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10+ Best Laravel Dev Tools For Faster Development🚀 2021

Want to boost up your development process while working on Laravel project? Well, then bookmark this collection of the best Laravel Dev Tools For Faster development. Although, before we start the collection, let's know about laravel in short.

It is a framework that is used in many organizations for its high level of security and authentication. It is very easy to learn this language since the syntax of what was there in the language is very simple to understand and use.

What is Laravel Framework?

Laravel is a free and open-source PHP web framework, which is very expressive and has elegant syntax. Laravel is used to design custom software products.

It is a compelling model view controller (MVC) architectural pattern PHP framework, an open-source web application development intended for developers who demand an uncomplicated and rich toolkit to build full-featured web applications.

Laravel makes it effortless for you to produce professional web application by following refined coding standards and architectural pattern.

What are the benefits of Laravel Framework?

  • It provides a convenient environment for automation testing.
  • Laravel provides a good level of authorization and authentication.
  • It has a very simple and clean API which helps to integrate with the mailing service.
  • When there is more technical vulnerabilities laravel can be used to fix that easily
  • It provides a very simple and expressive method of routing
  • Not only with the mailing services, it can easily integrate with the other tools and helps to deliver fast web applications
  • It avails a good level of error and expectation handling
  • It can configure and manage schedule tasks very effectively


  • Class Auto loading
  • IOC container
  • Migration
  • Query builder
  • Artisan console
  • Database Seeding
  • Unit-Testing

What are the Laravel Tools and Packages?

Laravel is one of the most popular applications in the market, which is very easy to learn. This is more popular among the developers because it does not comprise any of the product functionality.

It aims to give many web project functions like integration, authentication, authorization, etc. When you choose a Laravel package and tool, you can actually use them in different ways for accessing databases, performance dependency, and a lot more.

So, Here we have covered some of the best one to help you speed up your development.

If you are looking for laravel admin templates then you can check the collection of Laravel admin panel template.

Now, let's begin...!!

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Laravel Debugbar

Laravel Debugbar

This is a package to integrate PHP Debug Bar with Laravel. It includes a Service Provider to register the debugbar and attach it to the output. You can publish assets and configure it through Laravel. It bootstraps some Collectors to work with Laravel and implements a couple custom Data Collectors, specific for Laravel. It is configured to display Redirects and (jQuery) Ajax Requests. (Shown in a dropdown) Read the documentation for more configuration options.

Laravel Debugbar is a highly recommended tool for debugging the Laravel application. The tool comes with regularly updated for the latest Laravel versions. The tool is displayed at the bottom of the browser and provides the debug information simultaneously. It also shows the route, the template which is rendered with the parameters provides with detailed information. It allows the developer to add messages.

IDE Helper

IDE Helper

This package generates helper files that enable your IDE to provide accurate autocompletion. Generation is done based on the files in your project, so they are always up-to-date.

Laravel Tinker

Laravel Tinker

Laravel Tinker allows you to interact through a command line with any project that uses the Laravel framework. It allows users to access all the events and objects. Tinker is an optional add on, so we should manually install with the Laravel versions after 5.4.

Laravel Entrust

In Laravel Entrust is a secured process of adding role-based permissions. It has four new tables which include, Role, Role User, Permissions and Permission Role. The roles are set up under categories at different levels.

Laravel Socialite

Laravel Socialite

Laravel Socialite provides an expressive, fluent interface to OAuth authentication with Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket. It handles almost all of the boilerplate social authentication code you are dreading writing.

Laravel Socialite enables you to handle OAuth authentication more seamlessly. This tool allows users to login via social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Bitbucket, etc. This is one of the popular Laravel features that is commonly used in most of the Laravel development.


  • It is easy to use
  • Contains almost all instance social authentication code you may need
  • Has great community support with a lot of providers

Laravel Mix

Laravel mix

Laravel Mix provides a clean, fluent API for defining basic webpack build steps for your applications. Mix supports several common CSS and JavaScript pre-processors.


  • Provides a wide API that corresponds to almost all your needs
  • Works as a wrapper around Webpack and allows to extend it
  • Eliminates all the difficulties associated with setting up and running Webpack
  • Works with modern JavaScript tools and frameworks: Vue.JS, React.JS, Preact, TypeScript, Babel, CoffeScript.
  • Transpiles and bundles Less, Sass and Stylus into CSS files
  • Supports Browser Sync, Hot Reloading, Assets versioning, Source Mapping out of the box

Materio Vuetify VueJS Laravel Admin Template.

Materio Vuetify VueJS Laravel Admin Template

It is a developer-friendly , rich with features, and highly customizable Laravel admin template. Furthermore, you can use this one of the best laravel admin templates to create eye-catching, high-quality, and high-performing single-page applications. Materio is also equipped with invaluable features designed to help you create premium quality apps exactly as you imagine them.

In addition, incredibly versatile, the Materio Vuetify Vuejs Laravel admin template also allows you to build any type of web applications such as: CRM, Analytic apps, Education apps, Fitness Apps, Analytics apps, etc..


  • Pure VueJS, No jQuery Dependency
  • Created with Vue CLI
  • Utilizes Vuex, Vue Router, Webpack
  • Code Splitting, Lazy loading
  • Carousel (Image Slider)
  • Clipboard (Copy to clipboard)
  • API ready JWT Authentication flow
  • Access Control (even on CRUD operations)
  • Laravel Passport
  • Laravel Sanctum

For more admin templates check the collection of Laravel Vue Admin Template Free.

Laravel Websockets

Laravel Web Sockets

Bring the power of WebSockets to your Laravel application. Drop-in Pusher replacement, SSL support, Laravel Echo support and a debug dashboard are just some of its features.


  • Completely handles WebSockets server side
  • Replaces Pusher and Laravel Echo Server
  • Is Ratchet-based, but doesn’t require you to set up Ratchet yourself
  • Ships with a real time Debug Dashboard
  • Provides a real time chart for you to inspect the WebSockets key metrics (peak connections, the amount of messages sent and API messages received)
  • Enables to use in multi-tenant applications
  • Comes with the pusher message protocol (all the packages you already have that support Pusher will work with Laravel WebSockets too)
  • Is totally compatible with Laravel Echo
  • Preserves all the main Pusher features (private and presence channels, Pusher HTTP API)

InfyOm Laravel Generator

InfyOm Laravel Generator

Generate Admin Panels CRUDs and APIs in Minutes with tons of other features and customizations with 3 different themes.

Laravel Passport

Laravel Passport is the simplest possible tool for API authentication. It is a full Auth2 server implementation that is very easy to use.

Laravel Tenancy

Laravel Tenancy

The unobtrusive Laravel package that makes your app multi tenant. Serving multiple websites, each with one or more hostnames from the same codebase. But with clear separation of assets, database and the ability to override logic per tenant.


  • Eases the process of development
  • Provides a powerful interface to monitor and debug numerous aspects of your app
  • Expands the horizons of development process providing a direct access to a wide range of information
  • Cuts down bugs and gives the ideas on how to improve your application
  • Gives a sense of the requests coming into your application. Provides a clear understanding of all the running exceptions, database queries, mail, log entries, cache operations, notifications and much more
  • Collects the information on how long does it take to execute all the necessary commands and queries.

Laravel Dusk

Laravel dusk

Laravel Dusk provides an expressive, easy-to-use browser automation and testing API. By default, Dusk does not require you to install JDK or Selenium on your machine. Instead, Dusk uses a standalone Chromedriver. However, you are free to utilize any other Selenium driver you wish.

If you want to test your application and see how it works from the user’s point of view, try Laravel Dusk. This tool provides automated browser testing with developer-friendly API. Laravel Dusk comes with Chromedriver by default.


  • Does not require to install JDK or Selenium (but you are free to use any Selenium driver if you wish)
  • Is a powerful tool for the web applications using JavaScript
  • Ease the process of testing various clickable elements of your app
  • Saves screenshots and browser console outputs of the crushed tests, so you can see what has gone wrong

Laravel Packager

This package provides you with a simple tool to set up a new package and it will let you focus on the development of the package instead of the boilerplate

Laravel Test Tools

Laravel Test Tools

Chrome extension to generate Laravel integration tests while using your app. Create your Laravel integration tests while you surf on your website.



PHPStrom is a Smart IDE for Laravel development. It offers multiple features such as Fast and secured refactoring, Smart code navigation, efficient code formatter, easy debugging and testing. This IDE will increase the productivity of the developers by debugging the codes faster with consistent performance.


If you are a developer, you must be quite familiar with GitHub or Bitbucket. Both offer git services, you can choose one depending upon your project and the application requisites. Bitbucket is ideal for small enterprise Laravel application. This helps you avoid sharing the code repositories with a limited number of collaborators. You can also use Bitbucket as a private repository and it’s more flexible.


So, this was the collection of the best Laravel Dev Tools For Faster development. Intention here is to save your time and provide the best dev tools.

Due to its easy deployment and the customized level of integration, many companies want to deploy these Laravel applications in their organization.

Most of the tools mentioned here provide a high level of authority and authentication. Besides, All of them are developer-friendly to use.

So, choose the one according your need and requirements. Also, suggest any other laravel tools that you think we should consider in this list.

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