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There is untold story how razzle fixed your React-router.
The true story is short and sad - github.com/jaredpalmer/razzle/blob...


I don't get your point, React-router was never broken for me, and that is a perfect use case for a template literal


When looking for SSR solutions, I noticed the market forced me to abandon my way of doing routing, which meant I couldn't benefit from all the APIs that I get for free with my router.
I had to think about my existing projects, which had gained a certain level of complexity, and re-structure everything to fit in either Next's way of doing routing, or Gatsby's way of using templates for static content.

Yep, there is a little difference between Client Side and Server Side, especially in terms of routing and pre-loading data for the route.
That's not a big deal if your data-fetching layer (GraphQL) support it (via double rendering), and not a big deal if your routing is flat, and you can match route before rendering and do some job to get data you need... But react-router will not work out of the box, and razzle cannot change this moment - it is just wrapping your App with StaticRouter which makes it work, but not making it SSR - compatible.

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