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re: Hate to break it you Kim, but you are not a software engineer just because you did a "fast-track" course to web development. Are the people that ...

Hi Guy, I’m sorry you think this way. It is such a shame. I am doing a fellowship programme which is a 12 month long programme where I learn on the job. This doesn’t make me less of a software engineer. I have been working in software teams for a while and have a background in climate modelling and enjoy the nature of the role. I think a lot of people don’t know their full potential unless they have the opportunity to do so. I was fortunate to have this opportunity and take it as it comes :)


Congrats, Kim! Your enthusiasm and positive attitude for your new job and the challenges that come with it -- even in the face of unfounded negativity -- are impressive. Best of luck to you.

Thanks Kevin for your encouragement and support :)

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