in Maintaining
  • Dependency Injection
  • TypeScript-based (superset of JavaScript)
  • High performance for Single Page Hefty Apps
  • Offers great flexibility

Before you go through the list you can check some of the best Angular admin template free download. You may also like the collection of Angular UI Component Libraries.

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Now, let's check the Angular Project Ideas For Beginners..!!

Let's begin

Angular Projects

Well, the software industry has a high demand for professionals Angular Developers. It is one of the most widely used JavaScript frameworks. Popular brands like PayPal, Upwork, Netflix also use Angular in their frontend development.

Angular projects offer a great way to build single-page client applications by implementing HTML and Typescript functionalities. So, if you are a beginner, the best thing you can do is work on some real-time angular projects. An activity-based learning approach works best for understanding the architecture of web frameworks. So, let us explore what the Angular platform is all about.

Why to practice Angular projects?

Well, when it comes to software development careers, it is necessary for beginner developers to practice on their own projects. Besides, developing real-world angular project is the best way to sharpen your skills and execute your theoretical knowledge into practical experience. The more you practice and experiment with different angular projects, the more knowledge you will gain.

As you start working on angular projects, you will be able to analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Also, you will know the exposure that can be immensely helpful to boost your career. In this collection, you will find some awesome angular projects ideas for beginners.

Steps to constructing apps with Angular:

  • The first step - writing code using Typescript, HTML, CSS, etc.
  • Second step: Compile Typescript code to JavaScript.
  • Finally, Hosting the application on a web server.
  • An angular view combines a component and template.
  • Navigation between different views is defined by services (i.e., router provided by the dependency injector).
  • Automatic synchronization or data-binding occurs between the model and view components in the model, offering a reactive user experience.

Therefore, the building blocks of the Angular workspace are fit for designing impressive Single Page Applications (SPAs).

Angular Prerequisites

There are three main prerequisites that you'll need during developing your Angular Project.

  • NodeJS
  • Angular CLI
  • Text Editors

Angular Project Ideas For Beginners:

These Angular projects will get you going with all the practicalities you need to succeed in your career. This list of angular project ideas for students is suited for beginners, and those just starting out in general. These angular projects for beginners will get you going with all the practicalities you need to succeed in your career.

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Now, Let's start the collection.

Angular Hello World Project

Angular Hello World Project

if you are just starting with Angular and Typescript, then "Hello World" project can be a good start. This project offers a tremendous opportunity to boost your skills. It contains a single module and component, creating an open environment for experimentation. Here you will use package.json and npm to load Angular modules.



To Do App

To do app

The to-do app is one of the most common beginner apps. You can do experiments while developing a to-do app. Normally, we are either able to complete a preset number of tasks on time or fail miserably. Although the success rate depends on many factors, there is one common thing that is mostly seen in several use cases. That would be the use of to-do list apps.

You can offer the following features:

  • Users can edit a to-do
  • A list with all the completed to-do’s
  • Users can see a list with all the active to-do’s
  • User can see the date when he created the to-do
  • When closing the browser window the to-do’s will be stored and when the User returns, the data will be retrieved


Weather App

This is one of the best Angular project ideas for beginners. It is a straightforward project. You can code it in a matter of a few hours! In this project, you have to build a weather app that can display a weather forecast. For this app, you can leverage fake, hard-coded data until you get all the features correct.

A weather app is a good start for any beginners as it deals not only with data but also focuses on design as well. You can start with basic features such as temperature, sunrise/sunset time, climate map, etc.

Besides, you can try new features once you are done with the basics. For example, you can show data visualization with animation, rain prediction, wind prediction, etc.



Angular Calculator

Angular Calculator

You can simply start with a Angular-based calculator. Not the complex one but a simple calculator. Calculators are not only one of the most useful tools available, but they are also a great way to understand UI and event processing in an application. Here, you will create a calculator that supports basic arithmetic calculations on integers.

The styling is up to you so use your imagination and get creative! You might also find it worth your time to experiment with the calculator app on your mobile device to better understand basic functionality and edge cases.



Place Locator

Place locator

The Place Locator project aims at finding the exact location of a person by identifying its geological coordinates. Those who are recognized as frequent travelers and geologists may now traverse to unknown places without any fear of getting lost.

Well, working of this project is relatable to that of Google Maps. You can develop place locator app that lets you find hotels, shops, stadiums, petrol stations, and much more. This app should let your audience access every powerful component of this project consisting of preconfigured APIs, sophisticated GIS mapping techniques backed by customized data sources fulfilling the users’ requirements well.

Simple Currency Converter

Currency Converter

Simple Currency Converter reciprocates exchange rates of different currencies. These currencies can be Dollars, Rupees, Pound, and so on. Aim of this app is to plan the travel expenses, calculate education expenses or to calculate financial markets. In addition, you can make this interesting by adding features such as adding multiple countries, and later, you can check the historical data and the futuristic fluctuations in fixed, pegged float, and floating exchange rates.

You can also include a feature such as auto select. Here, Based on your current location, the currency convertor will select the currency by fetching your current location. Also, you can give some eye catchy look to the app facilitated by beautiful designs and price configurations.



Angular Bare Bone

Angular Bare Bones project displays Angular routing. Such routing supports a number of routing components like RouterOutlet, RouterLink, RouterModule, and other imported routes. Also, the easy-to-serve understandable code has made this project a preferred alternative for AngularJS beginners. In this project, you may expect a single feature component i.e. Barebones injected with data dependency and flexible routing between the homepage and the feature component.

For running this project, you first install Node.js (a platform for building scalable network applications efficiently). Then, you would be installing the Angular CLI (via npm install -g @angular/cli). At last, what you will be doing is running npm install (for successfully installing app dependencies) and then, running ng serve -o for launching the Bare Bones application based on the event-driven AngularJS model.


URL Shortener

url shortner

This is one of the trending angular project for beginners. In this application, the main feature will be the input for the link you’d like to shorten and the result’s output space. You can check the Polr for example. It is an open-source web application written in PHP and powered by Lumen. It uses MySQL as the primary database and provides a robust interface to manage your links. You can host it on your domain to shorten URLs, brand them, and provide an overall modern theme.

Also, you can create a function to copy the shortened link by clicking the icon. The process should happen with the external API call. You can build this angular project more eye-catching than just plain data displayed from the API.


Notepad Application

notepad app

Notepad Application is no doubt a wonderful choice for the Angular project for beginners. It is a digital pocket app through which you can modify, create, modify, or add new notes. Purpose of this app is to organize (or reorder if required) the notes on the basis of the date and time they were modified. To create such app, you can use a smart combination of technologies like Angular CLI, Bootstrap, and NodeJS.



Electronic musical instrument

Electronic musical instrument

With an Electronic musical instrument project, you can possibly synthesize filtered sounds through a variety of techniques. These techniques can be consonance, rhythm, repetition, alliteration, and many more. It would be good to use Web Audio API that synchronizes well with browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, and Opera. Such an innovative project idea will surely boost up your confidence.

Angular Projects On GitHub GitHub


So, here in this collection of Angular Project Ideas For Beginners we have covered some of the Angular projects for practice as a beginner. Besides knowing the framework inside-out, you should also be trained in TypeScript, npm, HTML, CSS, RxJs, and so on.

Practice on these angular projects to sharpen your coding skills with the above Angular project ideas and develop impressive applications with confidence! If you wish to improve your angular skills, you need to get your hands on these Angular projects. Now go ahead and put to test all the knowledge that you’ve gathered through our angular project ideas guide to build your very own angular projects!

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